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Pippin's Cove : Week Five : IDK A

Wait, your life goal is to be the leader of a cult, but you don't want to be it right now? What is wrong with you?

After changing into normal clothes, because DNW is not a cowboy in any way, shape or form, we can start doing other things.

Like getting him his life's wish, yes I have saved that slot for you BB.

How can I buy it for you if I don't know what it is!!!

Look I need followers for my religion that aliens are real.

Boring topic dude, besides don't those people wind up in jail?

Ash Lutzen decides to come by and swoon all over DNW. Sorry man, you are barking up the wrong tree.

I know this person who totally would love to go out with you.

It's not you, is it?

Well not anymore.

So instead, we get the frizzy haired chick that Cameron was hating on in week four. Why does this woman keep coming back to me?

Luckily enough, just as she shows up, it's time for DNW to go to work. It also helps cuz this is a pixel_trade family.

Welcome wagon arrives with Gaia Terra and some random old guy.

Chance card win on his very first day of work, what are the odds?

Ooooo He came home with Violet Hunter. I approve of the friendship alot.

Hey Edith! I haven't talked to you in so long, you should really come over and hang out one day.

Yes he ditched Violet on the curb for this phone call.

No idea what Edith gave him, but he did buy himself a telescope. What kind of UFO investigator would he be without a telescope?

Furbolg walked by the lot, and DNW did start chatting up all of the walk-bys. Furbolg makes me wish DNW was gay so they could marry. They barely know each other and DNW is getting a promotion.

Oh what the hell SOL? I do not need to hear about your sex life, you're my little sister!

So am I DNW, SOL/Igor is my OTP.

Here is DNW being all adorable catching fireflies, winning your love even more.

Even ignoring all of his guests to do so. But it does mean more friends for each other.

Even Devlin Ainsworth stopped by to talk up the new popular guy in town.

o.0 Wow Um no! Bad DNW. She's happily married and you are engaged!! At least I don't have to worry so much about you getting pregnant.

Well I guess that was a moot point, our UFO investigator now has proof that aliens do exist. How many people can say that they have actually been abducted?

DNW comes home with his promised promotion, and another female townie. She's not bad looking at all, just can't have babies with DNW.

Do you know how hott you really are?

Oh, I'm not hott. I'm just an average guy.

No, you are actually hott, but I do love your modesty.

Uggh I've been throwing up all day. The bosses were even impressed with me for coming in so sick. Could those aliens have done something to me?

Possibly >.<

Yup someone just found out that they are pregnant. Doesn't he just look so happy about it? His father would be so proud.

So Natalia has been a bit neglected since they got engaged, so DNW called her up for a date. I wonder what she thinks of the baby belly.

Next morning comes around and we get bump #2...I wonder which PT is the baby daddy? (I have a custom pixel_trade PT set)

Violet comes by for a hang out and starts macking on DNW. Look lady, you have a very hott youthful hubby at home. Leave the college grad alone.

Why yes I did invite Violet over just to turn him into a warlock. It really is the only reason why I let them do what they wanted.

And apparently that was the only thing that happened that day, cuz we are now at labor time.

I dunno, I just like pressing random ok!

and we have a single birth!

It's a super adorable little boy with the most appropriate name EVER in any legacy!! UFO! ("Daddy" is alien version of Jesus Venturi)

This is a super adorable picture, but shows I suck at changing him back to regular clothes.

He is a super awesome daddy too, though I guess it does help that UFO is the only other person in the house.

See, so lonely he calls up his fiance for a booty call. Better her than Violet anyway.

Awww totally adorable picture. I think Natalia is happy to have finally gotten some.

Though honestly, I wish the guys wouldn't be so damn fertile. YOU JUST HAD A BABY!!

Birthday time!

Oh my GOD!! Look at the adorable!!! Love him!!

Unfortunately there is just no way...Unless I decide to actually start a nanny. Haven't spawned one yet...can't there be a babysitter option where you could hire a neighborhood teen or something?

Magic and Crystal balls....hmmm I wonder. :p

Potty training is definitely going well. He did it all on his own too.

He is really adorable dad, even with all the tribal markings and the loincloth.

Sleeping time, and Natalia brought something that's crap. I love the baby more though.

Father son bonding time in the bathroom. Ya somehow I don't think that should happen unless the potty is in there.

And I leave off with DNW happily popping. Who knows what will happen next week.
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