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Pimlico VDS 2.3

At Uni, Epping was the star last time. He got to spend alot of time with his girlfriend, but had a bit of an aspiration issue being a Pleasure sim. He asked out Jade for a date to get that boost. He also managed to be the first inducted into the secret society. He also hooked up with Rachel Banks. Maxing his gaming enthusiasm, he threw his graduation party, and left Uni.

ROS, well major is no issue, no kids for Epping yet. A vacation though, hmmm. Once again, something I haven't done in forever.

Epping gets a very green house, maybe green will be his color? I just like how it came out.

LTW check, hopefully there's a Slacker opening.

Judging from this though, there was no Slacker opening, so we go Education route. *shrugs* maybe someone will get me the damn bookcase.

Hannah Montana, yes there is a sim in my hood named Hannah Montana, invites us downtown, so of course we go.

But impatient Nancy can't wait for us to get a cab, and ditches us.

But down at the Crypt O Club, We meet 3 bolt Haley Peet dothesmustle. However, there's no romantic interactions done.

Epping, not daunted, starts to befriend the Count. He has really cute sticky out ears.

And this pretty redhead got us a raise. Always a good thing.

Mrs. C decides to start picking on Epping, even though Eggplant is right behind him. Why is she thinking about babies though?

This one was me though, cuz I told him to prank her (i think), and she wasn't a fan.

Crazy old hag! Look at this.

I have no idea who Wanda Molina is, but sure, why not.

Since there was no romantic options, Epping headed home.

Well congrats to Epping on that membership, but that guy looks awesome with his ears!

Promotion!! Yay and LTW career!! So much YAY!!

Kate showed up, I think she walked by but not sure, and Epping started flirting with her. You can't have her Epping.

Doesn't stop him from ACRing her to bed.

And smooching her, but who's this walking by?

It's Leila Wright deedee_sims. You could totally have her Epping, she's eligible. But of course not, he lets her walk away.

And sleeps alone that night.

Next day, date day for an aspiration boost. Kinda hoping for some kind of want.

Cute dancing,

and obligatory woohoo. but no wants for engagement. Not even for another woman.

Seriously, look at these wants.

Ugh, have I ever told you guys how much I hate these freetime chance cards. They are so stupid.

Two promotions in the bag! He's moving up fast, maybe I'll actually have someone make their LTW this week.

It became Friday, so Vacation time. He's taking Jade with him too.

He wanted a tropic getaway, so why not.

This is the first time in over a decade I'm sending someone on vacation. So thank you for the tip.

Checking into the hotel, in his winterwear. Aren't you dying of heat?

And stupid me, knew he was gonna have a vacation, didn't think to have him dig for the map. So he spent the better portion of the day digging. He found a whole bunch of stuff, but found all 3 maps. Maybe I'll send him to all the destinations.

Look at him cheesing away. Any wonder why I picked him for the heir.

Of course, let's go.

Epping fixed everything without any trouble, and got a voodoo doll. I'm excited!!

Someone also wanted hammock woohoo.

So that happened too.

Saw the sights, made a wish.

/tour #1

/tour #2

This shit is funny, seeing them run around with the bees chasing them.

/tour #3, and no they weren't victim to the charleton.

They went to the beach, and Epping combed the beach. That's about it.

At checkout time, Epping thought it would be the best time to propose.

/engagement spam

We invite Jade over to the house,

and she wants to bring a friend. Sure, it's your wedding after all.

There's actually no pictures from the actual wedding, the wall interfered with the cut scenes...there is a picture of their heads going through the wall though.

And Jade ages up, and only brings 1000 bucks.

Mr. And Mrs. Pimlico, They are too cute.

LTW for Jade, so her and Eggplant want the same.

But her ass gets the damn gaming opening. Where was this last round game!!

Roof raiser!! The guests were his brothers and Peach. I guess they got the nanny. Epping doesn't really know Cassie that well.

Inside the limo to their honeymoon.

Oh yeah, someone needs new clothes badly. Jade went by herself while Epping was at work.

Seriously? you just got back from one.

Quick trip to HOOPLA!

Just to grab her a cell phone.

Home, Epping gets a promotion, and a sim I created of my friend is just chilling on the couch. If I could he'd be allowed keys for every house.

He left, and Epping curled up in bed with Jade.

Spencer Space by Frottana walks by, reminding me that I need some female heirs.

Some promotions come up. I don't know how far from the top Epping is now.

So Shane West was around, Epping used the voodoo doll to get friendship with him.

And Tiffany Mescaline was walking by, or rather running by, so she was greeted too.

Please no. I need generation 3 here already.

Oh whew, no miscarriage, and a pop.

When she went shopping, she did buy a few outfits, just in case. Here's her maternity outfit.

And that's the end of their round. I thought this picture came out too cute! I wish I could have used like a nervous smile on him though. Unlike his brothers, he won't be moving out. The house is definitely going to need an expansion, just more a do we expand out or up.
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