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IDK Legacy 5.10

Last time, was the start of Uni for the IDKs...again. AWOL started hooking up with older NPC i saved from an old hood Hugo Goodman, while DNW started romancing Ebony Gilmore, a random roll CAS. They declared majors, and SOL started romancing the Ramon Brooks, a former gypsy looking maid who I made hot. She also started romancing many other guys, and DNW hooked up with another dormie. AWOL started seducing Guillermo Valenzuela music_simbol, and fell in love. SOL decided to throw another wrench into my plans and found Igor Simpson again, and managed to hook up with him. We ended with the end of sophmore year, and SOL got a secondary aspiration of Romance.

Time to get back into the lot.

Where AWOL decided to get into the photobooth with Njordr Bork rikkulidea.

And SOL gets into bed with Leon O'Brein radiationpoison.

And back off to HOOPLA, still a toss up for heir.

Wait, when the hell did this happen? I mean 3 sims on a lot and I miss this?!

Having DNW meet up with the beatiful ladies, Ketchup Condom simmericangirl and Blackberry Pie simsforaranya.

Back home, someone started throwing up, and I'm not having a non-heir baby in Uni.

I'm not having any fun! What is my life?!

I'm sorry were you not bed hopping like 5 pictures ago?

So I figured, if DNW is going to be an heir, he can't really try to romance anyone with Ebony in the dorm. So I sadly had to say goodbye to her, and made her selectable to have her move out. If he winds up not being heir, I'll have them get together.

But in the meanwhile, he can start to seduce Natalia Rowan simsforaranya.

They had a very adorable date. It was cute.

They went out and about to the hobby lots, but I'll be honest, I have no pictures so I don't think anything even really happened.

They came back and these two fell in love. She's not heir, so she's more than welcome to fall for him.

So Dragon Snort Glittergaze simtasia has been super quiet, not bothering anyone, and Leon decides he needs to start picking on him.

And then we start a fight. WTH man.

SOL asks Orion Almassy raemia on a date,

while DNW gets another date with Natalia.

Not to be outdone, the pseudo-Romance sim needs to get some loving.

Can we find somewhere else but the damn portal to fight?! I have kids that need to go to class.

Dunno what they were talking about, but I'm disappointed that neither of the girls have gone for Trevor.

Another date night for DNW.

So adorable. I'm kinda rooting for them, but I'm still sad about Ebony.

And it's love <3.

What is it with him? Are you into the asshole vibe?

Lyndi Broke simgarooop and Barrett Lackadaisy brilliantsims seem to be getting along well.

So what, when the maid comes, you want him, when he's not around, we go for Leon?! I need to know this.

Semester is over! 3 more to go.

She's tired, but after a quick nap, back spouse hunting, a new spot for now.

And someone had a food shower, sorry AWOL.

o.0 this can't be good.

With the new turn ons I have, AWOL has a new high chemistry match. Dominic Shaw here is an old townie from the Simpson's old neighborhood.

They have a cute date.

Isn't he adorable. I mean I need to ditch the Uni tattoos but I liked him.

No 3 bolt matches, but we got alot of 2 bolts. I can work with that.

You can't get engaged to everyone AWOL. So I unlocked the engagement want with Hugo and we will see what happens later on.

Oh Boy! Uni baby incoming. Someone better step up her game.

No hunny, you had fun, which caused the situation you're in. Enjoy this now, cuz when the baby is born you'll be screwed.

Of course Craig Dorsey racetrackd I need even more options.

So I have not one clue what the hell happened, and I missed quite a few pictures here. But somehow a tree caught on fire, and burned. She got distracted and obviously I couldn't get her ass to go. It almost killed everyone here, but the only casualty was the llama, who was the one Iago got into a fight with apparently. DNW and AWOL both caught on fire like 2 or 3 times.

And here comes the outcome of that, everyone was all read, but SOL is for another reason.

So, I never got the damn simulator, I've been having issues with date gifts apparently. It becomes more apparent with the Pimlicos.

No idea why they crawled into the same bed, but *shrugs*

The next day, SOL has a cute date with Igor.

I mean, look at how adorable they are together.

Last year for the girls.

AWOL wants to celebrate by having a booty call with Dominic, ok then.

And DNW passes too.

So her needs aren't horrible, but she got imaginary desperation.

And then she died, thank watcher that they are all great friends that AWOL can plead for her life.

She won of course.

And then SOL went into labor.


I always live on the dangerous side and click random. I welcome the chaos.

Only one baby, and I have no pictures of the cut scene, but you'll see why soon.

It appears the maid Ramon is baby daddy, well at least I got his genes.

JSYK here has SOL's brown eyes, and looks like Ramon's hair and skin.

Usually I'd welcome it Penelope, but not right this second.

They are happy, and now starts the baby obsession, I was lucky that the common room was empty.

DNW maxes gaming enthusiasm. He looks so overjoyed.

And here's where I started to experience the purple all over and started getting worried.

Woohoo, they are having a booty call.

Only one more semester to go!

Term papers were done,

and JSYK grew into a toddler, who needs a diaper change.

And here is where I cheated a bit with SOL to try and see if the baby was causing the issue. Her grade bar was full, so I sent her to her final.

And JSYK got a bit of a makeover. He looks cute.

Party time for the graduate. Some exciting times, but that's not your guest.

She invited Igor to her party.

It was a good party, YAY! Now move out with your kid.

Age up hilarity, and WTF why are you taking a picture with him?

And Igor walks off the lot.

Perfect, I can work with this.


It saved after SOL moved out thankfully, so it's just the two of them and more pink *defeated*

They got booted out of their dorm, and moved into a cute house I built. Still have that want? Excellent!

Welcome to the IDK frat house. The first generation to go to Uni actually gets to set up a frat.

We need a pledge though, welcome Oren Manning rikkulidea Just because he's a friend already.

The layout of the frat house, I do love how it turned out.

Asking to pledge, while AWOL sniffs the flowers.

Well hellllllo Ares Randolph rikkulidea!

DNW ran to campus and came back with his greek letter so I can see the stats. Max level already! Nice.

AWOL wanted to invite Dominic over, and now he's here with some newly added body hair.

Gotta call Oren over, they don't have much longer in Uni, and he has to move in before they leave.

Some hanging out while Graham Almassy raemia comes to visit.

Seriously Oren, can't give me like 5 more minutes to move your ass in?

Why did you cook? I told you I was getting pizza.

It's 6am, why would I want pizza now?

Oren moved in, woohoo!

And not a second too soon, graduated.

DNW wanted to throw a toga party, during the party, someone had to go use the telescope instead of the 8000 other things to keep him occupied.

This should be interesting. Last time I had someone get pregnant that early in Uni was Iago's grandfather and he got sped through Uni.

Seriously?! Oren just got back?! I think I need to delete this.

/abduction spam

I took this because I thought it was interesting. The bugs have so much more detail on my new computer.

Well I guess it's good that you'll be a playable. I need to see those genetics, especially with my Multi-PT set.

Graduation Party!

/Graduation cutscene #1 (remind me to put that AWOL/Dominic in a frame)

First woohoo for these two, during his graduation party.

Used some influence to have Bixbite Gemstone verocchio do some raking during the party.

/Graduation cutscene #2

And we end with Oren in the frat house by himself.

Honestly, can't wait to see what happens with DNW. I don't know which pollination Tech actually impregnated him. We shall see. Still haven't picked an heir yet.
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