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Pippin's Cove : Week Four : Terra

Here is this weeks newest resident, Gaia Terra. If you couldn't figure by her name, she is basically Earth. Yulia is getting on in years and I needed someone to take over the supply of food to the neighborhood. Hence, she came to I really wanted to use this hair and it sits well on her.

Honestly?! How much better could she be for her role. Nature is even her damn hobby.

So we start out going strong, planting her garden and thoroughly enjoying herself.

Her welcome wagon comes along and brings two familiar faces and a new one that you will meet in later weeks...We have Adrenaline Hunter, Maudie X and Fer Redondo. The only reason Fer won't be up for a few weeks, is because next week I have 8 more households to contend with. Yes beware my BACC.

Fer is a very friendly guy, complimenting Gaia on her house and garden, while everyone else just stares.

LOL so Gaia thinks Adrenaline is hott, but he is off limits missy. And Adrenaline is swooning for Maudie...a woman he won't get. Fun fact.

All of her gardening has paid off though, because with her nice hobby membership, she's unlocked the Nature lot. That is the third hobby lot this week unlocked. These are easy to unlock...I may have to think of harder rules.

But she is super nice and friendly so she is making friends with everyone, even though all she can off them right now is some coldcuts and bread.

Well, lets get her off to the new hobby lot, cuz I mean the guy is pretty good looking.

Coming to the hobby lot, we are greeted by Hobby guy (whos name escapes me right now)..and who else is here.

The evil witch (who I will go into SimPE to rename Elphaba, cuz I am reading Wicked) and Yulia are the only other ones with lot membership...this is what I call slim pickings.

I don't really think planes are that good for our environment, I mean they dump gas on our plants and everything.

Well, they also help alot of people find the loves of their lives.

There are some leaves that are actually good for your body, I mean take a look at aloe.

Oh I know, it's amazing what some plants can do.

They are completely boring me, why can't I cast for roaches here?

Gaia asks hobby guy for some gardening tips so she can grow some very tasty tomatoes and other vegetables, and he is all too happy to tell.

Their relationship finally gets high enough to ask him out on a date, and it does go pretty well, until he left because he was tired...and I really did need to get her home.

After a nap, she is up and about trying to figure out what to do with her garden. She wants to help the new town but she can't seem to get in touch with the founders.

But she does make sure her garden is the best around, she will not be outdone, hell she is Mother Nature.

She wants to go out on a date with Timothy, but someone doesn't have a phone (how does he not have a phone?)

So back to the hobby lot to give him a phone.

Yes I cheated a phone for her to give him, but WTF how can we not have a phone for them.

He of course accepts the phone, like he really had an option.

But they do get to have their date, and it seems to be a mutual attraction. Look at the smile on his face. Even Yulia likes their pairing.

Look at the adorable!!! How can you not love them together!!

LOL not even a woohoo, and it is adream date. Sometimes you don't need sex to make it a dream date.

But someone now has babies on the brain

Honey, I think you aren't far enough into settling down to have a baby.

But I want one.

So let us invite over Timothy, now that he actually has a phone.

Holy crap...not only is she just shy of maxing enthusiasm after only like 3 days, but she wants to get engaged already. Someone moves fast.

She does take her crops seriously. I hope that is organic pesticide Gaia.

Like I would use anything but.

That night, well I think she inhaled a little too much fumes.

She became a creature of the day, and yes I went from no plantsims to having 3 in a neighborhood. It's something new to me.

The hobby guy had a want to be a plantsim, so lets get that wish filled.

And just like that, he too is a plantsim. Feel the love damnit!

I guess once they were plants they could get themselves to the bed.

I kinda hate you right now, you couldn't wait until after the wedding for sex?

Good to know the love won't die after they had sex.

So I decided that they will wind up getting married, why not just get them engaged reason whatsoever.

Nope, nothing is brewing around here >.>

A dream date down and apparently a bun in the oven. Thanks alot Gaia.

Finally Gaia manages to get one of the founders to her lot, to get the food situation settled. *waves* Hi me.

Bam, not even a week in and she is in the zone, that has to be some sort of record.

And off she goes to sell her tomatoes and make a little profit for herself.

Adrenaline comes by to find the blonde chick and finds newly plantsimmed Gaia..I don't think he is very happy about it. Poor guy, but no cheating on Violet.

Fiancee man brings by apiano so she can play some Mozart for the baby. It's such a sweet gesture.

Cuz this baby is coming soon...pop #1 done.

No honey, you don't need a booty call, go get some sunlight.

The flirting is soo much..I wonder if he has a plantsim turn on or something.

Sugar Condom does a walk by to show off how sexy she is, sorry hunny you are on the wrong lot.

More sexy times, but it's ok...because now there is a sun lamp in the bedroom.

Now this little prick started picking on she decides to prank him...and Boom, plantsim...why couldn't you throw a water balloon at him or something.

Gaia goes into labor, and this douche decides to leave her instead of helping her.

Ah fuck!

Why couldn't they have been born with the plantsim skin, since they were both plantsims when the babies were conceived?

And we have 3 baby boys...River, Raven and Sage (yup her kids will all have nature names [until i cant think of anymore])

And for some reason, the game decides that only 2 of the babies are warranted to be in the picture...I can't wait for next week.

And this ends week four of Pippin's Cove..I am slowly playing week 5...I have 5 houses down...Riches, Riches B, Iago, Igor and DNW played, and the rest still to play.
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