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IDK Legacy - SOL 1.1

Last time, again, was Uni. SOL was being the female version of Igor Simpson. She managed to start romantic relationships with Leon O'Brien radiationpoison, Orion Almassy raemia, the maid Ramon Bridges, and as previously mentioned Igor Simpson. During her romps in the sack, she managed to get pregnant and gave birth to JSYK IDK, named for the legacy in case she became heir. JSYK's father wound up being the maid, Ramon. She graduated and moved out right with the glitchy purple flashing.

And here's SOL's ROS...the first is easy, however all of her fears for the week were to be enemies with people and She barely interacted with half of them. *shurgs* That was an epic fail.

Start with the phone calls, after building the house and the little furniture she bought, she's flat broke. We get a discount though, but i need something of monetary value people.

OK seriously, why are 2 people offering me the same discount?!

There was no opening in her LTW career (Military), so i threw her in the Show Business career. Not a bad payday if you ask me, and she even starts Tuesday.

Bruce Vidar simsforaranya was part of the welcome wagon, but there was no Y chromosome, so she called up Igor.

Who has changed a bit since the last time she saw him. She's rubbing the belly <3

Ramon calls while everyone is here, and it's the perfect time to try my new hack.

SOL asks Igor to watch JSYK while she goes out, and he agrees.

We head out to a new community lot, Galaxy Bar from Lesyasun. I've moved it since this, Galaxy Bar is now downtown.

Get in one of my legacies please!! She's so pretty.

And out to lunch/dinner with Kate Underwood. But it's not really conducive to meeting people, so we try the next lot I downloaded.

I'm sorry, I don't remember who made this, but it is absolutely gorgeous! I love it so much.

That's interesting, she didn't roll this want back at Galaxy bar when she was around Eerie Black Crayola leenyland. This lot sadly was inhabited by females, which didn't work for SOL.

Onto the staple, HOOPLA.

Here we come across two simplicist sims. There's Chase Fox and Leroy Craig. I swear I have sims by many creators in my game, I don't know why the same creators always show up.

Leroy is very sexy, and was ACRing a bit, but she was exhausted. So she went home.

Where she properly thanked Igor for babysitting.

She woke up and pissed herself. Why did you do that?

Good thing JSYK has his own room and was quietly sleeping.

OMG! HAHAHAHHAHA I guess we found out why she peed herself, but that costume and the morning sickness. I'm dying LOL.

After doing some digging, we got some money. Thank Watcher she found that chest.

And it's confirmed, there's another baby on the way.

No idea why I switched her job from Show Business to Education, but we're gonna get the bookcase!

Thank you Orion! All money is welcome here.

But SOL still needs someone to help her raise her kids, so we start getting some dates. We will see who wants to commit.

Hibiscus Petal Behr simsforaranya is the first choice, I mean look at how cute he is.

And some woohoo times were had, but sadly with him being a Romance sim, he doesn't want to commit.

I got the notification that someone's birthday is tomorrow, so we need to train him desperately.

But look at that potty training face. She's so happy and blissful.

Wait, never mind.

But she's so happy with her little one.

Date number 2, Ramon.

Pretty interesting wants you have there, and a good date.

Well it was a good date, until someone continuously passed out in her food. It went all the way down and fast.

I was worried a bit, but no miscarriage. She just needs more rest, like she was doing when she got up to do this.

Birthday time, and he looks a lot like his dad.

Really?! Did you have to leave the damn bag of dog poop?

Next morning, its time. The baby is coming.

Random always, even the paper boy is feeling it through the walls.

Oh boy, maybe I shouldn't have picked random.

/end birth spam. We have twins. As you can tell from the eyes, Igor is the proud daddy.

No idea why I kept with the acronym theme with SOL. I decided when she got pregnant that she wasn't going to be heir. But the Js were to keep with the Simpson theme.

We call up the nanny, cuz she needs some time to help get her needs back up.

And to help JSYK with his homework.

As we see, she couldn't even make it to the toilet, and its birthday time.

So we throw a birthday party to make the ROS. DNW, AWOL and the guy in black is her oldest brother (and newest resident) ASAP IDK. A birthday is a great time to get together.

First up JFGI.

I don't know how to change the babies outfits, but how come all the boys wind up in pink.

You bet I invited Igor over for his kids' birthday.

/end cut scene 1. I'll be honest, I never made them over.

Now it's JMO's turn.

She's adorable. such a cutie.

And the party is a success, hey it's not a disaster so they get a good memory.

Now we try the date again, now that she's not super pregnant.

And Ramon moves in, bringing a good chunk of change (and we're gonna need it).

Awww adorably cuddling.

Oh boy, he needs 2 more kids. And as you can see, he moved in right at the end before anyone ages...because he wants to marry SOL (For a Romance sim, that's big).

I do see them being a cute old couple together.

And that ends SOL's round. No one got a makeover or new clothes because it was right at the end. I did put JFGI in JSYK's old toddler outfit for the picture. This may be my favorite picture to date, but who knows what will come up with ROS being thrown in the mix.
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