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Pippin's Cove : Week Five : Chance-Capobianco

So here we have the two lovely girls of the house, one feeding herself and the other thinking about eating, sadly both ends of an eating disorder.

And Yulia is showing off her wonderful garden, cuz Ethan hasn't seen it yet I guess? I dunno she's odd.

Yulia is super old and she only found out now what her OTH is, I feel so sad for not letting her find it out sooner.

Look honey, there's the Big Dipper!

Wow that's so amazing. I love just being outside with you honey.

Who's that sexy guy in the mirror? Oh yeah, it's me. The chicks are going to love me!

Conceited much?

Yulia greets Arren Merrygold, this very very sexy man walking by the house. Maybe one of her teenage daughters will get smitten with him and get more sexiness into this family.

Look lady, I'm sorry but your teenage daughters are just not what I am looking for. I want a man, you know. Big strong with some chest hair.

Ok, well I don't have anyone here for now, but if you wanna hang around, I could find someone you might like.

Lady, I don't need to be set up on a date.

I kinda don't remember his name, but I just downloaded him and gave him a rocker makeover. He manages to hear this lunacy and go back right where he came from.

Hey I know someone you would absolutely love to go out with. Want me to hook you up?

Um...I'm married and have three teenage kids, remember?

Unless it's that sexy red eyed guy across the street, then yes you could totally set me up with him.

If I knew him, I wouldn't let him go that's for sure.

What the hell is with everyone and wanting Igor? He isn't sex on a stick.

So that new boyband One Direction is something aren't they?

Dad, you are so not being hip with us are you?

Ewww gross.

Thorn is still just a huge child, he loves jumping in the leaf piles his mother rakes up for compost. If you make a mess, I'll kick your butt.

John Tucker here wanted to be eternally young so he can continue being a player, so Ethan is helping him fulfill that by vamping him. Could lead to very interesting things.

Amy just can't believe what just happened in front of her eyes. I think she's a bit shut in.</i>

Yulia toils herself in her garden, not everyone's crops are this mouthwatering.

Thorn and John Tucker start chatting up, after all they may actually get to hang out in college together. I will have to think about that though.

So that John Tucker guy is so going to be my husband, than I can tota-

Whoa! Who said he was going to marry you, Petal? I am so much hotter than you and I am way more adventurous.

Sibling rivalry over a guy, sounds pretty normal right?

Bonding time with a good old fashioned punch you-punch me, except its always a bit creepy when one of you plays with your elderly mother.

So time out on the town for the trio of teens, let's see what comes around.

Oooo pretty alien cashier girl, *keeps her on potential spouse list* hey not everyone needs to marry pixel_trade you know.

The club is pretty busy for like 4 in the afternoon. Thorn is chatting up Devlin for some business sense, Petal is workin the turntables and Rose is chatting up some teen.

Petal is doing pretty well too, no failure yet.

Thorn eventually gave up with Devlin and found the adorable Anastasia Taylor, a random roll CAS townie i made.

And after some heavy heart-farting, the gang headed home. Thorn had been the only one to find someone of interest at any rate.

Petal, why the hell did we have to leave? I was having fun.

Well you were the only one having fun, we hated it.

So poor Thorn takes out his frustration on the snowman, better than beating up his sisters I guess. Though it would have made the update more interesting.

Luna Lovegood comes home with Thorn to try and woo him, sadly, Thorn has no bolts for her.

You know that girl that came home with Thorn is wearing the same outfit as you Rose.

I know it looks absolutely stunning on her too.

You don't get it, the same outfit is bad between girls.

I think there may be some brain damage in Rose. Maybe she ate some paint?

Yes we know, your husband is hott beyond words.

Look son, I know you are just resisting the urge to deflower some girl so here are some tips for you to help you pick up a girl.

Oh this I just have to listen to.

And that was the last action the parents had before the kids went off to Uni. We'll see them really soon.

With the kids gone, I can have all the sex I want.

Um except your husband sleeps all day, and you whine about sunlight every night.

We have a very stunning Selene Randolph walking by the lot, so get a greeting cuz you never know when she'll be needed.

By the way, the state of Yulia's garden just dropped like no tomorrow. There's a few DEAD plants, all of them have weeds and some are overwatered. Some Gold badge you have.

And Ethan just walked about 20 feet from his coffin to the bed. He's a sexy lazy bum.

Ya with the kids doing nothing interesting, this update sucked.
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