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Simpson Legacy 9.6

So last time the actual Simpson Legacy was updated was 9 and a half years ago, but Pippin's Cove was 5 and a half. Either way, I hadn't played Sims in forever...then Covid happened. I got wrapped up in playing and remembered how fun it is. I did set up my legacies in a new copy of what used to be Pippin's Cove, but I did change my Pixel Trade rules to allow for tumblr users, since 99% of the LJ community is dead and their links don't work. Also in the middle of the gameplay, I got a new computer which runs my sims beautifully after I had to make tweaks to it.

So we start with the lot loading, OMG look at them. I'm playing 2 years in one round to test it, play the other families that aren't in Uni for a week to keep a rotation.

So while there are mostly Pixel Trade (OMG its been so long I forgot how to tag communities), there are game made townies, and then there are townies that appeared in my CAS that looked pretty and I decided to keep them around. So we have Sarah Parker,

and Alexa Jenkins. Well there will be more, I promise.

Well this looks promising, at least the legacy won't die here.

simgarooop's Lyndi Broke comes to join the dorm. I did use the dormie generator for mostly females, since I have 2 straight males here.

Another of my random CAS dormies, Tiffany Zaffuto,

rikkulidea's Astrid Bork,

Willow Crayola-Andrews from my kingbee. Good looking group of ladies so far.

And Igor is liking the odds of pretty ladies, he is a Romance sim after all.

So I don't know why they were chatting about the llama and I don't think I wanna know.

simplicist's Founder Challenge sim, who in my game is Katrina Gilmore,

raemia's Celeste Almassy.

These birds will be all over us.

What did I just walk into?

I wish I knew Lyndi, I wish I knew.

Another random CAS, Ella Moran. Honestly I love how she looks.

alfredaskew's Catherine Dagger moves in, but brings the entertainment with her.

raemia's Yara Almassy is the next move in,

Followed by katu_sims's Juliette Potts.

rikkulidea's Caranír Moore takes a stroll by as they go to class. Sorry Caranir.

Well no one asked you Katrina, I happen to like him.

simfinite's Evan Cobalt walks by, but no one is home, and he's definitely the wrong gender for our guys.

racing_oatmeal's Sigihild Vanessa Heart does manage to grab a dorm though...and she's really pretty.

Oren Manning rikkulidea gets a room too, it was here where I hit was the final 2 dormies though.

and our final dormie is Frey Almassy, Yara's nephew.

Coming back from class with a good number of females, and this is interesting.

Celeste takes full advantage of the pool, smart girl to use it during the summer.

Magic crystal ball for Iago gives us Aleysa Peet dothesmustle, Carrie Peet-Andrews, and the streaker. Oh boy!

Igor gets a better range, 4 of the 5 are adults. radiationpoison's Amanda Blossom and Katrina Drunken, Violet Hunter my awesimsauce spare, Pearl one of my townies i cloned and put in this hood, and the Teen is Quark Laurince rikkulidea.

Do you mind getting out of my space, I'm trying to eat

The dormies seem to be a bit off.

I'm watching you two, I don't think I have you flagged as family.

Alexa, we know you like him already, and Willow, I don't know what you're thinking.

I can see your future, no love life if you keep farting in people's faces

Ok, so Alexa needs a shower, does everyone have to point it out?

You two walked into a bathroom with showers, why are you surprised the guys are naked?!

Thats good, do some things that involve your clothes staying on.

Unlike Igor, who's showing off for Catherine.

Ok, so he's doing his term paper, we don't need the stalking ladies.

[insert sexual innuendo here]

I wish you would get out of my way with that sexy guy. I saw him first.

I don't think that's the face of someone you want made at you.

The mailman seems to be on drugs, all is right with the world.

So this is Jerry Blackberry, who looked a lot better in CAS when he popped up than he does now.

Stalking round 2, this time Willow has replaced Katrina.

We take a break from gameplay for reasons, the three dorms for the three groups of kids. The teal is the Simpson lot, the blue is the IDKs and the purple lot is the Pimlicos.

Back to the lot, and look how awesome this looks. (The dorm is the BIV dorm by rikkulidea)

And here's shirtless Iago, you're welcome...there will be more later. But here is where I also have to say it was here that I had added a whole bunch of new townies courtesy of some simblrs I follow.

His new crystal ball matches now have Hope Masterson, by deedee-sims on tumblr. She's also really pretty.

So I had deleted some CC, which included Yara and Katrina's hairs, so this is me fixing it so they weren't bald.

And, Astrid and Iago having smoochiefest...I was robbed of my first kiss cinematic.

but Iago regains his LTW, I didn't have him at maxed skills like he was because then he wouldn't have the memories of maxing them. So now he'll be happy.

Well since I don't have to worry about Iago, time to turn to Igor.

No idea his lifetime want, but he's a Romance sim, so easy pickings. He already thought she was hot.

And now my woohoo cinematic, grrr.

Well Igor at least let me get my cinematic, they are so adorable together. I don't know if they will get marry but it's nice they found love.

Igor maxed his charisma, as every Romance sim should.

First semester is in the bag, A+ of course.

So now Iago and Astrid can have a proper date.

So adorable *squee* If they get married I am totally putting this picture in their house.

And these two are adorable too, love them together too.

It's woohoo time, yay cinematic.

I'll spare you the other pictures but this is cute.

And these two fell in love awww. <3 But let's fix this a bit.

Much better. Looks a lot cuter too.

And then they went to the elevator and broke that in too.

Congrats on getting laid.

That's fine, I got my cinematic, you have fun.

Awww they slept in the same bed.

I love that everyone is in their underwear these days.

No! Bad Iago! You have a love already. Damn him and being a Knowledge/Romance sim.

He gave me the cinematic though, but seriously. Thankfully Astrid wasn't there.

Now for a night out on the town.

Hoopla (rikkulidea's nightclub) is always a good place to start.

A bunch of other people's sims are here. The green shirt hiding behind Iago is a random CAS I named Marietta. The blue hoodie is slyndsey's Orris Root, and Iago is greeting verocchio's Adreanaline. Hiding behind him is Devlin Ainsworth from dragonfly3007, who's journal has been deleted and purged.

Igor got home and is getting calls from random ladies like Ada Mack of my old game.

Next day, Iago finds Astrid for some romance,

While Igor gets into bed with Tiffany, oh my. He is lacking behind his brother.

Love this pose.

I sent Iago to try his luck with the crystal ball, and go for Hope.

I have no idea what he tried to do, but she didn't like it.

LOL so he gave up and went to play pool.

She did warm up in the bathroom...gee the romantic she is.

She's very into it. 3 bolts can't be wrong.

Iago is getting along better with Hope, which is a good and bad thing.

But Astrid comes around and she's dropped like a fly.

Even worse, Ella is watching all this too.

OK, can the stalker parade stop for 5 minutes? Please?

But his game is getting there, enter 2 new challengers.

First year done, I don't think the next update will be 2 years fully, I think I'm gonna trim it down. This is too long to post honestly.

I love them together, still looking though, maybe another pairing would be better.

He wanted to ask her on a date, so I give in...

and he rolls this want. That is not gonna happen buddy.


And here is where I started getting annoyed and started looking at new computers. it sat like this for an hour.

Well I wasn't planning for you to get engaged yet but ok. Plus you want a second love, it's harder when you have a fiancee.

Hope came back (via crystal ball) and that was fast.

Marietta calls up to chat, but it's little chemistry between them.

especially when Catherine is in the building, poor Alexa wanted to get there to start and hasn't gotten anything.

Why would you ask me to kiss you in front of my girlfriend? Are you crazy?

You and your brother have been with half the female population of the dorm, you more than him.

He was still angry with Tiffany came over,

but she knows how to cheer him up.

CAS roll Roger Cone walks by, but sorry no one is interested.

Sophmore year round 2.

We don't need to block the walkway guys. Wanna move?

The cow, or llama came back. He's still cute.

I knew this shit would happen, I think I fixed it in SimPE since I played.

So I was dying laughing, Tiffany and Katrina kept going back and forth with the romantic actions, and no one got jealous.

The mascot was an asshole and broke Alexa's nose though.

And the wooing of Catherine has resumed.

And picked up speed.

Celeste is still around, just doesn't get much screen time, ACR has her loving the ladies.

Iago's reputation is great, even with him juggling around 3 girls...well 2, he's had no romantic interaction with Ella after that one time.

Astrid has taken to sleeping in Iago's bed now too, which I don't mind at all.

Next day, Iago got fit (I don't remember what happened before).

But look at those abs.

You're welcome for the fan service.

I am totally the hottest guy in this dorm, you should sleep with me.

You do know I'm dating your brother right?

At least someone has morals.

Iago then meets the jogging by Hibiscus Petal Behr from simsforaranya. This has other purposes behind it too.

This is Jonah, I found him through a tumblr that I don't remember, but I do have the link if anyone looks for him.

Igor is now working on Willow, sadly while Tiffany watches, but she doesn't seem to mind.

Then Igor and Katrina get some elevator woohoo in.

Finally, one more semester for this update.

We hit up the hobby lots now, see who we can find.

Only person at the music hobby lot is the hobby person, which is a male.

Next stop...Game hobby lot.

She's pretty, I have Igor sweet talk her but there's not much else going on.

Hit up downtown, I haven't actually been downtown in ages.

They get a quick bite to eat,

and we see Doomtrain Magicakes rikkulidea, and States Lutzen simfinite grabbing a bite.

And then the game least it saved when they left the lot.

I haven't made out with that many girls here yet, I need to get to that.

Aren't you stringing along 4 girls right now?

I wish you would give me more attention than the other girls.

A good player doesn't acknowledge those statements.

OK, so you saw him flirt with her before, and had no issues, but now its an issue? (He sweet talked her right after this)

Then for some reason, Astrid vanished. like still lived on the lot, but was nowhere. So I booted them out of the dorm and re-moved them back in.

Hunter Summerleaf by Zeusar is definitely barking up the wrong tree.

Igor gets a network call from rikkulidea's Brodie Bork. I didn't want to chance downtown so soon after the last time so I declined, but she's still in his bar. The sim you see is Deirdre Palmer a random CAS.

New Dormies this round include Stiles Stilinski from my kingbee, Penelope Laurince rikkulidea (Yes I know there's alot of her sims, I'm sorry), and random roll CAS Meredith Nardiello and Tammy Sunshine (Tammy in purple/white, Meredith is yellow, Penelope in pink)

And Iago has a very important wish with this phone call, but thats for later.

Finally Junior Year!!
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