TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

Pippin's Cove : Week Five : Riches

It is just a good week around the house, Tris is working her way around the pool table.

So the kids tend to keep to themselves, while Rhys and I get to talking about the town and how much it's grown in just a short amount of time.

Katniss, well she is just hopeless. All she does is watch TV in her pajamas, although she does go to school.

Look Rhys, I know you're still going around gaining favor to become mayor of the town, we do need to look at some housing developments and apartments.

But we aren't getting that many new residents to warrant building them.

If you get to building them, I'll work on getting some new residents into the neighborhood.

Ok, I'll get people started building them. After all, you got everyone here to come. I have faith in you.

So this is where I wanna put the heir pictures. Each couple will put theirs here til it fills up. I like the photobooth pictures. That is until i get an artist.

So you will probably see a bunch of spam about hobby membership, when I first started playing the week, I had said 2 or more members getting the membership would unlock it, but then when I had everyone skilling everyone was getting the memberships and it was kinda sucky for one house to unlock everything. So I changed it to two households.

And I got to work, starting with negotiating with some travel agents and opportunists. We need transportation to get here after all.

Still so much in love after all these years. I told you we were adorable.

Tris and Harley don't seem to be getting along too well. I don't know what is going on with that conversation. How hot Gale is?

See Gale is some sexy piece of man, 2 bolts with Harley isn't too shabby.

Skilling brothers. Yes I do have a bit of favoritism for them.

Wow someone actually got into the Film & Literature club...that could be very interesting.

With this nice little scren, Tris and Cameron are actually high school graduates. Not really much for them to do though.

Alot of skilling...and Rhys is getting there *squee* He will be mayor soon, then I'll actually have a downtown!!!

And here is where my hopes of Harley Quinn and Gale are severly thrashed..He seems to not want to get along with her. :(

And to rub salt into the wound for poor Gale, Charles here is actually getting some before him.

So try number two...Hey these families are going to need to start intermarrying if I am ever going to decrease houses.

She's happy about coming out..who knows what will happen in college.

Hobby spam.

Birthday warning...and No they will be going to Uni! But they are going to get their scholarships dang it.

Some dating for Cameron...Hey he can enjoy some teenhood..especially since he's a graduate and Ste is a vampire.

Well if that isn't a "I'm happy to see you" I don't know what is.

Awwww <3 I'll have to re-take that as an adult though.

The romance isn't dead with them, even though Ste is technically dead.

Ummm any reason you guys are yelling at a tree?

Cameron, why it seems to be a Cameron centric update, isn't it?, is body skilling and getting sports hobby up.

o.0 Ethan you know there is no downtown yet.

And with that, it's early Monday morning, meaning...the kids are off to Uni and the house is super empty. Until next week then.

ANd wow there's already a second house for the same name.
Tags: family: riches, week five

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