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Simpson Legacy 9.8

Last time, Iago finished up in Uni, and tapped into his Romance secondary and got some loving from Silverfeather Moonberry simsforaranya, and my own Tammy Sunshine. He did still romance Astrid Bork rikkulidea. He also got attacked by the llama, who got his karma with the IDK's where he died.

And here's Iago's very purple house, while the Hunters are purple right now, they will change their color as goes the challenge. Iago will keep purple.

I'm actually very proud of the dresser, it looks great! I'll slowly start getting into decorating more and more.

So Iago's 2nd LTW is Game designer, should be pretty easy, as long as we get a Gamer opening.

Today's paper however, did not have a gamer opening, so we went with Education. He's smart enough to be a teacher.

But the teachers have no fashion sense. Definitely need to find some replacements for the career uniforms.

But he missed the welcome wagon, which was Eggplant and Bruce. But Iago is dirt poor and we need to be able to pay bills.

Iago starts calling his friends and apparently he's the coolest and getting a promotion. *shrugs* We knew he was cool.

Marietta calls to invite him downtown, as per the usual.

As the cab pulls up, she's pissed he stood her up. Look lady, I can't control the damn cab.

Hermes Randolph rikkulidea, yes he is hot, but he is not for you. Actually brought him here to see if there was someone else who strikes his fancy that comes around.

Apparently Tangerine Drop brilliantcat and Celeste Almassy raemia have taken to the public woohoo stage of their relationship.

Ooh and someone is in love. Well they are adorable together. Patience Wilson enjoyed the show it seems, while Haley Peet dothesmustle at least gave them some privacy.

Issey Emery simrenity happens to be here on the lot too, she could be a good candidate for spouse. (Also in the back is Saros from Lesyasun)

Oooo Networking...sweet. Please give me a TV.

Meh, he's in a good career right now. I'd only give it up for his LTW career.

Which apparently college student Saros runs. Job accepted.

Hey, while the warlock is here...lets befriend him.

And get some magic back in this legacy that's been gone for a long time.

I don't know what Ficus Flora shoefleesims said to you, but it's can't be good if you're facepalming.

The confusion does not look good on you, but since you're tired, let's get home.

And we end the first night face down in dinner.

Next morning, the cute paperboy delivers the paper. I'm eyeing you for someone in the next generation mister.

No work today, so let's get the next generation moving. I figure I'll call the ladies up and see what Iago wants. We start with my favorite of course, lovely Astrid Bork.

Home date of course, Community lots only when cheating might occur.

Well, if that's how you greet her. It's always a good sign.

No idea what the hell happened that I'm getting the cutscene again, but awww.

Someone rolled the want to get married, which I locked, so I guess he made up his mind. Sorry for the spam.

/engagement spam

And we moved Astrid in, but orange is not in this house's color scheme.

And we pause here, while I go out and build a clothing shop.

And we're back, and going to the salon. No creative name yet.

Iago sneaking into Astrid's dressing room for some woohoo.

Which brings over everyone in the place. Javier is enjoying it enough. Furbolg Magicakes brilliantcat does not appreciate this public display.

Not to be outdone, then they head to the photobooth.

At home, they have a quiet dinner for the two of them, but it's not grilled cheese. Speaking of...

Holy Crap! It's not Eat 200 Grilled Cheese sandwiches. OK you will get 6 kids...hopefully not more (since I'm actually going to play my neighborhood).

Woohoo!! Generation 10 is on the way!!

I didn't make you, and that outfit is hideous! I may keep you though. (my game made all the damn apartment life townies)

Oooo Pretty stray kitten. His name is least I think it's a he.

Look at that face!!! I'm in love *clicks adopt*


Even so good to use his scratching post, thankfully he doesn't destroy furniture yet.

So we have some formally dressed guests...that's right wedding time.

Your brother looks so good in his suit.

Please don't make this awkward.

It was a cute ceremony,

Wedding picture, they look so cute together.

He was a considerate cake cutter, no chipmunk cheeks.

Well two of the guests couldn't stop being all over each other, and poor Paddington was trying to be friendly with the Warlock, but it was a Roof Raiser!!

And we come back to a pop.

I really love them together. They are so cute.

And they are all over each other. I don't think her 6 kid want will be that hard.

The way he plays with the cat is so hott.

Seriously?! Go set the kitchen on fire or something.

Wilbur Masterson deedee_sims walks by, and talks about the gossip of Astrid and Iago's very public romp.

And Iago gets a promotion. Woohoo!!

Did you know that pregnancy doesn't go with this outfit?

Ok, so i need to find this somewhere and ask someone to preg-morph it.

Much better, and cuter.

Pop, I don't know why she's so surprised, maybe she's in pain?

Ugggh! He's in the damn Gaming career, why would his boss be angry he's playing games?!

But that is making it the best week ever. *shrugs*

Awwww so adorable!

And that night, it's baby time.

And it seems only Bonkers cares. Poor Astrid.

Oh never mind, Iago is here too, he actually cares, and not sleeping through the birth.

*shrugs* She wants 6 kids, and I always hit random.

Woohoo!! But it could be quads. o.0

Baby looks like a clone of dad. This is Josephine.

We have twins. This one is Justin...I need to delete that shiny skin.

And the happy parents, I think Iago just realized that the crying is gonna be crazy.

And with that, Astrid got a job in Education. I want the bookcase!

Portrait time. I got obsessed with these from Deedee, and now I am gonna do them.

I'm kinda pissed at the 6 kid want, but then realized that I can intermarry the families, so should be pretty good. We shall see.
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