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Violet ISBI 1.2

Last round, Violet moved into a cute house right next door to her brother. After decorating, she looked for a job and found one in journalism. She called up Javier Valenzuela music_simbol and had a date, later got pregnant. She found a job in her LTW field of being a Gamer. We left off with her coming home from work with a bonus skill point and Orion Goal from Lesyasun.

Even her default maternity wear is purple. I love it.

And POP goes the belly. Orion is staring at the purple.

Well if you fear rejection of engagement, it kind of means you want it, right?

o.0 Seriously. ACR is great.

And while she's doing that, Javi brings a piano.

Woohoo times were had. OMG more elf ears.

Labor time!

I really am a glutton for punishment, aren't I?

One baby, a cute baby boy named Randall. And if i knew how to change baby outfits, he wouldn't be dressed for Christmas.

Gotta get to be her friend, I need witchcraft.

Then Orion called to chat, because he ran out after she gave birth.

Random townie came by, and he's kinda cute.

Why do you have to be a slob like your brother? Constant puddles are not fun.

And stranger danger here has taken to the baby. I'm watching you buddy.

But we need a paycheck, so the nanny is called. I downloaded a hack now that will allow me to ask friends to babysit so we shall see.

She's got it easy, she gets to play chess,

and Randall is quietly sleeping.

Another promotion! I dunno the levels though, no idea how far from the top.

And now that she's become best friends with the witch, Violet call her over.

And now Violet is a witch.

With that accomplished, date night.

She dropped the baby on the floor to greet him, that's true love...also child neglect.

I need help taking care of our baby, wanna move in together?

Sure, I'd love to.

And bringing 12000 simoleans doesn't hurt either.

Oh Lord, don't start with this.

Some loving,

and some stalking. It's cute though.

So we know Javier is a Romance sim, and has a job. At least I can save his command for something else.

*shrugs* Dunno who he's on the phone with, but she's skilling for a promotion.

Here's Randall all toddlerfied. He has his dad's ears!!

Who's adorable? Randall is.

Stay classy Violet.

Awww it's an actual diaper change.

Awww Daddy and son <3

And then he ditched Randall for a bath. He's pretty sane for an idiot.

We had some more fun of course.

And Randall was a beautifully quiet boy.

And then the nanny came because they both had work.

I wish i knew how good he was.

Woohoo promotion again. A slow climb but still a climb.


While Violet studies witchcraft, because I like having her as an evil witch and Eggplant as a good one, Javi is giving Randall a bath.

And then gets to the synthesizer. Like I haven't had to worry about him yet.

Stupid freetime chance card is stupid.

Now we try to get a toddler skill going, I'll try at least.

Violet has the day off, and Javi is at work. We try desperately for a new baby daddy, but fail.

I had her start building a relationship with the alien redhead though.

Chance card win!

/engagement spam. Awww.

Sorry Javier, I don't know if you want or fear anything.

And that ends another date. She's a pleasure sim so it's the only want I can fill that's not stupid.

And Randall starts to gain some charisma from the damn bunny head that i need recolors of desperately...or a new mesh object that builds charisma.

And we end the round with a cute family picture. I really like how this turned out. I just am mad that the smart milk still had the glow on Randall.

Current Legacy Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 1
Perma-Plat Sims: 0
Shrink Visits: 0
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 0
Self-Wettings: 0
Pass-Outs: 0
Fights: 0
Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Alien Abductions: 0
Miscarriages : 0
Tags: hunter, violet

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