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Simpson - Igor 1.1

Last time for Igor, he was in Uni with his brother. He kept romancing his girlfriend Katrina simplicist, and even had Katrina start fighting Cassie Roberts leenyland just for coming in his room. He wound up getting some loving from the maid, Meredith, and Carrie Peet-Andrews (who has 3 bolts with his brother and one bolt with him). Then to really screw me over, he started romancing SOL IDK. He became the big man on campus right before he graduated.

We start off with a job, because his little red house cost a fortune and a half. His LTW job wasn't available, so this will have to do for now.

And his little red house, I really like how it came out. No tour sorry.

I did decide though that every family outside of Uni will roll a ROS challenge, because game play would be more entertaining. I may put it for Uni, but right now I won't be playing Uni for a bit.

He needs to join the garden club, and have a garden...I can work with that.

Brodie Bork rikkulidea calls and chats, then invites him downtown. Of course we said yes as a Romance sim.

Off to Crypt O Night....I need to find some better things for Downtown.

His group was a ton of chicks, but one being his girlfriend, so no luck for loving.

But Hugo is here, AWOL should have come.

Yulia Chance rikkulidea also happened to come by. I do tend to have quite a few of her sims in my game.

Out to eat, and Katrina wants Mac and Cheese that she could have gotten back in the dorm. *head desk*

But Nathan Peet dothesmustle and Liam Fox simplicist were trying to get to the ladies.

But everyone left poor Aqua Murray dothesmustle alone.

Awww romance. Igor you player you.

And well I guess they are bi, because these two started flirting with each other.

Right before they hopped into the photo booth.

I just had sex woohoo.

Igor headed home because he was tired, and this is how Brodie said goodbye. They have never had a romantic interaction.

Igor maxed his skills. What an accomplishment.

The damn waiter keeps calling Igor, not that he minds. They talk sports all the time.

And bed time, in his panda bed.

The next day we get a want for a date, and well we need some babies. We have this pesky 10 Woohoo want too, and there's a makeout one too. Let's try to accomplish them all.

Start with the first person in the book, Ada.

Who's apparently at work, so we head for a Uni student. Willow Crayola-Andrews.

Who was more available.

Some smoochy times were had to greet her. never had woohoo?! Let's fix that.

/end woohoo spam. The date was of course, a dream date.

Next up, Meredith. I actually had a list of who he needed to call to fill these wants.

She brings Iago with her, we would never not welcome Iago.

We had woohoo, but no kissing. Wooooooow. That date was another dream, sent her off...and called up the next victim date.

Ada was finally available for smoochy times.

Meanwhile, Iago keeps the teen that we welcomed occupied.

The networking wasn't anything good...just that he's the coolest and blah blah.

Woohoo was had, and Willow brought something. Cash!!

The date ended and she was just like bye felicia.

Chance card fail, sorry Igor

First I thought it was just a fine, then I figured he got fired, whoops.

But he bounced right back with a career in law enforcement.

Until his LTW career opened up. Score.

Next date was Carrie, we only woohooed her, so we need to really work on her.

More woohoo with Carrie was had...It was just a big romp-a-thon for Igor this week.

But the love was there, so she was on her way.

Whoa, you are thinking about her? Do you wanna marry her? (of course not, all wants vanished for her after the date was over)

Next date, Penelope Laurince rikkulidea.

And She was the end of the 10 wants. I dunno if I want to tackle the 20 wants.

But that date finished, so we invite Katrina over. Let's see if having her around gets some wants about her.

She's still pissed about the damn cow. Better the cow than Cassie.

Penelope brings a telescope, and Carrie brings something.

So the Romance sim brings the telescope, the Knowledge sim brings a pinball machine...seriously?! Also note Igor coming outside.

He wanted to do a bit of stargazing...he's not gonna like that.

Ya, someone got his butt abducted. Well at least his house won't die out after this round.

Katrina is so caring, she stood there going why, then just left.

And we're back...he doesn't seem happy.

And I had almost forgotten about the challenge, so we planted some garden plots. Thankfully it was fall, and he built his badge up super fast too.

Casey Blossom radiationpoison walks by, so we make a quick greeting. Friends never hurt, especially when they can give free TVs.

Silver gardening badge, and yup someone has a bun in the oven.


Sunday night, the Garden club gets a call for membership. I end my rotation at 7am Monday morning so this was super last minute.

And we got in! I need to work on it more so I can try for the damn well.

And someone's clothes don't have preg morphs, so we need a wardrobe change. I had bought him a few red clothing options.

And that ends this round, next round will be at least one baby. He may actually roll a want for one of the girls and we can get a wedding going.
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