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Pippin's Cove - Week Six: Riches

Wow I have really lacked on updating this and I do apologize, Life got a bit crazy around my house since I last updated and I did lose some interest in the Sims...but I'm back if you guys will have me back. The kids were still being reared, and trying to grow up. Cameron started dating Ste Hay, and Charles dated random chicks. Gale, while being a Romance sim, had horrible luck with the ladies. At the end of the update, the kids were shuffled off to Uni, leaving Rhys and I by ourselves.

So let's start this update off with a crazy old lady "sneaking" by the house to leave us a special lamp.

Hi, don't mind me. keep doing old people stuff.

The lamp isn't even there a few hours before the wants to wish are starting to roll, seriously?! Couldn't you want to talk to one of your 6 kids or something.

*I hope Tom likes the wish I'm going to make, it should set us up for the rest of our lives.*

I wish for riches and fortune, so my family would never want for anything again.

Your wish is my command, sir.

So this is what it's like to be rich, huh?

I guess so, this is kind of boring.

So I went to MTS and downloaded what is listed as being a Genie fix, so use the wish for youth. Hey, there needs to be some monkey wrench throwing around here somewhere.

And poof, I went from senior citizen with adult children to a teen with adult children and a few grandchildren.

You know that now you are a teenager again, you have to go back to school.

But I already know everything.

So you should have no problem getting straight A's.

At least you won't have to worry about what I will look like when I grow up.

By then I will probably be dead, enjoying my afterlife, looking over the kids.

But you are one of the sexiest guys that I know. I'm glad that you came to this town with me.

Well I just couldn't hide my feelings anymore. You were my everything back home.

And with that, I'm easily seduced by him.

The day goes by with nothing of interest to report. I can't even skill anymore.

But what is this?

Of course I turn myself back into a teen and am apparently super fertile.

Oh geez, he got pregnant again?! Is he looking to populate the town with his kids or something.

Although they are my kids too, aren't you

And the current walkby the house is Alec Wolosenko rikkulidea. He's very nom.

Oh Yay, more money. Just what my household needs.

Next walkby is Mordred Simpson-Bee simmericangirl, I have very sexy men walking around my hood, but why do the women never walk by?

Ok Strike Leventhal leventhal this update is really starting to be a sausagefest without any women.

Rhys feels that he needs to make sure that the kids know what happened to me, so he calls the kids up to come by.

I couldn't be happier with that though cuz the kids are amazing...

even when they aren't getting along with each other, or the company.

The boys head to the pool table, something that they bonded over as teens.

Saying goodbye though was really hard. I'm pretty sure it was the hormones though. The kids are only a phone call away after all.

And a very loving husband to boot, he always finds me sexy and tells me to call him, like if we were both in high school.

I've gotten to the point of starvation where I'll eat anything, the soup was a little ripe.

OH GOD!!! I forgot about the labor pains!! OW!!

Random of course.

No, it's not twins, its actually triplets.

I don't have a picture of all of them but it's 2 boys and a girl. Ephalba, Percy and Caleb.

I know the most about movies people, don't question me.

Debate club is definitely not for me.

Neither apparently is being a single parent. Triplets are a lot of hard work.

Birthday time though, time to invite the kids over.

Even with the kids, the babies are driving me crazy. And to think that I already had triplets and they're adults.

Please be adorable. Please be adorable.

Well there is a shocker, black hair. Can't have expected anything else.

And Caleb is super adorable, Must remember a face picture.

Though he does suffer from a touch of narcolepsy, most toddlers do suffer from it at times.

The kids have severly tired me out. Rhys is very busy trying to become mayor so we can finally get a downtown area, so I kind of leave him on auto-pilot.

But there is always some personal time for the two of us.

The kids are angels when they are asleep, though sorry that there is no picture of Ephabla. Hopefully I will be able to remember for the next update (which has been played and is waiting to be cropped for almost 2 years).

Percy is a fucking brat when he's awake though. Seriously this kid needs to shut up.

Seriously, not again. NO MORE KIDS!!

And this is how we end the week. Pregnant and three toddlers, with a senior citizen and a teen.
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