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King Bee Challenge Round 2 - #1

Time for round two finally, its been a while.

Meet the current torch holder, the queen bee herself...Hellhound. And unlike last time, I will actually have a new picture of her every round.

Her first baby daddy is Onyx Crayola by leenyland.

They seem to be getting along, not that they have much of an option anyway.

Aww it's her first kiss. How adorable. Lets see what happens when the epilogue comes around.

Well that went pretty fast, good old fashioned woohoo.

And it's baby time...there's never a wait in king bee challenges. The theme this round is gemstones.

CC Free Amethyst
Amethyst with CC

CC Free Emerald
Emerald with CC

CC Free Pyrite
Pyrite with CC

CC Free Ruby
Ruby with CC

CC Free Sapphire
Sapphire with CC

CC Free Turquoise
Turquoise with CC

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getmygameonn May 10th, 2015
Hi there! Good to see you posting again. It has been a while since you've posted any gameplay :) It's been forever since I did a queen bee/king bee challenge. Nice looking kidlets!

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