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Miami Maybe?!

You heard right!! Come July 23rd I will be in Miami!! My friend trudyblue talked me into goin down there to see what its'll be a first for me flying solo. But when i get to Miami, I think i will enjoy myself! Miami needs to watch out...trudyblue and me are gonna tear up the town! And *squeals* I get to see *N SYNC live as a group!

My parents finally decided to have birthday cake for my brother. I think it was sweet of them to call me to make me feel happy...i heard them sing happy birthday and stufff...but then i heard they had a buttercream cake...Ewww who has that for birthday cake...gimme Ice Cream Cake any day of the week *drools* Ice Cream!

I gotta thank _dragon_ for my lovely Lance Icon...*drools* he looks sooo cute!!! I just want him!!

So i also posted my 2000th post on IGBY! Only there 3 weeks no less, but yup 2000 posts...and climbing...Such a warm welcoming community!

And a special note in here for my friend Dennis! OMG the sweetie that he is...he turned his entire forum into an N SYNC themed one for Davy, Matty and myself...sooo thoughtful!!!

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