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Pippin's Cove : Week Five : Simpson-IDK

Honestly, I just dropped them in the lot and this is the first thing they do...I couldn't even change their clothes.

But right after that, SOL remembers that she's going to be a mom soon and couldn't continue her sex romps.

Aww honey, are we going to be good parents?

I think we are going to be fine, SOL. Remember my brother and Carrie are right across the street.

I think they agree with my clothing choices. Hell I probably could have put them in burlap sacks and they wouldn't have minded it.

Honestly I am so torn as to my favorite couple...They are just so perfect together. I guess bringing them together was a good thing.

And look at how the Romance Sim has turned to the family man. If that isn't love, I don't know what is.

I can understand your fury at SOL, Carrie, but why are you stealing her newspaper?

This is a really pretty shot of SOL, I really do love her alot.

Awww it's ok honey, you can just look pretty.

Uggh! My wrists have swelled up to the size of baseballs. I don't like being pregnant.

You should have thought about that a while ago when you slept with Neon without protection.

Igor cooks up some burgers while Maudie X decides to entertain herself by dancing to the radio. Well at least they don't have to be great hosts.

I can't believe we are both pregnant honey. Do you know how the hell we are going to be able to afford multiple children without jobs?

Again, thoughts you should have had before you had sex.

Carrie continues to come by and torment the house, kicking over the trash can, so I sent Igor out to greet her. Hey she isn't mad at him right?

Of course not, cuz they only met now?! WTF how did you not get the memo that she's your family now?

You mean I can't hit on her? Well that blows.

Well you could hit on her, I don't think it would be wise though.

Well it being a bit cold in game, SOL figures why not make some nice soup. I mean I love soup on a cold rainy day.

Igor though may drown in the soup, poor guy just can't seem to get enough sleep.

I hope he's going to be OK, I can't do this parenthood thing myself.

Awww poor SOL, she's scared.

Igor does wake up just in time to pop, soon we will have babies in the house.

Wake up, pop then pass out on the floor. What a life. SOL doesn't even care, she just decides to paint.

Labor time.

Like I would ever choose any other option, I am a glutton for punishment.

As luck would have it, only one baby this time around.

One beautiful baby girl, who, going with tradition of SOL's JSYK. And she loves her mother very very much.

Who is this? No I don't remember meeting a red headed chick anywhere. No I don't need any Sugar.

Evidence of Carrie's fury at SOL, and OMG! Tobias!!!!

Igor decides to try his hand at being a dad, feeding the beautiful girl we have in front of us.

And then going into labor. Just what I was waiting for.

Meh I'll get lucky and just get another single right? I mean I've had quads, twins and triplets the last run of births.


Igor is an adorable daddy. Just look at this picture. I need to put a ton of these pictures in my game desperately.

Ya, thats right, I have yet another batch of triplets...what luck!

Um, ow...Don't you think it's a little soon to be hopping back in the sack people?!

Oh for the love of all that is holy. Igor got himself knocked up.

Look at the adorable. I do ship them completely and I am happy Igor won the poll.

I really liked what you did with my balls last night, definitely something we need to continue doing.

*Oh God please make them stop*

HAHA NO! You can barely take care of the four you have, and you want another four.

Stay classy Igor, farting right in front of your baby girl.

And we have a pop, and if you pop out four kids I'm killing you!

Birthday party time, and what better way to have a party than Iago and Carrie beating the snot out of each other.

And we start the aging, here's JFGI.

Ah crap, I guess there's a call of domestic abuse around somewhere...though I don't have a police force yet.

Awww poor kids don't get much...No idea why JMO didn't go crawl to a blanket, but she's sleeping next to a dirty diaper. This looks so much like an ISBI house.

Come morning though, all the girls hang out around the toddler table, even if they have full diapers. The ones downwind are actually covering their noses too.

Iago stops by that night, probably having really bad marital issues with Carrie. He needs a break and heads on over to hang out with his bestie,

and then make out with his female bestie love.

Oh hell no, I couldn't deal with four kids to potty train all at once.

Well there will be another one soon big bro.

What the hell? There are things called condoms dude!.

Then he goes outside and seduces SOL some more. Honestly, you have a wife at home, albeit she is a little pissed at you for cheating on her on your wedding, but she still is your wife.

WOW they are all asleep, and all on a toddler blanket too. I don't think I could be happier.

OH you know Igor. Really you have to go into labor in the room filled with sleeping toddlers. Do you really want to meet a satellite?

Another random, and more multiple births. Oh lucky me.

Twin boys, rather than the basically quad girls they have...JW and JK.

Nothing eventful...but birthday spam.

Last minute toddler training, because that is the way I go! Skilling before birthday :)

and its a sextuple birthday party. What is it with me and all the birthdays falling together?

And here they are aged up. JW, JK, JPW, JMO, JFGI and JSYK. All adorable and most with red eyes.
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