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Pippin's Cove : Week Five : Pimlico A

Paddington, the already father, decides that it probably isn't the best to live so close to AWOL, so he buys a house by Igor and Iago a few blocks away. Quaint, no?

And after he buys some new clothes, it's time to get this story rolling.

Calling up his beautiful fiance, he invites her over for a booty call. Some family sim you are.

Dude, you just had some, you don't need to swallow her face.

Obligatory first woohoo spam.

And then we invite her to move in. Glad to see we have our priorities straight, remember that you have no money.

Look how adorable Tangerine is with her enthusiasm. Love her!

The welcome wagon comes by consisting of Violet and Eggplant. Tangerine is thoroughly confused by their conversation. Never said she was very bright.

*refrains from pointing out the obvious*

So you should really paint some blue over there.

No one asked you Violet.

Re-de-virginizing. Is that even a word?

I can't wait to look up recipies for some new dishes. Who the hell are you anyway? Why are you in my house?

Ya Petal just decided to walk in and plop her ass on the computer.

Awww they just want to do everything together...including sleeping in their food.

Dude, I don't know what is the rush getting married? We just got out of college.

Because I love her, and I would like to start a family already.

Leave him alone Epp, it's his big day.

/wedding spam.

Tangerine is studying cooking to try and be able to cook some new dishes...and suddenly gets hit with morning sickness.

What the hell?! Seriously, the counters you have aren't good enough?

and we have a pop, Paddington is gonna have more kids.

I dunno, I feel these pictures make really adorable pictures if I could put them up on walls. I kinda need the camera reward.

Paddington really wants to raise his own kids, he just can't wait.

Cuddling pictures are amazing!

Are we surprised that family study time is met with admission to the hobby lot?

Pop #2 happens, I can't wait.

Paddington is looking up some parental advice online, after all, he didn't really have a good upbringing.

Oh ya someone is losing his mind alright.

What is wrong with you?! You got married, had kids already and your wife is in labor with more kids. You call yourself a family sim?!

Write your own line.

Thank God she's giving birth now, look at how low his damn bar is...but I doubt I'll get lucky and get an immediate have a baby want that could get fulfilled right.

And we have a set of twins of course...Mint and Kiwi...a boy and girl.

Ya so this week kind of sucked for Paddington...next week he's going to VDSL challenges to try and make the week more entertaining.