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Pippin's Cove : Week Five : Terra

The week starts off kinda normal, with Timothy coming by to see his kids, and Adrenaline just popping by. He's actually the wedding guest.

Because Gaia is getting married. What the hell is Timothy wearing?

Wedding spam...I dunno I like getting the adorable pictures.

Why thanks Timothy, I could buy a whole bunch of nickels with that. No wonder the party is a dud.

We finally manage to get the party score up by having Timothy find his OTH. Ya, if only that was the truth. It tok a whole bunch of schmoozing to get that party up.

Gaia does greet every walkby though, including the very cranky Dale Forest.

Why does he have to be so mean? All I askked was how his day was and he berated me about being an abomination.

The alien telling the plant it's an abomination...there is definitely something super wrong with that mentality.

And oh by the way, Dale is a total creeper. Dude get a hobby.

Voyeurism is my hobby.

simsforaranya, your sims have some issues.

Gaia takes a shower, and Dale attacks Timothy. Dude, he just wanted you to let them have alone time.

Oh my Sim! Why are they fighting on our wedding night?

Because you were stupid enough to greet Dale?

But the next day seems to go quickly, what with babies to look after and a garden to grow. Its birthday time!

They are freaking adorable!! I don't remember how the hell they got those eyes.

Hey leaf people, will you stop going at it like rabbits. You only have like a bolt with each other.

Oh sorry less than that. You should be getting yourself all over Iago being three bolters and all. And no you will not be getting any Fer love!

These two don't pay any attention to their kids, just flirt and woohoo. They seriously need to get a hobby.

So I have Gaia do something learn how to cook so I don't have orphanage bound kids in a few days.

Not that the children are fairing well right now anyway, but at least they will be self sufficient.

Oh my sim, my poor kids are narcoleptic.

um ya now is not the time to worry over the damn kids.

Woo! You play the pianno awesomely Timothy!

What happened to your hair?!

Gaia decides to invite over Iago, and Iago brings along SOL...not his wife or anything.

Honestly, why did you even bring her along? I wanted you to flirt with the flexible plant lady in front of you.

She needs more of a hobby than banging her husband you know.

Cuz seriously all of the banging brings her sunlight level to nothing. But basking in the winter snow makes her feel like having a barbeque.


Haha so two of them are actually sleeping on their beds, I don't know how the third one got so out of sync with them though.

Uh oh! Birthday time cometh...we needs to bust out some serious toddler training, since you know, they know jack crap right now.

and the skilling starts. Go be useful Gaia. The chilluns need you.

So ya, in case you couldn't piece it together...someone got pregnant again.

See, now there is evidence of her being pregnant...again.

Strike Greeson walks by and well Gaia greets him. Haven't you learned to stop greeting random people from your wedding night?

Birthday is upon us.

Which means that last minute cramming of knowledge into their fragile little minds.

I won't spam you with birthday pictures, cuz well I forgot to take the pictures.

So have a picture of Gaia on the exercise bike.

Really?! You couldn't wait another 5 seconds to get on the toilet?! Bad Raven.

Ya see what I mean about the running out of sunlight problem. They keep passing out outside then get up and bitch, repeat cycle.

Not that it really matters because the kids are at each other's throats. This is the first time I've had controlable kids that have fought.

Timothy shows off how nice my plantsim skin is when its "wilted". So no sunlight and no water. We are batting a thousand here.

So everyone is passed out and no one will sleep in the double bed together. The kids are kind of bitter enemies with each other.

Sage will you just run away from home, no one here likes you.

Raven, will you just leave me alone. I'm telling mom.

So I'm guessing Raven couldn't leave the poor kid alone.

But that's ok because their parents are completely focused on them, and not sunbathing in the middle of the street or anything like that.

And well we just have to add more kids to the brood, right?

We wound up with twins, Named Ainsley and Autumn. Hey I'm getting the names from a website.

HAHAHAHA! Oh hell no!

Your children can't even get along and you wanna add more kids into this house.

They even are wishing death on each other...well more the death wishes are focused on one child.

But he gets his ass handed to him just fine. Maybe he will learn his lesson?

Ya, I guess not.
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