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The Pimlico VDS Legacy 2.2

Last time was a quick update as I started getting back into playing. The 3 Pimlicos started Uni, Epping fell for dormie Jade Ryan, Alperton started wooing Juliette Potts, and Paddington was just kind of here. We made over the bandana professor and made him studly. Alperton started fighting Echo Michaels, and we left off with Epping finishing sophmore year, and becoming a warlock.

Back to the dorm, let's see whats going on.

We have some very drunk looking Pimlicos, wonder what to do.

Paddington decided he was gonna finally step up his game and get a woman. Too bad its Alperton's enemy.

*shrugs* My job here is done.

And we start the term paper parade. Paddington doesn't have much. Not like a harem is stalking his Family aspiration ass.

So someone had kicked the trash can, so we had roaches, thankfully none of them actually found the roaches to stomp.

So at this point, I had downloaded a uni hack that gave me a "Rampage!" which just had them go insane with work. Made the classwork fly.

They even do researching as part of it.

I don't know how Alperton met Scott Phoenix kahlenas, but they are great friends.

And again, no idea how Epping met the beautiful Rachel Banks-Sergeant deedee_sims, but I'm definitely not going to complain.

Well you've been doing it yourself Alperton, so I can't take that credit. Though the constant woohooing of Juliette and Mounds is not giving him anything.

Our madeover professor. Look at how much better he looks.

Time for a night out,

right after he finishes that term paper.

Alperton finds one of pooklet's sims who's been made a teen in my game, as simmericangirl's Jake Payton walks by. Sorry buddy, not gonna happen with Alpie.

But the club is dead, need to find some people.

So we head next door to grab some food. Lemon Slice by Lesyasun.

They grab some food, not that anyone actually cares. I'm shocked that Alperton did not get grilled cheese. The waitress is really pretty though.

Back to the club, it is like club time now.

Tristan Woods deedee_sims is here but not liking Alperton for some reason.

And Jade is here, so there's some hot tub fun.

Echo starts picking a fight with Alperton in front of Mounds, how uncaring.

Just a cute cuddle picture. I figure I'll wait until they are adults and see who they want to interact with.

But Paddington has only really interacted with Echo romantically, so I might be stuck on them.

I totally framed this picture for his house. I love this interaction.

I decided since everyone is settled, Paddington did deserve to get at least another love interest. Enter Cassie Roberts.

They had a really cute date, with elevator whoopie.

Alperton is trying to befriend his brothers' girlfriends. He really is a great brother.

And these two are still fighting over Igor. Ladies, that was so long ago, and he has not one iota of interest.

A+s all around (what a shock)!!

Wait?! When the hell did this happen?! Is Grilled Cheese the player aspiration?

And then he gets picked on, you know last time when I did my BACC, Epping was the one who was getting into fights.

So they ran out of groceries, needed to call for a delivery. The harem comes forth from their dorms.

Go Alpie, stringing along 4 women.

School work spam, Paddy needed some fun.

So do you know how to play the violin?

She doesn't care about that Paddy.

And then the maid is watching Alperton taking a shower. Why?

We haven't seen Peach in a minute, so why not have a date night?

Where they discuss grilled cheese. This is how they greeted each other.

Senior Year is here!!!

Studying time, Chelsea is shocked that Willow is actually going to open a book.

And a date for Epping, someone needed an aspiration boost, and some fun.

And these two are being adorable.

I think this is as close of a engagement want as I will get from him.

I was getting super annoyed with the constant picking on Alpie, so I kicked Echo out of the dorm. But she does get a few goodbye kisses. Did i feel bad afterwards, yes.

Not much happened, so it's final semester time.

I'm sorry Paddy, I'll try to get you some aspiration.

Some time out may help. I really need to make a new club.

But Adam Maximus simsforaranya finally makes an appearance on a lot. He's so handsome.

Poor teen getting molested by the Charleton.

But as it looks, Paddy is not having any fun. So let's get home.

Seriously?! What the hell, can't you girls find something better to do?!

These two are adorable together too. I'm so torn.

These two have a cute early morning breakfast together,

While Paddy has some early morning fun of his own. Go you with Leah Cobalt.

The cow here (i'm sure it's the cow since the llama died last update) needs to get into a legacy family with those ears.

Epping greets Orion Almassy, not much excitement here. Not even sure why I took the picture.

So it was right around here that I had randomly selected dormies for the secret society. This girl was randomly created to come abduct Epping.

Well she's pretty, and HAHAHA Epping is really looking like a bad boy now.

Our secret society initiation. Look at those dormies. Not sure if any of the other kids would be part seeing who's actually here.

Quick visit, now we go home.

Paddy got an aspiration boost now by maxing gaming. Woohoo.

This is really getting old. Fights are entertaining once in a while, not all the time.

Finals time, Epping is a few hours ahead.

Woohoo graduated!! and the other 2 are off.

Oh wow, now he want's to make grilled cheese for Mounds. I dunno.

So Epping has a graduation party, and invite Kate Underwood here. Then ACR decided it was time for woohoo.

Of course it was a good party, he had fun with the only guest.

Why Yara? Did you even become friends with her?

Age up, i didn't do a transition shot because since he's a warlock, it would be the witch outfit anyway.

Paddington started his the next day. Invites over Cassie,

and proposes to her (my computer locked up so I didn't get the cut scene) and then gets a negative memory. He's a Family/Popularity sim, so I don't even know.

And then the game crashed, and I let out quite a few curse words.

But thankfully someone went to a community lot against his own will, So I didn't lose a lot of game play.

And here's a picture of Paddington. You're welcome.

Now, here's where I noticed the invisible date gifts. I tried to force an error on everything in-world, and everything and got nothing. How do I fix this?

Someone wanted to befriend Orion, so we give a quick call.

And everyone starts with the loving. And seriously, Epping and Yara never really interacted so I'm so confused.

These two on the other hand have been all over each other.

Paddington invites in Michel Almassy, and thats basically the last we see of him.

Graduation, round 2.

And hops into the photo booth with Chelsea. *throws a book* I give up.

But has the want for falling in love with Rachel, so we call her up.

She's really pretty, I do love her.

And so does Epping apparently.

And Alperton celebrates his graduation with Mounds.

They are really adorable together.

See I could see him being a DJ with a pose like this.

Graduation party time. Who did he invite this time?

His adorable love Echo, because if Epping is gonna marry Jade, The Pimlicos can't use her again.

/Age Up spam #1

Alperton invited over Peach of course, and they are adorable.

Seriously, these girls need to give it a rest.

Good time by all.

Awww he took a picture with Mounds. I also don't see Peach anywhere.

/Age up spam #2

Alperton left and grew up into an ugly outfit?

Ya so you can head home now.

Just why EA? Why this outfit?

These two were doing too much fun stuff to attend the party.

Some quick enthusiasm maxing since it was too late to actually have a party.

Next day, Party time.

The guest was Rachel. Epping would rather scrub the shower apparently.

Just so they could have their fun, of course.

Not bad, wow that was worse than all of the others.

/age up spam #3

So that ends the Uni rotations. I have torn down the Pimlico dorm so those gifts can go away. Epping is the heir for them, and right now it's looking like Jade will be spouse, but who knows.
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