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The Pimlico VDS Legacy 2.1

Well i have had this played for a while, so i figured I'd post. Plus the update is small, so it should be a fast post.

To start, lets give secondary aspirations to everyone. It's a good mix all around.

This guy is the cow mascot, and Alperton is watching him like a hawk for some reason.

Wait, a Pleasure/Romance sim actually wants to write a term paper?! *locks want*

And whats this? The beauty that tried desperately to get into the hot tub with SOL and Igor actually lives in this dorm. Her name is Jade Ryan and she can be found here.

And here's another picture of their cute flirting. Epping is apparently a shy guy.

Meanwhile, Alperton is getting some action too from Juliette Potts katu_sims.

Paddington has a major want, but honestly not much else going on with him right now.

Epping meanwhile calls up Kate Underwood, hey you never know.

And Paddy calls up Cassie Roberts leenyland. They could be a cute couple.

And out of nowhere, Epping woohoos Chelsea Halsey (yes she looks alot like Juliette but she's not) a random roll CAS.

Before he gets his first kiss with Jade.

/first kiss spam

Lots of stuff going on, but mainly the fight is why I took this picture, at least I think thats why.

So The beautiful Peach January-Starling tinykat is Alperton's blind date. In my former BACC, they got married and I loved them together. So I may push them this time around.

Don't you just love her.

/even more first kiss spam

Woohoo all A+s

Someone actually had a major want, so who am I to say no.

So Mr. Ugly professor in a bandana decided to come and visit, Well someone got a makeover. He looks a million times better.

Off to a new community lot. Polecat by raemia is a more 'adult' theme.

Well it's a club with one stripper pole. I thought i would change it up a bit from HOOPLA.

I just don't even know, He's attracted to starving?

And no Aaron Almassy raemia, Paddington will not be enjoying your services either.

Back at the dorm, Epping has a cute date with Jade.

and had his obligatory woohoo.

And player Alperton gets into the photo booth with Sigihild Vanessa racing_oatmeal.

More fights!! *woohoo*

Cassie wants a date night with Paddy, let's go downtown to Crypt'o'Club.

Wilbur Masterson from deedee_sims is here, definitely need a male loving heir soon for him.

Not much happened there apparently, because that is the only picture from downtown, but for some reason Alpie has decided he doesn't like Echo Michaels (from Jade's creator).

Hit up HOOPLA and Alpie got a date with Mounds Barre simppl_life,

while Epping gets some action in the hot tub.

Just who is this cute blonde?

its Honey Lemon from Lesyasun.

Some sexy pool time.

Paddy looks for e-mails, Alpie gets some action.

So at some point I guess Epping met the evil warlock, and now he's a warlock.

Look how excited he is to go to his final on a broom.

Finished the round, A+ for all.
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