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Violet ISBI 1.1

So Violet moved in, right next door to her brother. Found a really cute house plan that I used to make her house.

Of course, it's purple just like Eggplant, she is purple after all, I dunno if there will be a theme or anything. May just continue the awesimsauce theme.

Her house is really cute, wish I did a walkthrough but maybe next round. She did get the same picture as her brother.

LTW, Game designer.

There was no Gamer opening, but her ass needed a job, so Journalism it is.

No idea why my selfsim is here, but schmoozing it up with Rhys Laroux simplicist is a very good thing for him.

OK enough about my selfsim (Honestly I didn't summon them, we were the welcome wagon, but I'm not complaining).

That night, HOOPLA is the place to go.

I changed the lot placement, HOOPLA is now next to an actual restaurant, Lemon Slice by Lesyasun. It looks closed though.

She apparently met a whole bunch of people that I didn't get any pictures of, but Javier Valenzuela music_simbol comes by for a date.

They are so adorable. I love when my sims are all adorable.

Violet got her first kiss...

and first woohoo. I need to random roll for Javier's body hair.

LOL wonder why it was a great date.

No idea why it's here, but I have no pictures.

Woohoo LTW job.

Some random townies, Violet can take her pick...she doesn't need to go pixel_trade after all.

Some skilling, I found this thing is amazing, creativity and fun all in one.

Chance card win!! Woohoo!

To celebrate, we get to have another date with Javier.

He just oozes sex appeal here.

*evil cackle*

Woohoo! Promotion!! Go Violet.

And Generation 2 is coming along here just fine.

So there was this bug, for whatever reason, the taxi didn't show up right away, as it pulls up I get the angry stood up convo, but I sent her anyway.

She did meet Isaac Blondie by slyndsey is there though. Always good to have options after all.

And we have another chance card, with even more win. She's done great for being pregnant.

And we end off with Violet and Orion Goal by Lesyasun, the casual walkby. Who knows what the future may bring.

Since this is a new ISBI-ish, she gets the stats reset for her.

Current Legacy Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 1
Perma-Plat Sims: 0
Shrink Visits: 0
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 0
Self-Wettings: 0
Pass-Outs: 0
Fights: 0
Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Alien Abductions: 0
Miscarriages : 0
Tags: hunter, violet

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