TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

KingBee Challenge Round 2 - #3

Here is our lovely queen, for those who don't remember, her name is Hellhound.

And this sexy guy is Devlin Ainsworth, from the story of dragonfly3007, who i don't think is around anymore.

Some fabulous hot tubbing for our couple.

I think I love you, Devlin.

And thus much woohoo was had.

With some major baby outcomes, and Devlin seems to be happy about it. Also wow what the heck is that baby. The theme this round is Once Upon A Time, which does throw me around cuz that means no more Disney naming this round.

CC Free Belle
Belle with CC

CC Free Charming
Charming with CC

CC Free Cruella
Cruella with CC

CC Free Emma
Emma With CC

CC Free Killian
Killian With CC

CC Free Maleficent
Maleficent With CC

CC Free Regina
Regina With CC

CC Free Robin
Robin With CC

CC Free Scarlett
Scarlett With CC

CC Free Snow
Snow With CC
Tags: kingbee, requests

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