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King Bee Challenge Round 2 - #2

These things are awesome, aside from packaging...its such a fast play.

Our queen, Hellhound striking a pose for the world. Very confident.

The dad for this round is from my new friend on LJ lilnettleheart. His sexy name is Wekesa Emen.

She decides to pop into the hot tub with him, cuz where else is there to be with a complete stranger.

Some very quick sexy times, what do you expect when you wish for beauty and have three bolts.

And still some romance after their hot tub romp.

but that does lead to babies!!

and the birthing does commence as planned, I am aiming at 6 kids per dad, unless I get oopsed.

and they continue to procreate, and populate the neighborhood.

Holy random skintones. I was debating resetting it but then I thought it would be fun.

And the final kids to be born...this round the naming theme is for Revenge, the show that was awesome that ended this sunday.

CC Free Charlotte
Charlotte with CC

CC Free David
David with CC

CC Free Emily
Emily with CC

CC Free Jack
Jack with CC

CC Free Nolan
Nolan with CC

CC Free Victoria
Victoria with CC

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