TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

Pimlico VDS - Alpie 1.1

Back in Uni, Alpie was a player. He had about 3 lovers, which isn't bad condsidering he is a Grilled Cheese sim. He had Juliette Potts katu_sims, Mounds Barre simppl_life, and Peach January-Starling tinykat all vying for his attention. He also made enemies with Echo, Paddy's girlfriend. He rolls what I equate as a engagement want for Peach, making her a grilled cheese. Then he graduated.

ROS, the first one is super easy, he's a grilled cheese sim. The second...we will see.

Alpie moves into the DeeDee Apartments, because deedee_sims made the lot, she gets to be the name. I figured I would use an apartment for him.

His upstairs neighbor is Blackberry Pie simsforaranya.

Who thinks he is absolutely gorgeous.

Seriously?! Well let's see if anything happens. The other 2 residents are seen too, Doomtrain Magicakes rikkulidea and my own Rosanna Tavarez (the one bolt girl).

LTW is disgusting, but not career oriented. So manageable, especially since he basically ate them through Uni.

The future doctor of Blue Lakes, the Grilled Cheese sim.

And we put in for a roomie too, because why not. Right?

These two were getting along well. But no sparks.

Ryan Almassy raemia comes by and shoots hoops. He needs some body hair.

And this guy, well he needs a makeover, cuz that wardrobe is *gag*

Phone calls get us a promotion and something. I don't remember.

Of course we will go downtown.

Out to the club!

What the hell! Why are all the girls coming out for Alpie?

Some public woohoo for Alpie, of course. Because what kind of player would he be not to do that?

Emmett Masterson deedee_sims comes by too.

Ending the gathering, because someone is falling asleep.

And heading home. Party pooper.

Quick meeting that night of Jason Fenrir keoni_chan, who kept his wolfy status when he came to my game.

And we get a promotion. Not surprised when they start towards the bottom and have Uni skills.

Date night with the love.

Adorable. Love them together.

And an engagement is done.

Another promotion, moving up the ladder. Always a good thing. Saving up the money.

Day is over, time to move her in.

Sure, why not. No idea who it was though.

And moving in time. Doesn't she look excited.

New clothes time, and to another place I've never been.

AWOL apparently likes coming here though. But that's the only picture of their trip.

But Peach got a new wardrobe, and Alpie got a new shirt.

Why does everyone in the damn neighborhood want to top the gaming career?

There were no job openings in Gaming, but here's Peach's new wardrobe.

Good, you get a job in dance for now.

/wedding spam

Wedding portrait. I figured orange would be Alpie's color for his grilled cheese.

He's a cake shover, probably mad it's not a grilled cheese cake.

Paddy toasts to the new couple. Guests were his brothers and Scott Phoenix kahlenas.

NO! You will not try anything with Epping lady!! Even if it's a roof raiser party.

And ends at a roof raiser.

With expected results. Alpie is gonna be a daddy.

Alpie tried to chat with the neighbor but she wasn't interested. Peach comes home with a promotion.

Then Alpie...competing successes.


And a nice serenade for Alpie, also shows you his new orange shirt.

deedee_sims made this grilled cheese bed, and I don't think there could be a better couple for it to be used by.

Nothing else happened that day, so here's a second pop at 6am sunday morning.

Alpie being all doting in the baby belly. I seriously took like 20 pictures of this but cut it severely.

No food, probably from the 8000 platters of grilled cheese he's made to keep them both sane.

Of course order groceries. I need to figure out a food method that isn't always groceries.

Another belly rub.

I found this cute, he's openly writing in his diary and Peach is watching tv. couples time.

Monday morning, my usual quitting time, we go into labor. Guess I'll run a little ahead.

Random as always.

One baby to be had here. Kinda waiting for the quads to hit the worst family.

And an adorable baby boy with what looks like all of mom's coloring. To go with the cheeseheads, his name is Cheddar.

The time goes to Alpie, because why not.

Happy parents, not a smile in the pair.

And that's it, the happy couple, with their bouncing brand new baby. I failed at the ROS, but I'll try to work on it next week. Sorry it was a crappy update. Maybe next round.
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