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Pippin's Cove - Week Six: IDK A

Last week was a bit crazy for DNW. He got his goal job in the paranormal career, which I had saved especially for him. He wound up having an affair with Violet, who also turned him into a warlock. He also got himself abducted and gave birth to an adorable baby boy, aptly named UFO. We left off with him popping yet again, with a baby from his beautiful fiancée Natalia Rowan.

And we start off with this adorable picture of DNW holding his adorable baby, who I absolutely love.

And while DNW has a new outfit, because his old one did not have a preg morph, he eats some breakfast.

While the generation 6 heir (There is absolutely no contest), crawls around aimlessly looking to be entertained.

And we give the kid a bath, being a single dad has got to be rough on him.

So why not invite over Natalia and have some help raising the kid.

And here's a shocker, she moves in. Well I guess we don't have to worry about her dying in Uni anymore.

And right to bed. I'll give it to him since she died, and she probably wants to celebrate life.

Stop snooping through things Natalia, I'll change you to a witch when DNW learns the spell. Also, there's two books.

And we start calling up people, trying to be social I guess.

Because doting dad over here just wants to spend some alone time with his bouncing baby.

Though, sometimes neglecting his own needs so he can dote.

/proposal spam (what she died), seems to be going on a lot these days.

Nap time in the IDK house, everyone seems happy.

So when your little brother or sister grows up, they are going to have to move out of the house. You get to stay.

Some dad you are.

Cuddle time.

And the whole family is here for the birth of the baby.

Ok, two babies aren't that bad.

Seriously?! Triplets. Well I can't be too mad.

Awww too adorable, though there's only one picture. Their names are DL, CYA, and DOB.

Someone is off to work, shockingly enough since he hasn't been to work since UFO was basically born.

And gets a chance card win. How awesome is this week going for everyone?

Comes home, not only with the 30 grand, but also LTW baby!!!

UFO grows into an even more adorable child. I am in love.

Now we can officially get married, the arch is bought, and the chairs are out.

/wedding spam

There's no chance for a honeymoon, because we have babies.

Babies who are growing up. I wonder how they will turn out.

Ewww, a mummy costume. We need to fix that.

Now I dunno if I want to edit my career rules. Honestly I don't even remember his OTH. But my old rules were that you had to have OTH Arts and max creativity. I'll think about that and we can see what happens.

For the meanwhile, he can chat up Greggie Levanthal.

UFO starts to play with the dollhouse. He can keep himself occupied which is a good thing.

Though playing with his little sister is a perk too.

No babies please. I don't want to put everyone on birth control. And scarring poor UFO, for shame.

And we have more romancing, seriously.

And we finally have good frontal shots of the triplets. DL is on top, CYA is the middle and DOB is the bottom.
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