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Pippin's Cove - Week Six: Simpson

Last update with Iago and Carrie, we saw the birth of generation 10 of the Simpsons as a set of twins, Josephine and Joshua. Carrie had moved in and didn't have a job, so they both stayed home. Iago also wound up pregnant again with twins, Justin and Jasmine. We left off with Iago and Carrie getting married, then cheated not even five seconds later with SOL. Carrie and Iago then proceeded to fight each other, and that's where we left off.

A happy family...really? You were beating each other up not that long ago. And Joshua and Josephine want Iago dead.

So a new week, I had to make a house with space for all the kids. Now they can actually have beds.

And poof, we have a new house. I love the one floor houses with numerous bedrooms.

We also need to have someone actually bring in the money. So Carrie takes one of the numerous open Science spots. She has no skills, however, so she starts on the bottom.

It's some adorable cute snuggling.

Then it's off to business, Iago is painting family portraits. Carrie is still being a good mom.

Nadia Leventhal was jogging past, so Iago just went to greet her. We do need some friends.

Awww Justin is playing with the butterflies. Too cute.

Josephine comes home from school, and there's a biker whore on the lawn. She's a pretty whore though.

Gotta always greet, you always need friends. Unless you're Gale, then it's a lover.

Dad, why is this lady on our lawn?

He greeted her, Joshua. Sorry about that.

Oh no, I'm not going to do my homework so you can hang out with her. I've seen what you did to Mom, and don't think I'm not gonna tell her.

Oooh someone got schooled.

Look lady, your oil dependency is gonna pollute the world. Go to hell.

I don't even own a car, why are you saying that to me?

While JMO continues to berate the poor woman, Candy Mix is calling for Carrie.

So what are your intentions with my dad, lady?

I was looking to see what the university was like here? I was thinking of enrolling.

Is that the load of crap you expect me to believe? You're older than him.

I love how Carrie is just letting this happen.

And then the phone calls start from the women...really is this what the damn relationship is going to be?


Iago and Carrie are slowly patching up their relationship, still won't sleep in the same bed together, but at least they're hugging.

Iago then starts to make some dinner for the family, Pork Chops, i think.

Then he goes and puts on his super dad hat, getting a bottle for Justin. Kinda loving him still.

Now the chicks are calling for Carrie? I just don't get it.

Iago goes back to his painting though, and its his mom. Awww I miss Happy.

Carrie comes home with a promotion and with Arren Merrygold [alicecat]. I don't think Carrie could be made of more win.

You are a very attractive woman.

Why thank you.

Now you're telling me that your husband cheated on you?

Quay, I gotta go, things around here could be getting ugly quickly.

Yup that fucker cheated on me, on our wedding day, no less.

Notice how everyone is missing.

Though she may be angry about being cheated on, she is working it out with Iago.

So you know what I did was in the past and we are working it out.

You keep thinking it's in the past. She will make you remember it until you are dead.

Finally, Joshua lets Iago help him with his homework. Hopefully Iago is mending with the whole family.

Back home from school, the kids are actually getting along. No complaints from me.

Hi, would you like to come in and hang out. I'll be old enough to date soon.

I'll come by when you are.

Awww the Happy portrait is done. <3

Carrie is doing amazing at work. Yet another promotion.

As we start the party for Justin and Jasmine, Iago is very enthusiastic about Carrie's job and her constant promotions. Probably loves the money.

Mom, I can't believe that you came. It's been so long.

Anything for my grandbabies.

Time to grow up the kidlets.

Why the hell are you angry Igor, it's not like your kid just grew up badly. grew up badly.

They look totally adorable. Heir race is gonna be tough.

Grandma, how old were you when you got married? Dad said it was a few years after college for him.

Oh hunny, I got married right away. Your grandfather stole my heart.

Cute romance pics between the couples. At least SOL isn't macking on Iago again.

Obligatory bonding with extended family.

And Sylvester is discussing the music of his time.

Awesome Party! Now everyone get the fuck out!

Stop trying to get pregnant!

Cute cuddle time.

And while the parents are sleeping, the kids are running around hanging out.

Carrie sneaks out of bed and leaves poor Iago sleeping alone.

*cue stupid freetime chance card*

And she comes home with another freaking promotion! This girl is on fire.

Why don't we go out on a date like we did before the kids came around?

That would be so sweet. I'd love that.

Some kissing...among other things that weren't photographed.

And we have a dream date, and very happy kids.

The kids are all getting along, even with the youngest growing up bad...I kinda miss the fights from Violet's family.

See she just sits down and plays, no angry bubbles, no fire no nothing.

Painting #2 done, sold for a pretty penny. Probably cuz it's Ares Randolph.

Honestly, she hasn't gotten one bad thing from work yet.

Thomas Broke comes strolling by, and well he's a teen. I do need options.

Though the girls...well they have no interest in him at all. They wanna play catch.

Are you going to grow up to look like that hot blonde around the corner?

What is wrong with you kid?

Birthday spam, almost teenager time.

Now I don't know why Peach is here, but she's hurling in our toilet.

The following day, nothing really is going on. Ya I suck...but...

Birthday time!!


Joshua, could be a very interesting teen hood.

These two have gotten over that cheating spat and are back all over each other, who woulda thought.

Look Joshua, you need to make lots of money and let me sponge off you.

Sure dad, whatever you say.

Josephine, you can continue to be awesome.

The teens take some time on Saturday to hit the town. HOOPLA! Yes I know I need more lots.

Joshua meets some dudes,

and adorable Marla Askew [alfredaskew], who he's in love with.

Not that she minds the jail bait, hitting on the impressionable.

Josephine, has my heart forever!! Matthew Fletcher. I don't remember who made him but YUMMY!!

Well they have their romantic interests, now back home.

Where this is thrust into their faces. Hopefully they find a love like this.

Well using the magic crystal ball, I love Josephine's options, everyone is a good match. Joshua, well not so much.

We are a few steps closer to Uni, and we won't have to deal with Mom and Dad anymore.

And we can actually have a social life.

While that conversation goes on, Iago and Carrie get it on.

Then Carrie sees this lady and well, why not explore options for Joshua, he may want someone else. Josephine is either getting Matthew or Adam.

And Jasmine, well she's kinda lacking right now, so she's working on it.

and Josephine, well she's playing around in the tub.

Hey random kid, kindly get the fuck out.

So Iago can apparently get knocked up again.

And they are just insatiable, kept going at it...I need to tone down ACR I think.

Who the hell is fighting? And why is it in front of the random hot lady.

Wow, Jasmine is even out of shape and she beat your ass. You're pathetic.

I didn't see anything, you can't say that I did.

Sister of the year, ladies and gents.

Oh seriously, you both have to be pregnant?!

The lawmakers here are a lot more liberal then everywhere else. We can do a hell of a lot more now than 15 years ago. Even back in Belladonna Cove, the rules were a lot more strained.

Where is that idiot that I call my brother?

Some random guy walks into the house while everyone is eating, and the hot chick is relegated to the chess board to eat.

Awww brother skill bonding. Reminds me of Iago and Igor.

Uggh I gotta watch what I eat.

Yeah, because that's your problem.

*I think Dad may be pregnant again.*

Sorry I've been so uninspired for my posting. I could play for days, but writing is my kryptonite.
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