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Pippin's Cove : Week Five : IDK B

So I have slowly been building every house, and to be honest DNW and AWOL's houses came out beautifully. Using house plan sites makes everything look nicer.

First thing AWOL does is pine for the teddy bear she grew up with. You should have brought it with you.

That is, until your ex-boyfriend shows up to wreak havoc on your life.

Look, I'm really really sorry I cheated on you, but it's college.

I don't really care your reasons. You betrayed me.

I never got to have any relationships back home, my uncle would try to pick up my dates. But I never lost my feelings for you. I still love you.

Well I guess I can forgive you for those reasons. It must have sucked to grow up that way.

Please, her uncle screwed around, but never picked up her dates. She was a loner who hung out with her cousin.

But Paddington is not going to marry AWOL, we need to go spouse hunting. Of to the game hobby lot and we actually find this bitch face dude who isn't very receptive to AWOL. Well screw you too.

Katniss is here too, watching TV and doing nothing productive.

And Alperton is making very good use of the pool. Some of these ammenities are not for their new homes.

Hey Alperton, how's life been?

Whoa, don't hug me. You're the chick who cheated on my brother.

But I patched everything up with Paddington. He stopped by my house this morning and we talked.

Oh so you two are getting back together then?

No he got engaged, don't you remember? That Tangerine chick that always passed out in her food.

Oh Right.

How could you forget something like that?

But haws the extent of people actually showing up to the game lot, so off to Hoopla to try and find a spouse.

Why hello gorgeous DJ man!! Where have you been my days of simming?

While I stare at the sexy new DJ, Iago and SOL decide to have some fun in the photo booth. I honestly don't know what to do with them anymore.

So AWOL starts meeting people in the club. Her highest match...Gale. Not happening chicky.

But I do have her charm up the DJ...and I gave him a cell phone so we can actually talk to him this time.

The next morning, Paddington came by and well these two decided to go at it on the couch. Seriously, what is with all the damn adultery.

Oh AWOL how I wish I hadn't promised myself to Tangerine. I would love to be with you the rest of my life.

Oh Paddington, how I've waited for you to say that.

Oh just great, the first robber in my game at a new household. You couldn't even show up at my house or something.

What the fuck. Some bitch comes into my house and steals my couch. What kind of town is this?!

One without a police force. You knew that before you moved here.

Heeey I'm hungry here. Where's the food?

The robber didn't steal the fridge, she stole your couch. Go feed yourself.

But we do decide to give her one of the open jobs in Entertainment. She can't just sit at home all alone all day.

Joshua calls up AWOL to talk. For once, there is actual relatives to give out cash for good grades and crap.

Oh, how enjoyable of you rrisky pregnancy. I think I have waaay too many fertile sims in this damn neighborhood.

And that is the confirmation. AWOL got herself pregnant with Paddington's kid.

Either this DJ's brain rotted out with all that music I think that's the only possibility for him to be happy about his girlfriend's pregnancy.

But they are adorable together, you can't deny that. They aren't SOL and Igor though.

Paddington shows up to kick the can I assume, and the round about flirting starts...but no one gets mad.

Look you piece of shit, stay away from my girl.

But we're in love, and she's having my baby.

I don't care, she is MY girl now.

AWOL had actually had the want to get engaged, so why not fill that want.

All the excitement though was too much for her, and she passed out in the bathroom. Ya I dunno either.

On her way out to walk to work, she pops again. Well only one more day until the baby.

You bet it's been a good week, you found love, got engaged and are expecting a baby...not in that particular order but still good. And if her ass spent one penny on a video game, I'd lock her in a room with some dirty dishes.

They seem to love catching bugs, I dunno, I didn't like doing that when I was a kid, let alone an adult.

And Labor time. Chase had come over for a date, and got his girlfriend going into labor.

Honestly, this is a waste of a picture..This will be the last week I post it. It's always random!!

Oh crap! Please no, anything but that!

And it's actually twin boys, but somehow forgot to get a picture of the second kid LOL.

Scanning around outside, we see that AWOL is finding the sexiness of Eggplant overpowering. They actually have 3 bolts.

Have you seen that sexy guy with the red eyes that lives two blocks over?

I'd stay away from him, not only is he straight, but he's just bad news. He ruined my relationship in college.

No honey, you ruined the relationship by going after him.

Birthday spam!

Oh hey gorgeous.


No I'm just setting up for my kids' birthday party.

Or we coouldld have a date, whichever you want.

Ya, I'm soooo sure you were setting up for the birthday party.

OH MY GOD! That was just the best sex ever!

I do aim to please.

LOL Whoops, but a quick teleport and the two most important men at the moment are at the house.

Aging up and some beat downs gonna happen. Chase is not happy that Paddiington got to AWOL first.

And here are the stars for the evening. I didn't tell you their names, though you saw them. Since AWOL's name is kinda military...they are named for military...the top cutie is Army, and the bottom one is Marine.
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