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Pippin's Cove - Week Six: Simpson-IDK

Last "week", We had two very pregnant people get married and have a shitload of kids. Six kids to be exact, a set of basically quad girls and a set of twin boys. Igor and SOL were all over each other and the kids had birthdays.

We start off with the family moving into a new house, because with six kids we need a bigger house.

With lots of mortgage bushes.

After decorating the house, everyone gets points. Everyone likes the new house.

Ten minutes into the house, and SOL and Igor start with the flirting. I really am happy these two wound up together. I just wish they didn't all get the alien eyes.

Though if they could seriously take a break from the woohoo to do something else, I'd love them more.

At least there won't be a new addition coming out of Igor.

Round two doesn't take either. Maybe I'm getting lucky and they won't have any more kids.

Finally it's something that isn't flirting or sex, Igor starts playing in the bathtub..

while SOL greets the walk bys. John's conversation does bring up a good point though. Someone needs a job.

Not that the newspaper is going to be any help. Aeneas Bork decides he's gonna steal it.

Lunch time when the kids get home, and one of the girls brought home cousin Jasmine.

Dad, can you help me with my homework?

Hey, I gotta run, and I don't need any Sugar.

And then the errors started.

So I evicted them and had them start all over, empty lot time.

This house looks a lot better anyway. I wish I was better at building though, it could have been nicer.

The girls are enjoying having the day off though. They are as close as quads anyway.

You two may be investing in birth control soon if you don't stop.

Or you know after this baby is born. Grrr.

Geez!! Birth control will be happening soon for both of you. On the brighter side, SOL will be getting her 10 kid want.

Then I forget to take pictures for five minutes, and Igor died!!!

I just couldn't bear to have her so upset. My heart is breaking for her.

SO we call up DNW because someone as a cult leader has something I can use.

And he brought a friend...who happens to be his father, while he's pregnant.

And SOL continues to show that the circle of life goes on.

Hey do you still have that phone to help bring people back from the dead?

Sure. You wanna bring back Igor I'm assuming.

Duh is the only thing that comes to mind.

So he hands over the phone.

After putting down another mortgage bush, SOL gets to calling up Grim.

There's no shot of me bringing back that chick, one love of her life please.

Grim, can I have my husband back?

With your ten grand donation, absolutely!

/re-proposal spam

*God I just come back from the dead, why the hell am I vomiting?*

Bad morning sickness for him, I guess it happens when you die.

And finally, someone got a job. We can try to pay off some of the mortgage now.

Josephine, I'm glad you have a best friend now, but why aren't you talking to her and not me?

Birthday and party spam.

After buying the arch, we start teleporting everyone on over. It's an affair to remember.

/wedding spam again

So you are the father of some of my grandchildren too?

Yes aren't you excited to see your grandkids, all of them.

Lots of socialization going on at this wedding, in the middle of the street.

Though not all of the socialization isn't good, some fights break out. Chase and Paddy will just not get along I'm guessing.

And Igor, well he finds out that he's having a baby...again.

Cute belly interations.

Josephine totally ruined this shot of IMHO and JW.

And it's a roof raiser. Everyone had fun except maybe Paddy.

Thanks for coming for my second wedding Mom.

Well I was in town visiting anyway, why wouldn't I come?

Someone's belly is growing so fast, she even had to change her dress.

She still doesn't neglect any of her kids. What a great mom.

Igor doesn't neglect the kids either. Training is very crucial for the kids.

Peek-a-boo JW

JK is just like where's everyone.

Preggo belly.

From a preggo shot to birthing pic.

Random of course, and hi random guy barging into the house.

And here's JIC.

Ya we need to lock this, since that will happen tomorrow. And yes, I do have that want to woohoo Neon locked.

So I don't remember if I cheated and made him give birth, or if that was natural and nothing happened but it's baby time.

I really just need to stop with this picture.

and another single birth.

and here's JFC, the hopefully last baby in this house.

Someone was fearing having a baby, haha.

*He's such a good dad, no wonder I've had so many kids with him.*

Yet, he still pulls out Moppy. You seriously don't need Moppy.

Yup, just hop into the photo booth, the woohoo wants will help you be not insane anymore.

Not pregnant!

Hey beautiful, wanna go out with me?

Of course stud! Why wouldn't I?

And back to the photo booth. Seriously?!

So, Igor must have gone off to work, cuz SOL is calling up Neon for a little nookie.

Wow what a greeting for someone you haven't seen in like years. Still in love.

And right to the photo booth. I honestly think SOL should have been the romance sim.

I love the smell of adultery in the morning.

No one asked you slut, so get out.

SOL decides she should probably take the action indoors.

Time so say good bye...

Cuz Igor is home, and with a promotion.

And its SOL that greets him and not one of the kids.

Waaaay too soon to think of that.

Igor's new work uniform, very studly.

Oh dear god, birthday explosion.

JIC and JFC are too adorable. That sweater is totally overused though.


Igor tops entertainment, and passes out on the lawn. Poor guy.

More bonding with the girls, plus the boys apparently grew up.

Igor repairs the tub, or at least beats the shit out of it with a wrench.

Mom someone needs a diaper change.

In a minute sweetie, mommy's hungry.

We have our priorities.

Igor goes to work to escape the chaos that is the house. Run Igor!

Last birthdays for the update.

They all grow up together.

Awww JPW is so pretty.

And the important stats, we have a grilled cheese teen.

Still trying to catch up on updates. Once i catch up I hope the writing will improve
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