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Pippin's Cove : Week Five : Riches B

So it's finally happened, Jason is off to enjoy his college life, I am so proud!

Our first resident of the happy dorm is Lyric Cruise Fernandez.

I totally have no idea what I want to major in, I'm here for the sex parties.

There's sex parties? How come I haven't been invited?

Ahh my little romance sim, and a very clueless Quay Crusher.

The next two lovely dormies are Caranir Moore and Neon Element.

So do you happen to know where the raging orgies are?

Dude, the only girl I ever slept with just graduated and had someone else's kid, please leave me be.

Awww poor Neon, I'm sorry no one voted for you. :(

I believe this is Cameo Hathaway, but I sincerely can't remember for certain.

Then there is the very sexy Evan Cobalt looking for a spare bed to sleep in.

Willow Crayola-Andrews decides to come hang out in the dorm too...I always love when my own sims show up.

Wow Travis Mythos-Andrews shows up too, I think I could get into this dorm myself.

And John Silvirin just happens to stroll by and move into the dorm as well. Some hotties up in this dorm.

And then to the lady side, we have Edith Garcia and Ava Laroux. This dorm is definitely what I am liking.

Guys night in the dorm, some poker, talking about sex and everyone just manages to be happy. Jason does eyeball Ava, hey he is bi after all.

WOW!! One of his top five matches is a dormie. I could definitely use this to my advantage.

Look dude, I only play with guys who have big balls.

I was so not asking you on a date, I was asking you if you knew anything about that John guy living upstairs.

True love is only on the other side of the wall, can you feel it Jason?

Oh I wish I could own a car to go to all the parties, but oil and gas prices are waaay too high!

Oh so most of the parties happen off campus then?


Oh I love when a man knows how to use his hands.

Oh baby, wanna take my hands for a spin?

Lyric Cruise has no sense to go to her own bed to sleep. Why does she choose Jason's bed?

Wow that was pretty fast there guys. Can't we take it super slow so I can capture your budding romance?

The following morning before his class, Jason gets to work on his term paper...after all we can't speed this uni along with a slow moving grade bar.

When Lyric Cruise finally decides to get her ass out of Jason's bed, he goes to take a nap before class. He looks so happy and alone.

So how long have you been in the dorm? I haven't seen you all semester?

Oh someone just left the dorm and they told me there was an available room. This cook needs to learn about the wonders of grilled cheese though.

Gotta love those Grilled Cheese sims, always having very awkward conversations.

Awww Jason wants to major in art, but sadly he won't get into the artist career. His favoritest hobby isn't art.

I love cloudy days! You could just spend the day having sex!

That is definitely an idea I like to hear, what's your name sexy?

And while that conversation goes on, Travis decides to act and go after the jilted Ava. She is still pining for her love, Igor.

Hey good lookin, when can I take you out on a date?

How about tonite sexy? I'm free.

So I know I have a date tonight with this gorgeous guy, but you have a sexy body.

I know I am hardcore!! Check out these abs.

Jason has no shame.

Here have a flower. It isn't hardcore, but it's beauty can not match your hottness.


Wow I know I wanted to see you naked dude, but you didn't have to do it now.

What? I needed a shower.

Jason decided that he needs to spread himself all across the dorm, he decides to start flirting with Edith. He's got chemistry with almost everyone in the damn building.

Oh God that fat guy is ugly, who let him in this dorm?

He isn't bad looking, I think he's kinda hott.

Well, I will show you what's hott mister, come over here.

Oh you are so romantic John.

Cute cuddly couple. I love them already.

And while John is away at class, Jason continues his quest to seduce the dorm.

I'm sorry John talked bad about you, but I happen to think that beauty comes from within, and you have a beautiful soul.

OMG! Is he really flirting with me?

And with the cute flirting, Jason goes off to class, followed very closely by the sexy Bixbite.

While Jason is away at class though, poor Ava died. Clive Dork did come to check out the new dorm though.

John is just the hopeless romantic. Everytime he is around, he always wants to flirt and just give love to Jason.

And we let the fail of the dormies start, well besides Ava dying.

With Jason going after anyone with a pulse, he does start to chat up Clive. I think Clive is biting. Meanwhile Rocko just can't stand the smell of Njörðr. Well, you don't smell like roses either Rocko.

John actually crawled into bed with Jason and snuggled up, I did awww a bit too much...and actually took a few pictures of it. :p

Though early the next morning John got up and decided to start an assignment. Hey at least he's still in the room.

Aww John, I love you. I liked the cuddling last night.

I love you too Jason.

Jason, would you look at my bust, I think my boobs are uneven.

Edith, I think it's a lost cause.

See it really is love!

Though when John is away, the cat does play with the men.

LOOK! I know your game buddy. I know you have a boyfriend, so why are you even flirting with another man?

Whoa, I'm not looking for a wedding buddy, I just want to get some action.

Well I won't be a part of it, go fuck yourself.


I guess it was bound to happen eventually.

Clive, however, really doesn't mind Jason having a boyfriend. I guess he is just like Jason in just wanting a good time.

Poor John, why didn't you go to the bathroom before you came home babe?

After a quick shower, Jason and John finally get intimate. I guess the sight of all the partial nudity really just turned him on.

And then I used the power of cheats, and John moved into Jason's dorm room.

The dormie fails just continue to grow, more bladder failures and pass outs.

Jason's one time fling with Keith Condom just keeps coming back...he calls non-stop to talk to Jason.

I wonder what Clive is thinking seeing John walk in from the cold on the verge of hypothermia? Probably like I should have locked him out so I could have his man or something.

What better way to warm someone up than love in an elevator? *cue Aerosmith*

Ugh what the hell did I eat last night?

At least you finished your term paper, so thats a good start.

Oh this doesn't look very good. What did you do Jason?

Dude I just heard you throw up, would you at least brush your teeth before trying to kiss me?

Well you are just too beautiful, I just couldn't wait to kiss you.

Aww that is just too sweet.

And yes, that would be a baby belly. Apparently all it takes is one time to get knocked up in Uni.

Oh hunny, Why didn't you tell me that you were pregnant?

Oh it was quite a surprise to me as well John, i just noticed the weight gain.

*that should be my baby he's having*

Someone is a little bitter.

But, he did get over it pretty quickly, decided to hang out with John playing pool.

Tangerine decided that her omlette makes a better pillow than the one on her bed. Jason is still trying to digest the stupidity in this dorm.

The fail is strong in this dorm indeed. Even poor John isn't even immune to the effects of the stupidity.

What the hell people, THIS IS NOT YOUR DORM ROOM!!! GET OUT!

So I can take adorable pictures of my oldest and his boyfriend.

Yes I am in love...this is so adorable, though seriously, that baby bump has got to be uncomfortable.

How did that John guy land this stud without me even having a chance?

Magic, I guess. But if you're willing, he will happily take a ride on the Njörðr train.

Just like he did with Clive. I think Clive might be happier about that then Jason.

Look I know I might be desperate for a date and you are probably one of the best looking guys that will ever show interest in me, but you are pregnant with another man's child. I am not going to ruin a happy family.

But there is no ring on my finger, so John must not want to make us a family. I bet you would make a wonderful husband.

Be still my fast beating heart.

Don't worry baby, You will have two very loving parents just like I did. I will promise you that.

Though walking an extra 2 feet to an actual toilet, unfathomable. I'll give him credit at least, only because he's pregnant.

And then the unthinkable happened!! John actually died of I dunno though.

Oh God why did you have to die John!! How will my baby know their father? Why is Njörðr so sexy all of a sudden?

Clive, however, could not be happier. He could actually get Jason to himself?

And then he went on writing his term paper. Probably some paper about having the father of your unborn child die before the birth. Very heart-wrenching.

And then he started hitting on Bixbite. Why wouldn't you hit on a sexy guy like him when you don't have any alternative?

And then Evan died...and I found that one dormie wouldn't leave their room at all and eventually starved themselves.

So I made the Uni assign random secret society members and had Jason become a member because I thought this was a bug..and wanted to give the dead another chance. So off to the secret society to resurrect some people.

And just to show that it was fair...Liam couldn't be revived. At least not right now.

But all three of the dead dormies were revived from a generous donation from the society.

And this does bring about more people to see, like Mort Irish, who is very very nomable.

Even reviving his dead boyfriend doesn't stop Jason from flirting with another guy. I can't even begin to remember if there was any chemistry. I did have him only flirt with anyone who showed lightning bolts though.

No there is no need for that, everyone is going to be re-released as a townie.

John is just so happy to see the great lengths that Jason went to for love.

Random actions of love. Which one would you ever pick with all of this attention.

No, no changing of aspirations ever!

Another term paper, another year. What a boring life Jason is leading...but at least he is also speeding it along by using the secret society hack grades action.

I honestly do love these two together..I think I love them more than Igor and SOL...such a huge thing to have.

Last semester...I wonder if Jason can keep from having that baby long enough.

Jason needed a bit of fun, and with me keeping a very watchful eye on John, he gets to play with his boyfriend.

Look bitch, you better stay away from my man. You wouldn't believe what I've been through for love.

Our very pregnant graduate can only mean one thing...graduation party time.

Which starts with seducing guys throughout the dorm that he has high relationships with, and was a very easy goal.

And with that Jason pops the question, and John of course says yes. If he had said no, I think a satellite would have met his head.

Good party!!

Very adorable graduating pictures! I can't wait until I can manipulate the pictures so I can have them hanging around the house.
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