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IDK Legacy 5.9

The next legacy update, my Founder Challenge #3 from pixel_trade. Who would have thought I'd still be going with them and only in Generation 5 LOL. Maybe I'll finish before I turn 40. I mean it has been over a decade since I started.

Loading screen, I don't know if DNW or SOL will be heir, but I did play like SOL was heir.

So, I'm missing the whole first day of school and the dormies moving in and all, but that would have stretched the update further. Here we have SOL meeting Cobalt Von Prism radiationpoison, remember, this legacy is Pixel Trade so it needs someone else's sim as a spouse.

While introductions are going on, these two hit the bar.

Though I think DNW needs to be cut off.

Missing a few pictures here, but somehow AWOL has hooked up with the former paperboy from my old BACC.

And then got her first kiss. *facepalm*

Some more random roll CAS townies, Trevor Latham and Kate Underwood.

And DNW has grabbed the attention of the very pretty Ebony Gilmore, yet another CAS random roll.

I do approve of this coupling.

Very creative use of camera angles. ;)

And woohoo was had.

Some major wants, 3 popularity sims, 2 roll wants for Drama. *headdesk*

No idea why I had AWOL calling someone, unless it was trying to get Hugo (the paperboy) to fall in love with her.

But I did get this beautiful cheerleader.

Trevor, no kissing Ebony. Right now she's for DNW.

Decided that they needed a maid, so here we are.

But this gypsy look does not work for me, lets fix this.

Much, much better and sexier.

DNW finally decided a major, different from his sister and cousin. Also somehow he wound up an hour behind them.

SOL however has gotten her hook into Hibiscus Petal Behr simsforaranya. When I set up my BACC first time around I did want them together.

This was my test, because every time I tried to call the directory, my game always crashed. This time it actually didn't.

I feed into my desire of SOL getting around, and we ask the maid on a date.

Awww, they have matching outerwear. I love it.

and can do very weird backrubs. Whatever floats your boat.

YAY first kiss!!

And then they have to block the portal. Scott is trying to come back to his dorm. Scott is one of my kingbee children you can find all of them by clicking here.

Wow, he actually randomly got assigned good underwear too.

And sexy times were had. I approve of this!

I had her invite over Hibiscus Petal, and she's still wooing the maid.

And falling in love with him, oh my, and in front of Hibiscus Petal too.

He didn't mind at all though, and they are just adorable together. I'm so torn.

And now he's in love with her too.

Woohoo after love. <3

Meanwhile, the next day, the maid hops into the photobooth with AWOL. I just can't.

In return, SOL goes to flirt with Njordr Bork rikkulidea. She can't marry him though as her father was a Quinkie sim.

But still goes back for the maid. I give up. *flails hands*

So I can't remember how she met Luis Martinez (I found him through a tumblr, he can be found at this link. He is pretty sexy too.

o.0 Meanwhile DNW has found a new lady. She's named Katrina Drunken in my game and comes from radiationpoison.

She's also really pretty.

And some naked woohoo was had.

and SOL starts schmoozing Luis Martinez, she would have been a better romance sim at this point.

And the next day, a new radiationpoison sim, Leon O'Brien.

*shrugs* I forget who she was calling, and honestly does it matter at this point?

Off to the nightclub Hoopla. Let's see who we can meet up with.

And we have Skor Barre simppl_life,

Ebony was here too, and Drilnea from DeeDee.

Wanna see my balls?

I think I need an adult here.

Got alot going on here. Two snugglings and the Charleton.

See, she is really really pretty.

And in the background, SOL and Skor are like 5 seconds behind them.

Hot tub woohoo. Loving them together.

Had SOL greet the handsome evil warlock, Pat Parker. She isn't turned on by him now, but who knows what will happen.

Poor AWOL was getting the short end of the stick, so she got a crystal ball blind date, Guillermo Valenzuela music_simbol, and well we see she's got some options now.

Back to the dormie hook up I see, SOL. Feel free.

Skor asked SOL out on a date, so we head back to HOOPLA.

And of course, everyone went.

The date progressed nicely, I approve, but then again, I've approved of everyone so far.

SOL meets up with Igor, and here is my wrench. I loved them together enough for them to marry in my BACC before, I could totally do it again.

and DNW has found a new girl, I honestly don't even remember her. I'm sorry.

Igor starts macking, in front of Michel Almassy raemia.

He looks so smug, I think I need to tone down ACR.

Igor and SOL get it on in the hot tub, but I am dying at the girl in the background. She's like why can't I join.

After returning home, SOL calls up Thor Bork for some nookie, I honestly can't even remember anymore.

But they wind up in the sack...hell if she was a romance sim that's like a quarter of the woohoos needed.

I dunno how he even got here. But apparently they are on a date.

Sophmore year ends, everyone got an A+ but I did change SOL to a Romance sim, so we will see what happens next update.

I'm sorry this update seemed to be scattered, I promise the next one won't be as bad.
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