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Simpson Legacy 9.7

Last update, Iago and Igor hit up the college dorm life. Iago stared a romance with Astrid Bork rikkulidea, and had a fling with my sim Ella, and Hope Masterson deedee_sims. Igor found true love in Katrina Lambert simplicist, and had flings with Catherine Daggar alfredaskew, and my own Tiffany Zaffuto and Willow Crayola Andrews. Towards the end of Sophmore year, Astrid glitched out so I booted them out of the dorm and moved them back in. So you will see some new faces, and some old faces.

Let's start off with our Romance sim and his female audience, including the new dormies Cassie Roberts leenyland, Cameo Hathaway alleliua (the blonde hiding behind Ella), Meredith Nardiello a random roll CAS (in black), Tangerine Drop brilliantsims, and Tammy Sunshine another random CAS.

But with the nagging want to be Brodie's friend, Igor calls her up to chat. Hey, what Romance sim wouldn't want a hot blonde's number?

While, this is going on inside. I'm onto you Llama.

And since Astrid isn't here anymore, Ella makes it her priority to woo Iago. I wouldn't actually mind them together. I'll leave it to him to decide.

You seem to have a reputation around here Igor.

Didn't you start that Katrina.

And some woohoo times were had.

Hey Katrina, can I bor-


And that was all it took for Katrina to start tormenting the shit out of Cassie.

I don't know WHY you were coming into my boyfriend's room, but you need to stay away from him.

That is not a face I would want mad at me, also, why is everyone in this damn bedroom.

So I don't know why they need to stalk, but I can assure you that Celeste is NOT into Igor.

Why do you keep calling to talk about ghosts? Actually why do you keep calling?

Iago would much rather be schmoozing the women much like his brother.

How can you eat that? It's cold.

If you're cold, maybe put on some clothes.

5pm, and all the 'undeclareds' come back from class, it gets obnoxious.

And this is just plain funny. They constantly attack each other now.

But Katrina still makes time to woohoo Igor. I love having ACR sometimes, makes life so much easier.

But then problems like this actually happen, Igor has like 20 stalkers.

Cassie, on the other hand, barely knows Iago but wants to tickle him all the time.

And here is where I started testing the 36 hour semester clock. It was ok for a fast round but it meant that there could be no socializing because they were constantly doing school work. It lasted their Junior year only.

They came back and I had them work on their term paper right away, after all it was only 36 hours. Tangerine, well I have no idea why she's just sitting there.

Why are you doing this in Iago's bedroom? *makes note Cameo thinks Iago is hot*

Another sim from here named Patience Wilson. I'm telling you they have some really beautiful sims there.

A quick trip to HOOPLA, because this was before I realized how fast the semester actually went, and met a few guys. Hey I can't help it being a sausage fest. Iago did track down the only female though.

And then in walks December Ainsworth dragonfly3007 (sadly her journal is gone). She's so beautiful though.

LOOK!! More three bolts. Though I did add in a new hack that changed some turn ons and offs. (The link is here )

Back to the dorm, we see the chef starting a fire, and not caring, while everyone else is frightened for their lives.

Not sure why we need to discuss birds behind a naked hot man, but thats on you ladies.

End of Junior Year, and when i took out the mod. Time should be a bit better now. It does spread the update out more.

Seriously?! Why in his room?!

More term paper writing, best way to increase the grade bar in my book.

So, Iago has had a want to make out with Astrid, we invite her over for smoochy times. You know, now that we have time. While I'd love for her to be spouse, we need to see what happens.

The ladies all want the Simpson guys, like I don't get it.

Pimp walking is the only way to get smoochie times.

So it must have been between the smoochie times I took out the mod, hence the make out memory again.

Elevator woohoo want, not a problem.

Want fulfilled.

Igor has some very interesting wants. Fishing? (Note the DJ want. I have stuck date gifts and I don't know how to fix them.)

Cassie, I think its how you approach new people. Maybe have a conversation before you try to tickle them.

Note Katrina keeping an eye on her man and her enemy.

I don't know what Patience said about what movie, but both Iago and Meredith are just shocked by what she said.

Look my brother is totally hot, you should totally go out with him.

Iago, the best wingman for his Romance sim brother.

Iago wants woohoo, I wanted to see Astrid.

We both win out. I am so partial to her. I've loved her since she was a kid in rikkulidea's game.

So knowing that they are almost done with Uni, I got them a maid. Igor is a slob who keeps leaving the bathroom flooded. I just couldn't take it making him clean his own messes anymore.

Another fight...if you keep doing this, the maid won't want to come back.

I don't know what I want in life right now Ella. I haven't even decided what I'm going to do after graduation

But Astrid will help make everything better. And Igor isn't outside so this harem is for Iago.

With the new turnons, I never checked to see if there was any changes to Iago's top matches. With the teen removed, there's one very pretty change. but other than that, no changes. I didn't even check Igor's.

These two just decided to start having a water balloon fight. Look, they keep themselves entertained so who am I to argue.

As day goes into night, Iago tries to have a conversation with Cassie. They have 2 bolts but I wouldn't marry them off anyway. Her great-great grandfather was also Iago's great-great grandfather. (sorry I actually had to nerd and look it up).

Their last term papers, let me tell you the best way to increase their fun from this is the synthesizer. That thing bring up fun so freaking fast.

Penelope wants to know if you are a member of the mile high club. I told her that we haven't been on a plane yet.

Following morning for breakfast, Igor has pancakes, Katrina has hockey pucks.

The way you eat those pancakes are a work of art Meredith.

Kind of a slob there too.

A picture of Igor being romantic. Awww and they tend to be in their underwear alot I've noticed.

I don't know who he was hanging out with, not that it matters. Poor person probably has brain damage now with the fight on their head. Also, the maid can't fix the sheet apparently LOL

And then the cow torments the cook. Look, he's not afraid to die, and you're nothing but a bunch of hamburgers.

And Igor got a broken nose, poor guy.

So, I accidentally told Iago to sunbathe rather than play Marco Polo like he wanted, and then let him actually sunbathe to his hearts content. He gets up and the game lags for a minute. I got so scared.

But it just added a nice tan to him, and let me just say DAMN! he looks better with a tan.

Mascot fight!! While this happens, I sent Igor out to sunbathe.

And he got a tan too, honestly I was kinda hoping he got a burn to go with the red I put him in.

And then he beds the maid. She's really pretty too. (Can maids have different hair? I'd love to make her over)

We took a trip to HOOPLA. (It's my go to. I need to get creative and actually build a lot myself). Here we have my own Travis Mythos-Andrews from my kingbee,

Lana Lauren by slyndsey and Hsigo Mythos by tinykat. Not bad.

Ada Mack comes by, who Igor got to know once before, and plants a nice kiss.

So, funny story. Both Iago and Igor are on the lot. Igor has 1 bolt with Carrie Peet-Andrews here, and Iago has 3...yet Igor woohoos her. *shrugs*

At least this new dormie round, someone got some loving. Celeste and Tangerine, who would have thought.

Awww Yay!! They graduated with A+'s.

Before we start doing parties, Igor needs to re-best friend Paddington...or at least friend him.

And apparently Silverfeather and Iago got it on, I just don't know anymore.

But OMG! She's so pretty.

The llama actually attacked Iago, I was kind of surprised.

Up until Iago kicked his ass.

Serves him right.

Now I tried a new lot...What new sims could they find? Lemon Slice by Lesyasun seemed ideal.

Up until I had some build items not show up and the waiters were trapped in the kitchen. Some creative quick thinking and turning on build mode for a minute, and a door was put in.

So they have somewhere to eat for now. Iago is happy.

So is Orris Root who apparently found a girlfriend. Also...I'm watching you Ares Randolph rikkulidea and Ava Laroux simplicist.

Some random loving...and I missed Iago's first romp with Tammy, in like junior year.

But because Igor has been sleeping his way around, he's the big man on campus...probably should be the big pimp on campus.

Time to make some calls...

Graduation party time for Iago. Also it looks like Igor is working on another lady.

Of course Astrid was his guest. So adorable...I'm still partial to her.

Look how cuuuuuute.

Great time YAY!!

So your guest isn't in the picture and Ella couldn't even bother to put on clothes LOL.

OMG Iago, that is heinous, need to change you out of that.

Igor's turn, his guest was SOL IDK, which seems to be going pretty well.

No Paddington, you can not have her. Also Peach January-Starling tinykat, moved into Iago's old dorm room, not that it matters much longer.

Woohoo, good time again.

Awww He's brought Katrina for the picture, and the harem.

Not as bad as Iago, but still ugly as sin.

And we end the Simpsons round at Uni. Next time, they won't be living together anymore *cries*
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