TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

Pippin's Cove : Week Four : X

Yes, as we all figured out, Maudie will probably not be mother of the year. I mean just take a look at the house.

God, weren't you just sleeping? What could you want from my life now?

Mommy, I pooped.

She is pretty good, she just has her moments. Look at her hanging out with Helena.

She is just really really pretty! Don't you just love her.

Maudie is just feeling a bit low, so we call up her girlfriend for a date.

And Sigihild is just all too happy to participate.

Birthday time for the kidlets tomorrow. LOL and a dream date for Maudie.

Hermia, well she is just a whiny brat. Change the diaper and like 4 seconds later she poops again.

I know I'm just trying fate, but we bring Nunu around to have some fun as well.

Well why would I go to a community lot, they can do almost the same stuff right here.

Like you would see anything else with a date, just naked naked woohooing.

Wait, didn't you two already have your way with each other? Why am I getting the cut scene again?

So i had a good time, but i kind of need to get going.

Mama, baba.

Ok honey let mommy just say good bye to her friend.

Wow, that is a very nice present. Thanks so much Sigihild. I guess that is a good reason to keep her a townie.

No one asked you if she was hott Emmett, I don't need your comments.

Hon, I think your kids are getting bigger before my eyes.

That's nice. Are we gonna have some fun or what?

Why on earth are you outside in the snow Hermia.

Oh fun, their first day of school and it's a snow day. How lucky can those girls be.

Mommy, can we have a pillow fight?

Sure just don't make a mess, mommy has company coming by later.

Mommy, I don't want to eat this cereal, where's the Life?

You'll eat that cereal of you'll go hungry.

At least with Helena she was a whiny brat, now she fends for herself. What a turnaround.

Mommy, who is that strange woman that you've been kissing?

That is just mommy's friend honey. You don't have to worry.

Oh hey Pippin, yeah sorry about not staying in better touch, it's been a bit nutty around here with the kids and everything.

She's a really bad liar.

Hey Nunu, wanna come over for a bit of quality time with me?

I'll be right over sexy.

And right over she came, for a bit of loving with her lover. They look totally adorable, be honest.

Ewww that is totally gross.

No one asked you, now go away.

They did however take their time together indoors.

Digging for treasure seems to work well for Eggplant, however for Maudie all she seems to find are water pipes.

These two are probably the closest siblings I have. They have each other and that is all they really need.

Just a really pretty shot of Maudie. I dunno I have grown very fond of all of my sims.

Sigihild doesn't always come over for woohoo though, she also does come by to see her kids and be a nice mom to them, though she doesn't give them crap. At least they know her. (Sorry I'm just a bit bitter over my sister's situation)

And we end with Sigihild hanging out with the kids for a bit while Maudie goes to sleep. See, she actually interacts with the kids.
Tags: family: x, round robin, week four

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