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Kingbee Challenge Round #3

So this has been sitting around forever, but with the nationwide quarantine and my sheer boredom, I reread rikkulidea's Bork and Randolph legacies and the itch came back for sims 2. After waiting a few days for a new copy of Open for Business (cuz mine had gotten scratched apparently). I was able to reinstall my game so who knows what will happen. On with the round

For those who don't remember, the queen this round is Hellhound Magicakes-Andrews. Looking stunning as always.

Oh you don't have to worry, that will happen soon enough...theres another 6 rounds after this of you giving birth first. Don't be inpatient.

And this would be her macking on Liam Fox simplicist but he's not yours for this round.

Apparently, she did not hear me and decided to hop in and go anyway. Don't worry, no pregnancy happened from this romp. (That much i do remember)

I couldn't pick which one I wanted originally, so I put 4 guys down and figured whoever got to her first would be the dad.

We have Quimby Laurince,

Quincy Laurince,

Reeve Laurince,

So the guys start chatting her up, Quimby showing his interest...but wait wasn't there 4 guys I said.

Well Nathan Deline decided not to wait around and just got the ball rolling.

Round #1

Well I guess Nathan has no interest in sticking around, but we do have eligible bachelor #2 standing around.

Quincy tries to distract her, while Reeve is calling her to the hot tub.

Just to show you she didn't actually meet him until she was in bed with him. LOL how slutty.

Round #2 over, and the night closes.

Next day comes around and this just shows you, Quimby has 3 bolts with her and still hasn't hit it yet.

Now that's changed, onto our last eligible bachelor.

As things go underway...

something has happened.

Oh..Oh no she was pregnant?! I don't play with sound on usually, so this actually shocked me.

I had her wish for beauty...hey, every guy should be going crazy for her anyway right?

Now everyone has 3 bolts...very interesting that Ares is there now.

and she has decided she wants to throw another wrench into my plans.

He starts talking to her about going on vacation, she's like soon i will be able to.

Quincy finally gets his turn. Man he looks so happy...i don't remember if he had any in the Laurinces.

Do I win an award for how good a time we had?

Nathan is a cocky bastard.

So many guys, only one can be the father this round though.

Though she does seem attached to Nathan, keeps running to bed with him.

Do you wanna woohoo?

He just looks innocent, you know he wants it.

and then kisses her after.

We get it on with the next guy...thats 4 guys down.

You should totally call me when you're done with this

Shh she's macking on Ares.

And that's the last of them.

I don't remember why she was on a date with Quimby, but that was when she decided to go into labor.

Awww it's love.

I was originally going to put this as a teaser with something over the head, but I didn't know how to work it. Quimby wound up being the dad, that's why you got your teaser. The naming theme according to my spreadsheet is Teen Wolf the show (I could have figured it out from the names too though).

Allison No CC

Jackson No CC

Jordan No CC

Liam No CC

Lydia No CC

Malia No CC

Scott No CC

Stiles No CC

Theo No CC

It's been a bit but hopefully i'll be back into it.
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