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Pippin's Cove : Week Five : X

Last time we left off with a sleeping Maudie, this time we will start with it. She left her girlfriend to go sleep by herself. This girl has the waaaay wrong priorities.

She'd love to Sigihild...except there is no downtown. I think you need to stop hanging out with Naomi Deline college girl.

though you can continue to leave awesome gifts that Maudie can use to buy useful things.

Wait a minute...its a very rare quiet moment in the house. Be still my heart.

Woohoo Genie lamp...but way to be sneaky lady, she's just getting on the bus.

While our lovely young girls are on their way to school, Maudie starts greeting walkbys. Hey the kids will be teens soon, and at least one of them needs to move about. It is a round robin after all.

Hey do you wanna join me in a life of crime?

I absolutely do.

And with that the newly available criminal opening is now taken.

Um what the hell, he's still in the house, how could you lose that friendship so quickly Maudie?

LOL say hello to the oxymoron.

HEY! I'm not a moron!

Yes you are, you don't even know what you want anymore...what is unnamed wantable object?!

Wow its actually the first time I am going to hire a nanny...Just picture it as Violet or Yulia as they are the only female elders.

Though seriously..this nanny is EPIC! she has blue skin!!

And she is competent...she just has a very small bladder.

I wonder what they meant by I have to get into shape?

They want you to be a trapezoid, Maudie.

Beacuse Maudie is not all that bright, we give her a subtle hint to give her a nudge.

Sweet, now I can finally lose this baby weight I've been carrying around for the past 10 years.

If you say so Maudie, if you say so.

The kids come out to greet Maudie but what the fuck is Helena doing back there?

Ya that is fucking gross. There always has to be one whack job though.

So someone needs friends to get promoted as well, and look at what the hell I get. Sah Weet!

So, it's birthday time for the girls. We call up the proud mama and the new girlfriend for a nice party.

Oh what fun...A family sim who eats out of the trash and a fortune sim like her mother.

So you know that hot blonde I keep seeing around town, I think we should invite her into our circle.

I think I heard she's straight with kids. You should just marry me.

Nunu is pushing some buttons that I don't want pushed.

Why does she get to hang out with my concious daughter?

Because she was there first?!

Yes so the best remedy is to go hang out with the unconcious one.

I see Maudie is working her very slow way up the criminal career track...she's only a bank robber I mean when do you become the cat burglar with home invasions.

But nothing beats spending your day off fishing in the small pond that just appeared in your front your underwear.

I dunno, I think I'm more excited about the fishing badge, because it's something new.

HAHAHA! Like Maudie had 15,000 dollars anyway. She only has like 3 grand.

Hanging out with the kids fishing in your underwear. What better way to spend the start of your weekend than doing that?

How about heading to a nightclub to try and find some loving!

Where we see the beautiful Brodie Bork, and yes she is dressed in green. I do kind of love her.

We also have Aqua Murray, Icaro Broke, Ste and Violet rounding out the patrons upstairs.

While random dormie downstairs gives Maudie free shit. Its probaly like here's a computer to let me watch you have sex with your girlfriend.

This Ted guy also is trying to get touchy feely with Maudie and she just doesn't understand strange people and wanting to touch her.

Helena wanted a cell phone, so she got a cell phone. That was pretty easy, don't you agree?

That is, until Tobias shows up and starts picking on poor Violet. Wow picking on an evil witch is just plain bad karma Tobias.

Then makes a fool out himself in the dance sphere. Good job there Tobias.

Maudie does get some meet and greets in the bathroom though. Smallest room for this to happen people.

Helena, you really shouldn't do that. You have no skill.

I have more skill than that loser who just fell out.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

See, don't be such a loon. Next time listen to me.

Though seriously?! I guess you get the loony gene from Mom. She's not a kid anymore Maudie. You missed your chance at that.

But a quick greeting with Nikolai Potts gets a rant about how his life sucked growing up. Well no one cares Nikolai. What a way to end the update too.
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