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Pimlico VDS - Paddy 1.1

Last time, Paddy started using his charms for the ladies, first with Echo Michaels, who became enemies with Alpie towards the end, and Cassie Roberts leenyland. Echo moved out of the dorms and he started macking on Leah Cobalt simfinite. He maxed gaming enthusiasm, and graduated.

ROS is actually tame, Where's the drama?

So Paddy moves into this lovely house made by deedee_sims. Honestly looking at it now, it kind of reminds me of Don's house from Pleasantview.

And he just looks super happy, he won't be so happy soon.

He starts calling around, we're gonna need cash to decorate his house.

His LTW is pretty tame, and thank Watcher he doesn't want like 800 kids, 3 is manageable. (The same want as the Romance sim maid, Ramon.)

So he won't mind a career in Law Enforcement. After all, we have a politician, should have some cops.

So besides the shower upstairs, this is all of his furniture. He doesn't even have a bed for his house. Not even an easel yet *facepalm*.

Sure Echo, let's hit up downtown.

We hit up the new lot, Galaxy Bar from Lesyasun.

Not much happened here, Echo never showed up, but here's a pretty townie I made named Kelly Shamrock.

HOOPLA it is, people have been getting luckier here for free stuff.

But someone kept complaining that he was tired, so we went home.

Where he passed out in front of the tub, because he doesn't have a bed.

Woke him up after a bit so he could dig, just get me money to get you a bed. then you can sleep in it.

And it worked, He dug up enough to get a bed. Now he can sleep before he gets to go to work.

And he manages to bring home 2 promotions in 2 days. Well we can finally get a dining table and the damn easel.

Seriously?! I needed the damn money!!

Paddy wound up off the next day, so I had him call up Echo for a date. Need that next generation at some point.

Alpie also happened to walk by, and was greeted. Well we know these two just hate each other, so the inevitable happened.

Are you sure about that Paddy? An amazing week, really?

And this was the second painting he sold, and was a masterpiece. He did sell one before it, I promise.


Well his date with Echo didn't roll any wants for marriage, and being a family sim I am shocked. So we went to HOOPLA, where Bruno Darwin stakeit_uk shows me what it's like to be shocked. Nothing else happened here though, honestly, because there were no pictures.

Home with another promotion.

I finally had enough, we need help.

We ask for a blind date,

and pay half of the household funds for the date. She better be good.

And Raine Laurince rikkulidea appears. OK, lets see where this goes.

I'm sorry but seriously?! You're on a date with one girl who wants nothing but to interact with you, and you wanna marry another girl. *locks want*

Well we got a good date, nothing too crazy, there just was no interest in Paddy's part. Let's get the future spouse over.

No idea why it only went to a good time, but Cassie moved in. Welcome to the family Cassie.

Well after we buy your wardrobe, it won't be that much, but at least we can afford more stuff. I'm gonna move them out at the end of the round anyway.

Off to the salon to buy some clothes. Cassie needs to get back her look.

Obligatory clothing booth woohoo. I'm glad I decided to do it this way, I'm using alot of stuff I never used before.

Post woohoo, but the blonde kissing the red head literally ran in here and smooched her.

Yes, this look would never have worked for Cassie.

Cassie meets this lady out on the front lawn, and I don't know, is that her outerwear? How are you staying warm in that girl?

Here's my friend Elle's phone number. She's gonna call you at some point.

Um ok?

They have a cute meal of comfort soup.

But Paddy has an important question to ask Cassie, in his underwear.

OMG! His face, he's so nervous.

Of course she said yes. Awww yay!!

And that ends Paddy's round, next round a wedding, a new house and possibly a baby or more.
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