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Pippin's Cove - Week Six: Riches C

Now we go back to Uni, to visit the rest of my adult kids.

And the new residents of the dorm. (Marduk Perch [perchalicious], my own Willow, Jellyfluff Moonberry [simsforaranya], Dragon Snot Glottergaze [simtasia], SOLAR SYSTEM SOWHUT [leenyland], Savannah Roberts [leenyland], Sigihild Vanessa Heart [alicecat], My own Travis, Clive Dork [katusims], and Edith Garcia [dothesmustle]'s FC2 founder. I didn't tag because I'm not sure if: a. they are still around, or b. if I know how to tag it properly.

First thing that Gale and Charles do is grab some grub and go meet some of the new residents.

That is until 100 lbs. of hamburger came walking in the door, and pissed off everyone. Thankfully Gale is here to the rescue.

Though that sinister face, it really needs to show the cow not to fuck with these kids.

See, it even scared the piss out of Natalia, now if this was an ISBI I'd be kinda pissed though.

Now I don't even know, its been about a year in a half. Is this the first day? Second day morning? Gale is sleeping in the bed though.

But seeing as though Cameron is a vampire, I do want to rush his ass through school. Everyone is kinda on free will for the time being so I can focus.

And the romance sim, well he's good enough to fulfill his own urges.

Oh shit, this is not good. DNW is gonna have a breakdown isn't he?

Gale calls up Penelope Laurince [rikkulidea] to woo some more while Cameron goes off to take a final or something.

Proposal spam.

And with that, 1 kid down, 4 to go. No fear of the vampire dying.

Now it's time to send the rest of them out on the town, spouse hunting!!

Alec Wolosenko [rikkulidea] shows up at HOOPLA!, lets see who else is around...

Lydia Leventhal [leventhal] is around to get hit on by our little romance guy, hey Gale, maybe we should leave some ladies for your brother.

Nah he continues to smooth talk her. He wants to be a Casanova.

Tris meanwhile is not making any friends, starts beating the crap out of Spandex Vendetta Glittergaze [simtasia].

Back to Gale...well he's just getting lucky.

OK seriously, WTF! I have one kid getting lucky and the other one is starting bar fights.

and she isn't even winning the fight, that is just pathetic.

Astrid Bork [rikkulidea] rolls into the club, and she's totally can you not love her. Too bad we were on our way out.

Back at home, Gale is calling up Lydia...gotta get the relationships moving up to get some spouses right?

Well, the coach comes by and maybe this will teach Tris not to start fights unless you are actually fit. Put her ass to work.

And apparently calling up random dormies, who are all randomly selected...we get admitted to the secret society. I know it's all supposed to be brand new and shit, but I'll allow this.

First thing we do at the secret society lot? Make out with Penelope. Priorities...Gale has them.

Actually the first thing that we need to do is bring back DNW's fiancé. Thank god this lot has a lot of cash.

YES!! I'm back to live another day.

What are you gonna do to pay me back?

Gale...he has no self control.

I now think that he's just hitting on anything with a pulse. Last time we saw her, she was sleeping with Maudie.

Back to the main lot, now that we've resurrected Natalia. Our work is done.

So, pajama party in the dorm? I dunno...its been a while and everyone is in their underwear.

Why is this bitch on the bike again? It's not like she has a man or anything. Where is her brother?

Jellyfluff has decided who needs clothes to go to class, people won't be impressed by someone who's clothed.

and Katniss, well she's a horrible mess.

Tris is now fit, maybe now she can win the fights she starts.

And female catnip has now decided his underwear is the best way to walk around the dorm. Where are the cat fights over him?

Gale gets all the attention, Katniss has to stalk people in the bathroom just for the sake of being around people. I really hope someone shows some sort of interest in her at some point.

Notch # I honestly don't remember, he's gonna be a problem...good thing that townies can't get pregnant.

So someday I'm gonna travel around the world and find a nice guy, settle somewhere far from here. It's such a little town. I'm going places.

Look, I just didn't want to sit alone, but I honestly don't care about you.

Bixbite is feeling very alone I'm assuming.

No one is going to ruin my dream, where should I move to?

Taking on a game of strip poker, I assume all the guys are picking on poor Edith.

Just filing time with what's going on, apparently it was a boring spell for me to have a picture of Tris doing a term paper.

...or we are approaching the end of the semester and people need a grade boost.

Gale, unlike his sister, is working over the women rather than working on his school work. The ultimate romance sim is this guy.

Time to go back out on the prowl, I mean most of the family needs spouses.

Off to Ste's lot, the park. Who knows what will happen here?

Wow its a pretty cute lot. I've never been here before.

There's a pregnant DNW and Tobias Eaton [alicecat]. She made him special for me.

Who is this fine man right over here?

She may be thinking about staying around now.

She's got some adorable flirting going on.

But he has no desire to do anything with her. What is wrong with him?

So she asks him to hang out while her brother watches...and goes fishing.

Until he gets constellation...failure. Seriously game WTF?!

First kiss, everyone with me....Awww!

When we get home, cuz we were in all sorts of motive failure, I don't think that will be a problem. And awww, he had a great time.

And back at home, she continues to get her game on, and he doesn't object one bit.

Do you know if Marduk is home? He's so sexy.

She's a bit occupied llama, move it along.

Oh holy shit, Katniss is getting her game on. Maybe this won't be as pathetic as I thought.

SOLAR SYSTEM has decided that he's gonna be the meat grinder now, and go after the cow. At least Gale won't have the scary face anymore.

Woohoo...i got a lamp. Thanks but no thanks.

Charles has gotten on with Willow. I haven't had to do anything! This is the best ever!!

And I don't even know how, but Ketchup Condom [simmericangirl] has appeared on the lot. Gale...not complaining one bit.

See I told you that I wasn't worried about the lost friendship, he bedded her again.

Gale is just all over anything in a skirt. It has to be...SLUT MAGIC!!

So they were on a date...blind date maybe? Like I said it's been a very long time since I've played.

Falling in love with Baroness, I always wanted those two to get together. They were too cute as teens.

Oh dear, this won't end well, will it?

OMG! I have to pee!

Why aren't you going, why tell me?

I wanna say I think I used the crystal ball to bring Pippin Summerdream [simgaroop] here for Katniss, and she's smitten. I think that is always a plus.

As the flirting progresses, we also see Lime Condom [simmericangirl] moving into the dorm.

And we have first WTF!?

And then as the date ends...I get robbed of my first kiss cinematic.

LOL Every friend is a female outside of family. Gale's priorities are women, women and women.

Willow, honey, there's something I have to tell you.

I love you.

That's nice, let me finish my pancakes.

That's cold girl.

What the hell do you think you're doing?

Don't think you can hit on me when you reek!


That guy needs a bath

I laughed at that when I saw it.

Finally, I was wondering when someone would find the damn pool.

And we have a fight, who was fighting...well that's a good question.

It wasn't Katniss and Lime, because they were too busy to even realize it.

Lime, that isn't your bed. Would you kindly mind getting the fuck out of it?

Another fight. Good thing this isn't my ISBI, but I did figure out who was fighting.

Are you surprised?

Scar has wound up in the dorm, even though I didn't move them in yet. Is he visiting? Charles doesn't care, his girlfriend is in her underwear.

I don't even know, a flirt gone wrong?

Must be, look at the negatives...poor Bixbite.

More finals...blah blah.

Dude you are hot. Keep your clothes off

Even the guys want Gale.

This, well this I arranged. I am half tempted to get her pregnant with Gale's kid.

How on earth is the cow shooter picked?! Now it's Tris. I need to figure this out.

Katniss got her a crystal ball date, Chase Fox [simplicist]. The men to pick from are just too sexy.

Igor, there is no downtown yet. Maybe soon though.

We run by HOOPLA though (apparently), and poor Paddington is being molested by the charleton.

I made his ass selectable and had him fight damn it. He'll think twice about doing it to Paddy again.

Gale has now found Norah Deline [rikkulidea] .

I know I'm the hottest guy around this town.

You need to get over yourself.

Someone is having fun with Epping...only one guess from me.

I figured, Katniss cuz they have the same asp. If only Epping wasn't the torch holder for the Pimlicos.

Hey I know your dads, how are they doing?

Who are you?

Maybe they should have come by more often.

NO! You are not allowed to heart fart Iago. You are the straightest sim in my game.

That's right, go sleep with Edith. Show your straightness.

Well, that isn't a good sign. We may have a dropout.

Someone's pregnant alright. Just depends when she's gonna give birth.

*pop* Well that outfit has to go.

Much better, and look at Gale breaking the fourth wall.

Well Katniss is in love, and Gale has met yet another young lady, and again its someone who's been flirting with Maudie.

And awww Lime <3

*pop* and its finals time again.

Some Gale stats, he finished his sophomore year.

Bixbite, the resident GBF, talks to Katniss while she showers.

Katniss finished sophomore year, so yeah she won't be a graduate, but she has a fortune secondary.

Tris decides to major in Math, that's about all I can say.

And before she gives birth, it's time for the call.

I know you don't have child care, so I kinda need to leave college.

And even though I feel bad, she's a college drop out. I'm sad.

For Gale, we get a new female dormie.

Random townie dormie shows up. Could be pretty fun with those eyes.

Now that the residents are dwindling, Tris calls up Tobias for a date. (I did update the last name since then.)

Best friends and in love. Love them.

Mutual engagement want, that's pretty easy to fill.

/engagement spam

Elevator woohoo, who's partaking in it. That's the mystery.

I'm sorry I love these two, they couldn't have been any better matched.

Chalres asks Willow on a date and well I get this want....hmmm.

She's a lying little slut. She slept with Gale like right away.

Seriously lady, go pee inside. and also who's tombstone is that? Liam's?

Now Gale is getting into exhibitionism, seriously Gale you need to stop sleeping around.

That's right, you should be making friends. At least some male friends.

Geez, people are dropping like flies. Poor Marduk.

Some nice regular dorm pictures.

Charles starts macking on his girl in front of Gale, probably to show off that She is his, not knowing Gale has already been there and done that.

Term paper time. All in unison.

Lime, her sister isn't here, please don't stare at her boobs.


What the hell just happened?! I'm so disappointed.

Gale maxes out fitness or dance, whichever the ballet bar goes to, to tone that sexy body of his.

Before he starts going after the new dormie. She's been here a day, I'm surprised it was that long.

Ok besides your sister, what female dorm mate have you NOT slept with?!

Should I start wearing heels with my underwear?

Why the hell are you asking me?

I wasn't! You are sitting with two girls,you know.

Yet another dormie drops. I think i need to resurrect them.

Gale does decide to start macking on the new female dormie, Silverfeather Moonberry [simsforaranya] (I don't even know where her brother went).

You are more beautiful than this flower, Silverfeather.

You are so sweet, Gale.

You know Travis is back there picking up tips.

And yet another one in the bed. Ya this is the Gale conquest post. Sorry the writing sucks ass.

More random dorm pictures. Gale looks so white here.

Mort decides he's sick of Gale getting all the women, and tries to kill him.

Another one bites the dust. Honestly picking a spouse for Gale will be hard.

5 loves at once, what a guy. Eggplant could take some tips from him.

Are you actually reading Fifty Shades in the common room? Aren't you embarrassed?

Why should I be? Everyone is reading it.


Lets go resurrect some dead people.

Come onto the lot, and get greeted with this. Good thing Gale can't see it.

SWEET!! I can actually bring Liam back too.

And Gale can add another notch to his tally. Are we at 10? 20 now?

/ Charles's graduation party

/Tris's graduation party

/Gale's graduation party.

And that is the end of the update, I need to start posting the rest of what I've played.
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