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Pippin's Cove : Week Five : Hay

And the week starts off on a plus side, Ste is continuing to prove how awesome he is by slowly going up the education ladder. Soon he'll be the Education Minister.

Not that Igor really wants him to find another job anyway. He comes by to steal the paper because he's an ass.

OMG! honey, you'll never guess. I got promoted again today. Soon I'll be in charge of all the children's educations.

And instead of celebrating by going out and doing something, he studies cleaning. Well he does have his priorities in order I guess.

Because with the boost of fall, Ste maxes cleaning that very night. One skill down a few more to go.

Onto the harder skill of charisma, and it doesn't take very long to max that. Ste is a rocketscientist or something, look at how smart he is. Good looking and smart Wow he's the total package.

I really wish he had someone living with him to at least play against. I guess I could have always had Cameron go straight to adult, but I won't deny him an education.

And then he rushes to his coffin to stay out of the sunlight. and Nothing interesting happens. It's the only downside of having the only person in the house be a vampire.

So someone kinda needs friends to get promoted, I figure what better way than to make friends with your future in-laws, considering there are quite a few of them in the neighborhood.

Except when it comes to bite you in the ass by not having everyone in the damn neighborhood have a phone. Grrr Jason, you better not ruin this for me!

A quick invite over for the boyfriend because Ste is feeling unloved by not having seen him in like 3 days.

He goes inside to bitch about some bear he had as a kid that he lost.

But Beary was never seen again. I miss Beary.

You named him Beary?! Really?

Chance card win! Another step up the education ladder.

So he races home and climbs into his coffin. Well I will have to reward him when he gets up then.

He calls up his lovely boyfriend for a date of course. Cameron is a bit surprised by his greeting of course.

But generally gets the idea of the love they have. As they sway softly under the starry sky.

Well Since Ste is a vampire we couldn't take the risk of Cameron getting old and dying on Ste. This probably will last until Cameron moves in with Ste.

Look at the vampire gathering, all thats needed is Ethan and John Tucker and they'll all be around then.

So their date consisted of being super adorable. Cuddling under the stars and everything. I'm kinda wondering why they wanted to do it this week.

Like you expected us to have anything but a dream date. Really?

Um no, I like you two together...especially since you haven't woohooed and can still get a dream date.

Ste just seems to be awesome at chance cards, cuz he hasn't missed one yet.

And...comes home promoted again! Soon enough I'll have private school kids!!!

Hey honey, I was just thinking about you.

Hun, you know your parents haven't built a downtown to Pippin's Cove yet, why would you ask me something stupid like that?

More skilling is needed for promotions, and well having maxed skills opens alot of doors.

Really?! could you be any more awesome Ste?!

And with that nothing eventful happens, so here's a picture of a Saturday morning in a coffin.

Where all the girls stroll by trying to get with Ste. Sorry ladies, just because he's awesome doesn't mean you can have him.

Natalia Venturi decides to be a super bitch and kick over the trash can for no reason. What the hell is wrong with this girl?

Well I have Ste get back at her by drinking some of her blood. Hey she deserves some pain for her bitchery.

Look old man, you better give me $200 bucks or I'm telling the world you raped me.

Try it chicky. I'm dating the founder's son, and have way more friends in this neighborhood than you possibly could. So why don't you just run along home.

Um no we didn't invite you to stay the night. You need to get your facts straight.

We start working on one of the last skills to max, body. Mmmm fit Ste.

Sunday morning Marla here comes by to mock me. Don't worry, you will get into a house yet.

That night, with Ste's money, he puts up the money to build a nice park for everyone to go to during the summer.

And focuses on the bike some more. By 7am, he's maxed body. What more could he do...we shall have to find out next week.
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