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IDK Legacy 6.1

Last update, DNW's former love interest Ebony moved out so he could romance Natalia Rowan simsforaranya. DNW barely survived the random fire that killed the llama, and started to become purple glitchy. He helped raise his nephew JSYK, and then started the first fraternity of the hood. He got Oren Manning rikkulidea to pledge and become the frat placeholder. During the toga party, both Oren and DNW got abducted. And he graduated.

Starting off, we are on our very own plot, just like everyone else will be. Need to build his own home. Everyone gets a 2x2 lot.

And DNW's ROS, Well there's no kids so I don't have to worry, but oh snap, someone's gonna have more alien babies.

That's right, I did say more, because he's currently knocked up.

To start, how did you get a job in Athletics? I didn't give this to you.

Besides, it's not your LTW anyway.

But as luck would have it, guess what had an opening the first day of adulthood. We need those big bucks to actually buy that telescope for you.

His welcome wagon includes this very purple lady, Cabbage Hunter. Yes it's Eggplant and Violet's younger sister. She's currently in the family bin until I get 10 kids (It's kinda a rule i stole from deedee_sims)

And someone pops, while we see the other welcome wagon guest, Alperton.

Start calling up to keep friendships up, and free product! That's perfect to make a living room.

Ooo and a promotion. Not that Ebony actually has cousins in the game, but I'm not complaining.

And passed out in his food, poor pregnant DNW.

And here's his cute living room, not that furnished but will be soon I hope.

Arlo Kahlena kahlenas walks by, so why not greet him.

But don't touch his belly. Especially when you guys just met.

Arlo very quickly just goes inside to watch some TV, while we second pop.

YAAAAAS! Katrina Drunken radiationpoison, let's go out. Bye Arlo.

Sadly, Katrina didn't make it, but Mounds Barre simppl_life made it.

So did this horribly dressed townie. You need a makeover dude.

Astrid Simpson rikkulidea is taking a break from recent motherhood to hit the club, also have here Shane West.

Shane is a sim that I have had around forever, and put him in the game. Behind him we also have Honey Lemon Nuri by Lesyasun. She needs to get back to the way she was before.

And then we have this townie. I need a female to romance him at some point.

And gotta hang out with possible brother-in-law, Ramon.

Excuse you, don't you have like drinks to serve? Are you leaving the bar unattended?

Hey kid, don't be afraid of her, she's just a prude.

This is the first sighting of Mrs. Crumplebottom I've seen in forever.

Home to get some food,

and a nap. Well the guy isn't feeling so good with a baby.

Curled up in his cupcake bed, he has some sweet dreams. (I love it).

Belly rub! Always a fan of this action.

Let's get Natalia over for a date.

I always love how they greet the person like this. It shows that they really miss them.

Epping also came by, and walked by. Epping you're a warlock. Where's your broom?

Why the hell you leaving? The date isn't over yet?! UGH!

Maybe she sensed that the baby was coming?

Of course it's random. I will never pick any other option, I welcome chaos.

I hope I didn't jinx myself to quads.

/Birth spam

And we have twins, I was trying to think of alien internet acronyms.

This one is ILY. She has her daddy's hair and everything else from the alien.

And UFO here has everything from alien parent. From my own PT set, the alien is Jesus Venturi simplicist. (I should take pictures of my set)

For the time being, they are going to share a room. I revamp the living room for a nursery later on.

He is such a good dad though. Loving his alien babies.

Now we got nanny to come by so we can finally get that LTW.

She's actually pretty competent. Takes care of the kids, and doesn't lounge about.

Woohoo!! Promotion time! And we bring home a newly created townie I made.

Hey name is Tiffany Mescaline. She's so pretty.

but seeing as it's a pixel_trade legacy, I can't marry her. Let's go Natalia.

They are just so adorable together.

They had a dream date, and she left a present. But I had DNW call up the nanny, time to work on the ROS. It called for 10 abductions for the week.

Sadly, I called up too late, and that night, DNW didn't get abducted.

But we also get 2 nannies for the day.

Can we not make ourselves at home lady?! I'm paying you to babysit.

Someone wanted to be friends. *shrugs* I'm game to fill his wants.

Yes! Come now!

/Abduction #1

/Abduction #2

Of course we have another bun in the over. Why wouldn't we after being abducted?!

Pregnancy is rough on him, another face down breakfast.

Birthday time for the kids, and a pop.

Toddler pillows cloned from pet beds are amazing. Takes up less space too.

Watcher! Why can't I have any fun?

Because you have 2 toddlers and are pregnant again?

To try and get his fun up, bunny head time with UFO.

Next night, new rounds.

/Abduction #3

/Abduction #4

And a pop to end the round.

At the end, DNW only got abducted 4 times, so I failed the challenge. Oh well, maybe next round. We have 2 kids already with I don't know how many more we will have. I don't think I need to worry about having Natalia move in. I am working this like a BACC, but not following all the rules of one. Like deedee_sims, after every 10 births, a new family will be moved in. I have enough townies to just move in one or two when I wanna. We will see how it goes. Oren won't be played this round, as he is the frat holder, and he will be played after his 2 rounds when the kids go to Uni.
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