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Hunter Awesimsauce ISBI 2.2

Last round of the Hunters, Eggplant moved into a very purple house. After digging up the ground a bit, he found a chest and was able to really furnish up his house. He went out to HOOPLA to look for a mate and found Bruce Vidar simsforaranya and got lucky with Jo Sparks skittlebox. After getting home, he found his LTW career in the paper and he was set. Bruce moved in with a buttload of cash and became the newest idiot in the legacy. She suffered a miscarriage on her first night in the house, and was super depressed. Then Eggplant went and got himself abducted, and came back probed and fertilized.

BAck to the lot, and ya no Eggplant can't be caught in green, it's not his color.

And with a re-pop, Eggy continues on with his pregnancy.

Short white fences = in gardener's way. Plus, Eggplant has become addicted to the synthesizer.

Skill time, Eggy needed some skill for a promotion, and Bruce just started playing chess. Win-win.

I think we should meet some new people.

Well if you went downtown with her, you may have met some.

Just a random prego picture, in front of the family picture.

Random pictures of Eggplant not being able to keep himself in a good mood while pregnant.

Oh watcher no, I don't need a sick sim on top of a pregnant one.

SHOOT ME! Also Ewww that bathroom is nasty.

Oh phew, she's just pregnant...wait I don't think that's a good thing.

and double pop, two pregnancies a day apart. Oh YAY.

Violet called to chat.

And some more fails, but this one is a stat counting one.

Bruce is actually functional this pregnancy, eating and reading and keeping herself happy.

*squee* Love this!

Bruce pops in front of the fridge.

Excuse me, what is happening here?

Ow. This hurts like no one's business.

I think the baby is calling out to me.

Why did you burn breakfast Eggplant?!

Priorities, they don't have them.

Always live on the wild side. It helps with the chaos.

Awww one baby. Well I guess that helps with the 2 kids rule.

/Birth spam.

To go with the awesimsauce rules, Black is the color of failure. I also saw black as Villainous, so the black generation gets villain names, or at least antagonist in this case. Welcome to the family, John Tucker. Also yes the kitchen has now caught fire.

Because of the fire, someone got stinky and tired. She managed to get her butt to bed.

And while she's asleep, Eggplant went to finish the challenge of purple, to become a witch.

First townie in the place is Finley Sergeant deedee_sims. He's one of my favoritest sims from her game.

Finley in this hood has rolled bi, but Eggplant is not into the fellas. Sorry Finley. Lyndi Broke simgarooop also thinks Eggplant is gorgeous.

And why not introduce ourselves to the almost brother-in-law, Javier Valenzuela music_simbol.

Another greeting, as Finley thinks about how hott he is as he leaves.

We hit a bit of a lot lag...

because Glinda the good witch is here. (Ok so it's not Glinda, but come on.)

Ok, so you can go home, you did what you needed to do.

OMG so cute. Also forgot to mention that John Tucker's alien dad is from my own Multi-PT set, and his dad is from dothesmustle, the winning entry of legacy_writers first founder challenge.

Bruce is still sleeping.

Eggplant greets this chick to send her on her way...

and this is how he says goodbye. When the hell did this happen?!

We also have another random walkby greeting that night, while we burn dinner.

And then we pass out in our dinner. He did alot, so I forgive him.

Love that she just waddles outside in her underwear to hang out with her unconscious boyfriend.

But still, random skill building is always appreciated.

Awww he loves his little boy.

I guess Bruce is the victim of a call to meal too many times, but she's almost due.

Oh and we needed to have yet another bladder failure. *shrugs*

Eggy went to work, and Bruce goes into labor. At least the hired help is here for her. And she wasn't cooking.

Of course random. If you have read my updates, I love babies.

Single birth again, well at least it is the 2 kid rule. I could always have a third, I don't need two kids. *cackles*

And welcome to the world, Maleficent.

I think I gave the days to Eggplant, because let's be honest, he may need them later on.

Eggplant got himself promoted, one step closer to that LTW.

Such good parents, don't even need to tell them to do this.

Ok now Eggplant just has no excuse.

Do not pee on the baby. She may come back and curse you.

So we go to the nursery to pee. I don't get it.

You know, there is stuff you can do in the house that doesn't involve Eggplant.

Eggplant woke up and starts to befriend Glinda...I think I am so going to SimPE her name to Glinda.

I guess I gave the days to Bruce, because there's no way she would have 3 from being a townie, is there?

OMG he's a cutie, and he has pointy ears!!! Needs a makeover though.

He's also a menace. Why the toilet? Your father is already a huge slob.

Ugh, I need to prune my CC. I shouldn't lag on a new gaming computer.

But he's so adorable!! *pinches cheeks*

Mommy book.

OK hunny.

She's such a good mom for an idiot.

Grocery ordering. So expensive. Good thing she brought a huge chunk of change.

Although, with the promotions, Eggplant is doing pretty well too.

Maleficent grew up too, but she's looking a bit off here. Her eyes look wonky.

So, honestly, I don't know if the pee puddle is old or new, I will say new just because they have the maid.

So Bruce is great to John Tucker, her own kid, not so much.

But she does make her own lunch, and when I mean her own, that's a single dish.

And for the first time this week, Bruce finally goes to work. I hope its her LTW, but not likely since she's a fortune sim.

Eggplant finally gets some alone time with the kids, and starts to dote on them. Good luck to them if they get any skills.

But I did buy bunny heads (I need another charisma toy for them), and Maleficent is drinking rancid milk.

A quick kiss for the couple.

And that's it for them this week. And I did do a family picture. I was inspired by deedee_sims and honestly it was so much fun. I made a whole bunch to put in their house and Violet's. But you'll just have to wait and see.

Current Legacy Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 2
Perma-Plat Sims: 1
Shrink Visits: 7
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 4
Self-Wettings: 21
Pass-Outs: 34
Fights: 8
Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Alien Abductions: 6
Miscarriages : 1

Awesimsauce stats:
Plaques: 3
Vacation memories: 0
Tags: hunter

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