TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

Pippin's Cove : Week Five : Pimlico C

I completely forgot how hott Epping actually was. Even in a kimono, he's sex on a stick.

The challenge for the week...well sucks. Why on earth do I not have a good challenge?

And here is Epping's fabulous you can see, he's dirt poor and has like nothing.

Aww I'm sorry honey, but there are no services yet. No maids for you to hire.

With no income as of yet and needing at least some money to buy some new clothes, Epping digs for his life. And BAM! Treasure chest!

The house looks alot better now, and he still looks sexy. But we are off to try and find a pixel_trade spouse for him. Off to Hoopla!

Hey aren't you that crazy chick that married my friend Iago?

Why am I the crazy one, he cheated on me at our wedding!

You need to relax, unwind a little.

No luck here right now, just a few phone numbers.

Coming home, Epping gets himself a the slacker career

Pleasure Sim...check, want for slacker job...check, nightclub...check.

Yes, yes Epping will take the job.

Off to the hobby lot. Not like anyone would be there, but hey it's worth a shot.

Ooooo new mail lady, and she's pretty.

But sadly, the matches in the crystal ball still doesn't bring up anyone new. If I can't find someone else, Avalon will be moving in.

Off to yet another community lot. Epping doesn't get any rest until he meets someone worthwhile.

At the gym, Epping comes across his nemesis...Penelope Laurince. It would bring an interesting household dynamic, that's for sure.

*shy flirting* I think I could this could be interesting.

Leave them be, If he can't get any interest from her I may call you Matthew.

We have a few people here worth while...not that heinous chick, but CHarles, Chutney and Matthew are always good people in my books.

So do people in this town recycle girls or something? I mean I really need to find a pretty girl.

How should I know? I just moved to town.

Back at Hoopla, Savannah Roberts and the dormie who's name I don't remember were the only eligible chicks in the place. So Epping treks home defeated.

Um ya...I kinda want him to get at least a kid by Monday, so this was the only way possible.

Yup someone has possibly the worst morning sickness. Poor Epping, he didn't even want to get abducted, though he wanted DNW abducted.

Coming home from work, he gets a promotion...well good for you Epping, I don't even know what skills you need to get promoted.

But DNW stops by after hearing about the abduction to find out how Epping is doing.

Oh hey, i think I hear kicking.

Ya, Natalia and I are expecting a little one.

But why are you carrying the baby then?

Umm you haven't really been reading my e-mails and books, have you?

Ya I don't think he has DNW.

But I do think he is starting to get a hint, with all the changes and accidents.

Hey Yo! What the fuck is happening to me?

Oh shit! I'm pregnant?! What else didn't DNW tell me?

Nothing happened for a day, so here's pop number two.

He spends his days skilling, ashamed of his big pregnant belly.

ANd he gives birth TRIPLETS! All have the same genetics, and are named in theme to the legacy...Croxley, Blackfriars and Brixton.

I want better challenges next week!!!
Tags: family: pimlico c, new household, vdsl, week five

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