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IDK Legacy - ASAP 1.1

So while it is a new household, it's old legacy sims. It's DNW's older brother, ASAP, and Eggplant and Violet's younger sister, Cabbage. When I played them before the neighborhood move/merge, they had been dating, so I decided to let them continue. I decided to copy deedee_sims's rule of after 10 births I can make a new household.

Here's Cabbage and ASAP in front of their cute house. There is no ROS for them this round because i forgot because it's their first round.

I'll be honest, I found the bluerint online and copied it, I didn't think it would turn out as cute as it did.

LTWs that are actually attainable, and Cabbage's is a new one.

Gotta head out on the town, as is the usual.

Cabbage needed a cell phone, so we bought her one. Might have cheated ASAP one to invite him to the family parties.

So they got the first kiss now, after a mystery sim wipe.

And then a public woohoo. The clerk seems to think that he has to clean up the booth.

Popularity sim here wanted to be a DJ, what about the fortune sim you ask?

Well he wants to be a Pleasure sim apparently. Easy enough to keep happy.

In the hot tub he goes. Good company to have, Drilnea by deedee_sims and Mac Sawyer-Baillie racetrackd.

Returning home, ASAP rolls this want...well its been 10 human years. >.<

/engagement spam

And then they moved onto couch woohoo.

Welcome wagon comes, Cassie Roberts, Bruce Vidar and Iago are the welcome wagon. Better than those ugly ass AL townies.

Woohoo, and ignoring their guests. Also no idea why I got the cutscene.

Cabbage got a job in the Military for now, because they need money somehow.

And ASAP keeps rolling relationship stuff, well this will be locked.

Cabbage comes home with a promotion on her first day! Sweet. And they are starting with 0 skills, unlike the rest of them.

Checking the paper for her LTW, and showing off some family portraits I made for the Hunters.

ASAP comes home with a promotion too, I guess I decided to put him in the Medical field, no idea why I didn't take a picture of it. And he brings home some company.

It's Auggie Grace kahlenas! I was wondering if he would show up somewhere.

Look, just because Epping took a vacation does not mean EVERYONE gets a vacation. Plus, you don't have any money.

And Cabbage just popped. Wait, she was pregnant? Sometimes playing with no sound is great for me to be surprised too.

Well this isn't good at all.

Awww poor Cabbage! (I'm trying this new cropping method, it seems like it may be better but *shrugs*)

Well, it doesn't show apprantly, but they woohooed that night, and she needs a body skill point, the TV is the only way for exercise right now.

And this is why I explained the woohoo, because someone has morning sickness.

And fell asleep in her food. Definitely pregnant, following her soon to be brother in law DNW.

ASAP got another promotion. They will be able to afford a nursery! YAY!

*headdesk* Poor girl. and it's not like she's uncontrolable, she is very much in my care.

Just a cute shot of their house, and to show that Cabbage is sleeping. ASAP loves looking at her family pictures. Sorry ASAP, your dad had too many kids to make a nice picture like that.

A cute caress before Cabbage leaves for work.

Chance card win!!

And comes home with a promotion! and Jude Kinsley!! How much more win could there be.


I really shouldn't but I wanna see who he gives her.

It was Clay Fox-Andrews, one of my kingbee sims.

Whoa! Fast moving, but they have 3 bolts.

Whoops! ASAP is home, this won't be good.

Hey Cabbage. I'm home. I got a promotion which means more money.

I don't think he noticed.

Nope, just took him a minute, but he definitely noticed. He's just tired.

See, passed out on his way to slap Cabbage.

Oh Was it Clay?! Really?! I couldn't tell from the drama.

And Cabbage makes some dinner, because they aren't sharing a bed right now.

Even though ASAP has been moving up in his career, his LTW opened up, so we jumped ship.

And he needed a night out to help clear his head. After all, who gets cheated on in their own home. Off to Purple Sound Frottana.

But it looks like it's a complete sausage party. Maybe we should have made a guys night with Auggie and DNW or something. I was hoping for a female, Oooo I should have tried Polecat!

Emmett Masterson deedee_sims is here, just to add to the party. Why couldn't it have gone the other way and I sent Cabbage out.

Well, this is how Cabbage got Clay, maybe ASAP will get someone.

No! We just got our LTW career, but also Deedee, my Emmett is broken.

We finally have some women in the club, so start to schmooze ASAP. (Cornelia Banks deedee_sims and Edith Garcia dothesmustle)

OK, maybe he couldn't charm the ladies because he's drunk. ASAP I think you need to go home.

Just in time to go to work, and look funny in his new outfit.

Chance card win! Limpy is a better name than Dagby.

And he got promoted! Now we're on the right track. Also, Cabbage called up Clay for a date, so ASAP calls the matchmaker.

We need all the help you can give us lady!!

ASAP gets Candace Almassy raemia, who's also a 3 bolt match. Now I'm really torn.

OK, so they are both on dates with other people, but woohoo each other. I don't know anymore.

So, Cabbage went to this career because I thought it was her LTW, but I was wrong. So forgive my stupidity.

Watcher, Clay why are you mad here, it's not like ASAP actually did anything bad to you. But Cabbage is home, so she greeted him.

And had woohoo! I kind of like them together.

More chance card win!

She loves him so much, she wants to give him a concussion.

Brett Woods deedee_sims comes walking by just as the rest of the household leaves for work. Maybe next time Brett.

ASAP promotion again, and brings home someone familiar.

Hey Gerald Banks, welcome to the chaos.

Cabbage comes home later, and greets me to this sight. Oh boy.

So she's pregnant, but who the hell is the father.

Still heartbroken, and keeps looking at the pictures. You'll get a happy family picture I promise.

But until then, chat up Candace.

Seriously?! can you two make up your damn minds.

ASAP comes home with Rachel Banks, hey maybe she could be a love interest.

She even gives us free big screen TVs.

Cabbage comes home, no promotion this time though, but the kid in the back being scared by the dog is funny.

Oh and pops. Welcome to gestation baby of unknown parentage.

They still don't sleep in the same bed, but are all over each other. *sighs*

And that ends their round. Honestly I don't know what I am going to do with them at this point. I know they can repair their relationship and everything, but I mean they both have 3 bolt matches out there. We will see.
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