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Pippin's Cove : Week Five : Hunter B

So last time we left off with a party, this time we start with the same party. Violet just looks pleased to be old, doesn't she?

John Tucker is just my favorite of the bunch. He's adorable, and personable...he doesn't seem to have any negative interactions period.

Oh this is just retarded...I have a hack for no kicky-bag, but it doesn't seem to be working anymore.

Morning rolls around and all of the teens love to be up all night. This won't cause any issues, right?!

But love the adorability!!! These two made great kids together. Even if they led to the overpopulation.

Violet starts turning her children into witches and warlocks, after all their bloodline shall flourish with magic.

I honestly don't even remember what was happening in this picture...I really should start posting these updates when I play them.

She bombed the free time chance card...seriously, what is the purpose of these chance cards.

Medusa is being kinda a bitch to poor Amy, while Luke is trying to talk to her...and John Tucker is talking about the future with Cruella. Busy house for 2 am, don't you tink?

Time for the next family member to become a warlock. John Tucker now, Luke and Medusa left.

Now everyone but Adrenaline know magic. I think I would feel kind of left out.

What the hell are you doing Medusa?

Making evil plans, it's alot better than kicking over the garbage can Cruella.

And Cruella and Harley Quinn are high school graduates, can't you feel how proud Violet is.

Dad, why is mom ordering me pumps? Does she think I'm gonna go to work or something?

She just doesn't want you to waste your days honey. Don't worry, just keep yourself occupied.

Great day to be had by all, even if Gaston says it hasn't been great.

Dad, Is Uncle Eggplant drunk or something? He keeps saying he's going to banish all the evil away.

Just placate him honey, he's getting on in years.

Eggplant is better family than my family is, I barely see my extended family.

Look who decided to get up from sleeping, at 11pm, on Tuesday. Ya Gaston so is not my favorite child.

Violet has chance card win-itis. As long as it's not a sucktastic freetime chance card.

So I needed something to happen, the house was getting kind of boring these days. So Violet decided to start a fire with her magic (the ones she causes with magic do NOT count as ISBI stat fire).

Well something happened at least, Gaston lost some aspiration points.

SO ya, Violet started another fire after putting out the first. It is kinda fun to have a pyro around.

Ooo fight in the bathroom, something is finally happening.

And with that, Violet and Adrenaline decided that they needed to start cleaning and repairing the house. It's because of all the kids that everything is falling apart.

And Gaston again attacks his little sister Medusa, such the big man.

Except that she actually kicks his ass, Go Medusa!!

I don't remember that this painting was in my replacements, but it's really pretty!

Keith Condom is trying to charm his way into Harley Quinn's pants, while Adrenaline is just trying to keep the bugs from getting in his house.

With the garbage pile not getting picked up, the bugs keep coming forth. Harley is now trying to get the bugs. I think this is hysterical to be honest.

Will you pick up the garbage already instead of creating a second pile of it?!

Excellent, I will soon have all the bugs come out and get everyone in my family sick. When they all die, I will be the only heir to the family.

Ya someone is a bit unhinged.

What the heck Gaston? Will you leave Medusa alone? Do you really want her to kick your ass again?

o.0 Medusa is outside though...who the hell is Gaston attacking now?

You attacked Cruella?! What the hell is wrong with you!

Not that it matters all that much, Cruella, just like Medusa, kicks his ass. That's what you get for attacking your sister.

Haven't you learned your lesson yet? Leave you sisters alone!

Look John Tucker, you are probably the most adjusted kid in the house. Stay on top of your schoolwork so you can make a better life for yourself.

Yes Mom, I will make sure I stay successful.

This, well this is a sign of fail. This is an actual fire. Who left the food in the stove?!

What the hell...who is fighting now?


Ya, so she isn't the brightest bulb in the patch. She's still pretty and thats all that counts.

OMG! I think I'm pregnant.

That would mean you would have gotten to at least first base with a guy, which definitely didn't happen.

Adrenaline is looking as fine as ever.

At least while Gaston is at school the house is at peace. Everyone gets along so nicely.

So I kind of told John Tucker that he's the most adjusted one of the family, and he bought it.

Wow that kid is probably the dumbest one in the house to believe that!

Aww I has a sad :(

Hellllllo Hamlet! What are you looking at?

Ya I would probably stare in disbelief too, this house kind of scares me.

Stop trying to make Gaston sane by eating his grilled cheese!

I think Harley Quinn likes her morning talks with her father, every morning the two of them sit there and just talk.

I'm hungry.

And I had so much faith in you when you were born.

In hopes of starting a relationship early, Violet invites in Zelus Randolph, who just recently dropped out of school. Violet doesn't like hearing that he dropped out though.

In college, I majored in philosophy, though I think I would have been better suited for Political Science thinking about it now.

Oh that is something I will have to look into when I get there.

But Zelus does help the girls with the upkeep of the house, he's suited for domestic chores.

Blueberry Pie-Starling stops by the house, showing off how sexy he is. If only he wanted to come in and hang out.

Hey Dad, here have a grilled cheese.

Um thanks son, could we possibly have something else for dinner tomorrow?

I can't eat another grilled cheese sandwich, I'd rather starve myself than eat another one.

So don't eat one?

And with that, Violet finally turns the final person in the house into a warlock. Adrenaline even looks great in the default warlock clothes. How could anyone not be in lust with this man?

You better watch yourself Gaston. I can't tell you to stop or anything.

Ya, why am I not surprised? Gaston killed himself by exercise bike. Violet was in the shower too.

And he's done, gone and goodbye. What are you doing Cruella?

You dead son of a bitch, go to hell!

Cruella :( why did you do that?

I'm watching you bitch. John Tucker, would you please go eat?

Or sit on the throne of darkness and fill all of your needs. Wow go you smarty pants.

You have got to be kidding me Cruella! Your brother just died and now you wanna try killing yourself. Well I'm not letting that happen...Harley go save her!

Fuck yeah! Harley Quinn for the win.

An almost family dinner, would have been nicer if Violet was to join. There is nothing nicer than that.

Oh yeah, so you really think I care that you almost killed yourself to get fit Cruella, just wake up Medusa so she doesn't suffocate on her fish.

Uggh! That is one of the most unsightly things I have seen. Adrenaline you shouldn't be fat!!

After a quick romp, John Tucker occupies his mother with some mindless drivel.

I'm just going to leave this here for you to use. Do with it what you'd like.

Honestly, poor Medusa. I fear for her safety in college. She'll probably get stuck behind a wall or something.

Time to start sending the kiddos to Uni, though some get scholarships and some suck so bad that they don't get any.

And some strive to get them at the last second apparently, John Tucker, you should have started ages ago on this.

And this does end the week, with the last kid to get off to uni.

Leaving an empty nest syndrome back at home, I think if Violet were young enough, she'd pop out a kid at this point.

Current Legacy Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 2
Perma-Plat Sims: 1
Shrink Visits: 8
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 6
Self-Wettings: 20
Pass-Outs: 31
Fights: 13
Deaths: 2
Social Worker Visits: 0
Alien Abductions: 5

Awesimsauce stats:
Plaques: 4 (Nature, Music, Fitness, Arts)
Vacation memories: 0
Tags: family: hunter b, isbi, rainbow, week five

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