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Pippin's Cove : Week Five : Simpson

So here is my very pregnant heir to the Simpsons, the always sexy and evil Iago.

Who wants nothing more to be a journalist even though he doesn't want to be one right now.

But he is feeling a bit lonely, it's a big lonely house. So why not call up someone to hang out?

Hey bro wanna come on over?

DUDE! I'm so on my way.

Igor and SOL waddled right on over, SOL couldn't even wait to put on clothes and came over in her towel.

Remember the blond in the dorm that abused Epping all senior year?

Oh ya, didn't she say she was gonna be a professional wrestler when she grew up?

Guuuuys, I'm in a towel over here.

Cue the rush to flirt the chick in a towel.

Ok this is getting a bit awkward for me, I'm just gonna walk away now.

It really is nice to see the love of my life and my brother getting along well.

Uh huh, you keep thinking that they are just being friendly, Igor, and I have a bridge to sell you.

And we do have a second pop....Look how huge he is.

Oh I see how it is, you don't kiss until your brother goes inside. Trying to not let the knife be visible?

o.0 Honestly? You have to pee in the bushes when people come to visit. You do have a bathroom you know.

Hey I'm Gaia, I live a few blocks over, but couldn't help but notice you moving in.

Ya, were you spying on me? and why are you so green?

You've never met a plantsim before? I'm very in tune with nature.

Then she was all talk about smoochie times and Iago was all for it! Why wouldn't he wanna kiss a pretty girl.

So this asshole came by and started harassing me and poking and all around being obnoxious, so I turned him into a plantsim

Oh no way. That sucks for him. Why would he be a dick to you?

And then to stop the subtle flirting (she does have 3 bolts with Iago), SHAKIRA calls to interrupt. What a bitch.

Yes I'm sure by know you heard I am having a baby. I don't even know how it happened. I think it might have something to do with being part alien.

Kinda rude to leave your guest to her own devices.

Hey Savannah, listen can I call you back, I kinda have company.

That's better.

Will I ever find love?

If you aren't a rude asshole you just might.

The next day, we invite over the blushing fiance, Ms Carrie.

Who not only moves in with a nice buttload of cash, and good stuff, but brings over Rhys Rowan.

And they spend almost 3 hours on the front lawn playing Rocks, Paper, Scissors. Wow at least there is a bun in the oven already.

They give up to go pee, but get interrupted by Iago's screams of labor.

OMG! My fiance is having a baby right in front of me.

Like I'd choose any other option.


Twins thankfully, one boy and one girl.

Names are continuing with the theme...Joshua cuz I always loved that name, and Josephine for my mommy.

Sorry hunny, but Daddy needs to answer his phone, I'll just put you on the cold floor right here for a bit.

God I hope he isn't like this with our kids.

Oh joy, more babies on their way. Can't you wait until they were toddlers or something?!

OH MY GOD! Why won't he go to sleep already?!

Um because he just popped out two kids, leave him alone. I like him a hell of a lot more than you.

Until he starts hurling, then not so much fun. But it will lower his comfort.

Awww their first snuggle, can you feel the love?

Birthday time already!!

It's ok buddy, Daddy's here for you.

He really is a ggreat father, always cuddling the babies and actually putting them in their cribs, unlike Carrie.

Cake time...lets see how they turn out.

Um if it wasn't for the feathers I may have let you keep that hair.

Much better, look at how adorable...but what's with the death glare?

Be nice, don't look at your brother like that!!

Even if he is super super adorable <3

Why are you pregnant? Shouldn't I be pregnant?

I'm half alien, we don't exactly cover alien phisiology in school.

Awww family bonding time. Iago is painting to try and bring in some extra money, while Carrie and Josephine (Herebby known as Jo) skill for fun.

Joshua is a good toddler, no screaming or anything. I don't know who put him in the crib though.

Dinner time rolls around and Joshua has passed out on the proper bed for him. To be honest I don't know which toddler I favor yet.

Pop number two occurs out by the garbage can in his underwear...why are you outside in your underwear?

Say daddy. Please say daddy hunny.

Begging isn't becoming Iago.

But he decides that going into labor instead is alot better, and of course I hit random because I'm a glutton for punishment.

Oh god! This is gonna be bad isnt it?!

/birth spam

Funny enough, it's twins again...these names are nothing spectacular of meaning...just J names.

Some more toddler know that means there's a birthday approaching.

Awww Jo is being adorable and hugging her brother. She doesn't hate him at all.

Carrie is still around too, and she does pitch in to help out, potty training Joshua.

Why did you marry me into this hell hole?!

Oh great here we go again about how much her life sucks.

I decided to throw a birthday party for the kids, cuz I can and Iago invited all of his college friends.

Random cheering..and I dunno why Carrie is thinking about how ugly AWOL is.

/aging spam...adorable kids don't you agree.

Don't you like my chest? Why didn't you wanna marry me?

*Why is my soon to be sister in law asking why I didn't make her my wife?*

I dunno, you do make adorable children.

Iago is an awesome dad, though seriously he has like one nice point. Don't ask me where the rest came from?

And ya, the kids don't have a bedroom. This will be fixed next week though. For now, they can use the couch and floor.

And someone got a genie lamp (I can't remember who right now),

So I had Iago wish for know so they can actually have a house with enough room for the kids.

Why is my sister in the way of what I want to do?

Um what?!

/wedding spam..Ya i spaced out a bit.

But don't worry cuz I don't think their marriage is going to last with Iago cheating on Carrie 5 seconds after they take their vows.

Baby belly rub of brothers. (Ya I can't make a competent sentence for that)

And cake time for the second twins. while I make them over, here are random pictures.

Jo and Joshua are not happy with their parents right now for cheating. Wouldn't the kids want their parents together?

Jasmine and Justin look so adorable...though I think I need to give Jasmine a different hair...I didn't realize Jo was using the same hair.

You pig! How could you cheat on me on our wedding day?

What the hell Carrie?!

Do you think we should leave Igor?

Yo shit is getting violent in the house! Carrie is beating up her man.


Hey Gaia, no I actually just got married today.

Dude, you have another girl in your life. You are the man!


The kids decide that since Carrie and Iago won't be using the bed tonight, they will put it to good use.

Oh this is just going to get better isn't it. If i wanted the dysfunctional family style, Epping would wind up marrying Penelope.

Oh seriously?! How can you happily stand together when you beat the snot out of each other now?! I want like evil glares and death looks.
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