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IDK Legacy - AWOL 1.1

Last time which was the last time for the last 2 updates, AWOL started romancing some more guys like Njordr Bork rikkulidea, Guillermo Valenzuela music_simbol and Dominic Shaw. She wound up pregnant, but that was dealt with quickly. She was downtown and got her dinner dumped on her, poor girl. She kept rolling engagement wants for everyone, so they were all unlocked. She was invited downtown by Craig Dorsey racetrackd, but was almost killed by a huge fire. She did manage to save SOL's life right before SOL gave birth. She helped find the IDK Frat right before she graduated.

OH WATCHER!! 250,000 Simoleans?! Someone is gonna have a cute house.

I gave her a pink house because she seems like the very girly girl to have everything pink. Also, why is she in the athletic field? Is this something that comes from a frat?

So we start making phone calls, maybe someone will spark her interest before I settle.

The welcome wagon is full of estrogen, hard pass. Even if one is Cabbage.

Your LTW want sucks, but you have the money to do it so *shrugs*

Off to the computer to buy her first lot.

Of course we buy HOOPLA.

Now to visit the lot.

So, She went to the lot, and of course no cashier, bartender or DJ. Not really crazy about how it was set up, and how the lot froze when I called the employees. So we went back home.

What in the?! How the heck is she promoted?! o.0

She sold HOOPLA back, I'll figure out a few lots for her at some point.

I do love her house, it came out very cute.

Although, I need to buy lights. I always tend to forget lights. She's watching the weather channel in the dark. And yes, I was playing this when we had our 26" snowfall last week.

Take her out on the town, to her former store.

Which apparently became glitchy, the DJ isn't DJ-ing, he's farting around somewhere. But what do we have here.

It's Maxwell Worthington, from Spookierswamp, and they only share one bolt.

That didn't stop her from jumping in the hot tub with him though for some fun.

They are kind of cute together though.

Let's see who you got for us Mac Sawyer-Baillie racetrackd.

OMG! It's one of my favorite sims, Newman Slyndsey. (I don't think I have to tag her LOL). I of course, let her have the date.

So she had no interest in him until I directed her to talk to him, then she starts getting all romantic with him. They have 2 bolts.

So cuuuute.

And a dream date too. <3

Then, much to Jay Johar dragonfly3007's chagrin, they have some fun in the photobooth.

He's not happy with her, but gives her free shit. Like why couldn't you guys have done this to SOL who had no money.

She's falling asleep, it's been a minute since she's been home. Fine, let's go home.

And then, she fell asleep in her food.

I gave her a career in Natural Science, because why not.

And she got promoted on her first day! Awesome!

And then she popped and went on maternity leave. Wait?! When did you get pregnant?

Well, her clothes don't have a pregnancy morph, so we need to get some clothes that do. Maybe something pink. Online shopping for the win. Hey she's the only one that can afford to have a computer. She also sent 25000 to both DNW and SOL.

Hope Masterson deedee_sims came by so she was greeted of course.

So when are you going to drop the bomb on the father.

We need to know who the father is first, Hope.

Because of course, we just meet you wanna rub her belly. No thank you.

We called up Guillermo for a date, and she has her second pop while on the date.

And we roll this want, with Newman's marriage want also. You want to confuse the shit out of me.

Well Guillermo moves in, brings 9000 bucks and she ditches the marriage want for Guillermo. Seriously?!

Fresh reroll of her want's panel, and we get an engagement want for Newman. Well it's not happening this week. You get one live in lover.

I don't remember who the girl is that AWOL brought home, so she couldn't be important or even someone else's sim. But Mordred Simpson-Bee simmericangirl walked by the lot and Guillermo greeted him.

A cute cuddle up in bed. Guillermo doesn't mind the pink apparently.

But he got in a loop of I need to pee, but let's relax in bed before I had to direct him to pee.

The baby's coming! Ow this hurts.

AWOL, are you ok? Want me to call an ambulence?

No just get the baby out of me.

She's so hott when she gives birth.

Do I need to even include this picture anymore, random as always.

Just one baby, awww boo. Her money, quads would be easy.

/birth spam. One boy named Marine to go with her military sounding name.

Call the nanny to cover work. She sits and enjoys the TV. You were so competent.

Chance card win!!

And AWOL comes home with another promotion. And some rando chick.

But like a good mother, we go and check on the baby as soon as we walk in the door.

Guillermo, on the other hand, doesn't know when a baby needs a diaper change.

Cuddle time. How cute is this!!

Well we finally figured out the diaper change. It's not even his kid and he's being awesome.

Guillermo had the day off, so he spent the day learning to cook. AWOL got another promotion, she's moving up the ladder really quickly.

Birthday time, I used this as my "picnic" because I don't have a park yet.

That's a really happy baby.

Hello awkward pictures because no one is celebrating anymore.

A cute momma/baby picture. His dad is Newman. Maybe that's why she developed the fascination with him.

And a belly rub between cousins. THey two of them grew up together, they are almost siblings.

He had a great birthday party. Woohoo.

And he is adorable! Needs a makeover though, for sure.

Woohoo! She's pregnant!!

And a pop to end the round. Obviously, the dad is Guillermo.

And this really adorable picture is their portrait for the round. I haven't decided what I'm going to do about AWOL/Guillermo yet. Maybe they will roll wants next round.
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