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(no subject)

so I actually made myself a tumblr...god help me :p

if you wanna follow me, its Kingmike1224 just like on here

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(Deleted comment)
kingmike1224 October 22nd, 2013
What's your name, I dunno some people found me but I'm so lost on tumblr, not a big fan of it

(Deleted comment)
kingmike1224 October 23rd, 2013
I clicked to follow you :)

quinctia October 23rd, 2013
Haha, sorry I didn't notice you even reblogged my one post. I tend to look at tumblr on my ipod and the app's a bit wonky.

kingmike1224 October 23rd, 2013
Lol I have no idea how to reply to a post or anything I was so confused by it honestly

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