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Pippin's Cove : Week Five : Pimlico B

With everyone slowly moving in and getting married, Alperton just couldn't wait to get Peach over.

Oh you know what would be nice, a warm grilled cheese sandwich.

Oh yes, I have a few inside for lunch.

And Peach moves in. They kinda need to have kids and everything to continue on.

LOL Like I had to give them any encouragment to get to the sack.

Hey Iago, ya I just finished helping Peach unpack. She moved in with me.


Well I won't be a dumbass and cheat on her during my wedding, like some people I know.

Low blow there Alperton.

Well this isn't exactly what I needed right now.

Alperton, go console your girlfriend. She just had a miscarriage.

Awwww look at them. He really does love her.

Devlin walks by, cuz he isn't even scarse anymore. But Alperton gets himself a job in thwe science career. He needs some sort of income.

Honey, I'm off to work. If anything happens, You can call Epping or Paddington.

Ok, I'll be watching the food network.

So some asshole came by today and started complaining that we don't have a garden.

Why does he care?

That's exactly what I said.

Well, someone had a surprise for me, didn't they? How could you hide that from me?!

Awww honey, why didn't you tell me you were pregnant?

I thought it might scare you.

I couldn't be happier.

Family study time...everyone gets to learn cooking.

So I want to go on vacation. Somewhere warm and where I can get Grilled cheese.

Honey I'm saving our money, but we do need to wait until after you have the baby anyway.

Oh I can't wait. Oh where should we go, what should we do?

Honey we have plenty of time to plan it.

Alperton chats up SOL, probably finding out what to do when he becomes a dad. and Peach gets bigger, soon my dear.

Alperton is really in love with Peach, always stalking her, keeping her happy. He does read her mind sometimes too.

But off to work he goes, and Peach is left to fend for herself. Look at how sad she looks for not catching a butterfly.

Alperton comes on home with a promotion, and a huge paycheck. Well now is as good of a time as any to get hitched.

/wedding spam. Attendees were Alperton's brothers, his new sister in law and the random townie that was playing chess with Peach.

Alperton looks excited for the baby to come....He's the one rubbing the belly, it's not even like I direct half of the actions.

Coming home from their "honeymoon", Peach decides the middle of the street in the middle of the night is the best place ever to go into labor.

Oh seriously?! Not only are the damn sims fertile, but they are super fertile...what the hell are the odds of continuous multiple births.

Wow Peach, don't even walk to give the baby to Alperton, just leave the baby in the middle of the street.

Why yes, they are named after cheese...they are both Grilled Cheese sims.

Look at the nice family shot, as Alperton picks up his adorable little girl off the cold street.

Um, OOOOW! That just really should hurt.

Birthday time already...must be very uneventful around here.

Or so eventful and I just suck at taking pictures...I mean Peach just passed out in GRILLED CHEESE!!!!

So our babies are Cheddar on the top and Brie on the bottom. Peach's hair and eyes. I'm kinda disappointed.

Peach woke up and peed herself right by the toilet and had herself a good cry. Poor baby!
Tags: family: pimlico b, new household, week five

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