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Pippin's Cove - Week Six: Riches B

Last "week" which is roughly about 2 and a half years ago (Oh dear god its been that long, sorry) took Jason throughout his Uni experience of looking for a wild sex parties. Upon moving in, he was met by Neon Element lionsatepree and Quay Crusher selzi. He managed to find a high blot match with John Silvirin silvirin. He quickly feel in love and found himself pregnant. While falling in love with John, Jason seduced Bixbite Gemstone verocchio, Clive Dork katu_sims among countless others. Jason graduated and proposed to John, then moved back to Pippin's Cove.

Jason pops up on his new lot, looking to catch some butterflies. There isn't much time around here mister, you got a baby looking to pop out.

Holy crap, I guess it was good of him to get started at Uni, for 20 loves, it's gonna take a bunch of work.

So let's get started...with someone who is in the hood to live and not for family who gets invited to parties (I'm looking at you IMHO IDK).

Can we get this started? I'd like to marry my fiancée at some point in my adult life.

Dude! This is what you want from life.

So to start of with, let's take the highest match we got, Ash Lutzen simfinite

Hey beautiful, thanks for coming by.

How in the hell did I get here? I was just in my living room.

Don't worry, I know the magic of bringing the hottest guy in town right to me.


This rose is no comparison to your beauty.

Aww thank you.

The date progresses nicely, but lowering hands is a definite no-no. I guess he's big into romance.

Or he's a filthy liar, can't grab your butt, can sleep with you though.

That was amazing, you are such an amazing lover.

Don't expect to see mister fickle again.

He does seem a bit stalkerish too...but thanks Ava...i guess.

There still isn't a downtown, plus seriously, everything seems to be in town anyway.

To end the date, Ash tries to show the love to Jason. Sorry Ash, you aren't marrying him.

After serving up some burnt pork chops, Jason needs to try for some more loving.

Back to the crystal ball we go..and this time we go with gentleman #2

Chase Fox simplicist, who's date crapped out because this is the only picture I have of it.

Russell Sexcasual dothesmustle is up next, and boy is Jason interested in him.

They are very cutsy and romantic, I kinda feel bad tying Jason to John but its what he wanted.

Another romp in the sack won't hurt Jason though, might hurt the baby though.

Yes there is one toilet, but seriously i think the pregnant person gets dibs on it.

Labor time, funny how its Russell that's around and not John.

Picking random I get blessed with a single birth...i don't think that has happened since DNW. Overall, i think this is only like the third single birth in my BACC.

It's a boy named David, no naming theme sadly.

Such an adorable picture, don't you agree?

So have you seen that sexy old guy down the road, How gorgeous is he?

Not as good looking as you, but why are we talking about other men?

*cough* You are the other man.

It is time to get the ball rolling on Jason's family life though. We get John to move in.

Hmm not a bad LTW, easily done, and when he reaches the top it's unlocked.

Some celebration before the big event.

/wedding spam

So the family was invited to the wedding, Gale takes to child rearing, Katniss watches TV and Jason prepares food for the party.

Great party, and Gale is complaining for the TV.

What would you wish for if you had a genie Cameron?

Iago...why are you stealing the newspaper?

Invite the family over for the first birthday, and your parents hop in the photo booth and get it on. Let's add the therapy to the bills now.

/party spam...Who the hell is the red head? and why is Rafe here?

OMG!!! He's adorable!!!! Love him.

Aunt Tris, feed me pleeeeeze.

And Cameron and Ste, trying for more kids. Please stop trying to overpopulate the town.

Again, family party is always a good time.

And John, well he gets into his LTW career.

Just here for your enjoyment.

Russell, come on down. You're the next contestant on Maury's Who's the dad show.

Chance card....FUUUUUUUUCK he's coming home.

Old ho bag, John is going to be faithful to his husband...not that he should.

While Jason keeps woohooing Russell. I want your baby.

Our date could have been better if your husband didn't catch us cheating.

Thanks Russell.

John's crying and everyone else doesn't care. Anyone else see a problem here?

John did, and kicked Russell's ass. Now Russell, please to be GTFO'ing.

Haha peeeeeeerfect. My plan is going well.

Sweet, look at all those pink hearts. They shouldn't be too hard to make into red hearts.

Clive is the next on the love hit list. No Yzma brilliantsims you can't have any Jason.

So you have a kid and you're still sleeping around? What does your husband think?

I try to do my cheating when he isn't home.

Fuck you! Get the fuck out of my house! Why are you sleeping with my husband?


Um no Clive, you were never invited for the night. Stop trying to move in.

And this is where we leave the house, Until Next week.

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