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Hunter Awesimsauce ISBI 2.3

Last time, we had the first fire of Eggplant, but it was excusable since he was giving birth. Eggplant had a little red baby, named John Tucker, since generation 3 will be "villains". Bruce was also heavily pregnant at the time, but this time didn't manage to have a miscarriage. Eggplant went on a witch hunt and found the good witch, then headed home from HOOPLA. Most of the fail last update was performed by Eggplant who managed to pass out and pee quite often. Bruce gave birth to a baby girl, aptly named Maleficent. They were actually good parents and the kids became toddlers. They got their cute black makeovers and that ended the round.

Back into the lot they go, and seriously Bruce, you couldn't hold Maleficent?

This is how I ended it, with the two of them just standing around like that.

But, my Romance sim has rolled a very interesting want.

Ugggh are you serious?! He just rolled a want to commit. Fine, one last hurrah before he gets married.

Will he finally become a warlock?

Let's invite her over and see what happens.

Ummm, no I did not ask you on a date, why are you here for one? I ended it of course. Bruce is home after all.

Oooo fire *rubs hands together*

So he was directed like 12 times to put out the fire, but didn't listen. We lost the flowers and stove.

Oh and the maid died too, but notice how Maleficent just crawls into the fire.

Can Eggplant win the maid from death?

No, no he can't. I wonder how Igor is gonna take this.

She dead, and gone. Sorry Deborah.

Using some of Bruce's move in money, we got a new stove and counter.

And it's John Tucker's birthday! He survived toddlerhood.

We try some last minute toddler skilling, while he's supposed to be filling fears, I can't see them so oh well.

Also, started Maleficent's smart milk while Eggplant was still gold.

Well aren't you an interesting looking maid. Maybe for a male at some point.

Parenting at it's finest, Bruce being asked for a bottle and Eggplant is attempting to finish training John Tucker to walk.

And we finished walking. Go John Tucker!

Chance card win. I've been doing pretty well on these.

So John Tucker was keeping Deborah company, when he decided to grow up. Don't mind the stinky garbage or weather controller.

He's cute, needs new clothes, but I will wait for Maleficent to grow up tomorrow before I buy them.

He starts writing in his diary so early. I mean he's freaking adorable!

She, on the other hand, can't even find the toy that's been in front of her for days.

Quiet time in the house, sleeping kids and Bruce is writing in her diary. Every time I write Bruce I wanna use he and not she, maybe that's why she's writing in her diary.

Everything OK Maleficent?

Oh, just growing up badly. Gotcha.

Time for new clothes for the kids. Off to the salon.

Echo has just become bitter, she's attacking random girls now (Katie Berglur simppl_life).

And then the stench coming off both Eggplant and John Tucker was enough for me to send them home.

See, they are all in fowl moods. Who gets first crack at the shower.

I got rid of the toddler toys and pillows and now have 2 beds and a dresser, for now they have to share the room.

The creativity is not more important than a shower Eggplant. At least John Tucker got in there.

Bruce went to work, so time for ROS. Nanny needs to come by though.

To Purple Sound. Maybe we will have better luck there than when ASAP went.

Eggplant starts chatting up Nadia Leventhal, but I don't think she wants to talk about you peeing your pants Eggplant.

She does find him charming though, 2 bolts.

Jason Fenrir keoni_chan comes to the lot, and Nadia books it. Guess she doesn't like werewolves.

This time, Leila Wright deedee_sims is around and Eggplant asks her on a date. This way she won't run off. 2 bolts with her too.

And they have a cute date, but the all important question comes up.

Wanna get out of here and head back to my place?

Sure do handsome.

Back home, they headed right for the bed. Her topic of conversation is suspect.

Woohoo done, ROS complete.

And of course, a dream date.

She heads home before Bruce gets back from work. Can't have them get caught.

Bruce came home, and went right to John Tucker's bed. Does she suspect something?

That's right missy, eat's your first day of school.

Bruce however, since she works nights has the whole house to herself. If I controlled her, she'd either be skilling or cheating.

More Chance card win! That will pay us back for the stove you killed the beginning of this round.

Oh hey Leila! What's up?

Sure I'll come out!

And off he goes, in his underwear. He did manage to change though.

First thing we do, some public woohoo. Romance sims.

Then they catch a quick bite to eat.

So we have a makeout while Eros Flick mysimsrealty looks on. Harlow Yin dragonfly3007 and Lydia Leventhal are looking to eat too.

Seriously?! I can't with Romance sims sometimes.

Lydia is a 3 bolt match, but nothing at all.

However, Raine is a 1 bolt and trying to ACR him 3 ways from sunday.

Harlow, whatcha doin?!

Sure, cuz I would die if it's the damn witch...but then...

Ebony fell from the sky and I just could not have Eggplant woo her. I still feel for her that she couldn't get DNW.

He did greet her though, but no date.

The waitress, however, I want her to be seduced.

And home we go. He had a great time.

Time for homework John Tucker, you got two days to do, and I'm not getting the damn social worker for you.

Seriously Bruce. You know that this kid can't be heir right?!

And if there was some sort of spying going on, as Bruce "leaves", Leila comes by with a TV.

And just like that, Bruce returns from her visit.

And then she woohoos Eggplant.

Eggplant then has to teach Maleficent to do her homework.

Everyone but Bruce goes out of the house again. Be quiet game, he'll be fed when he goes to school.

Unlike Bruce, who uses her smarts to eat spoiled food.

But at least she raked the leaves. I love you bb.

Demon maid, as I will call her cuz it's awesome, does not like working for slobs like Bruce and Eggplant.

And so the nanny hasn't left in a while, so I had to kick her out so to speak.

Which caused some pre-term contractions in Bruce, but she didn't lose the baby.

The family is going out tonight though.

>.< There's gonna be a wedding.

And here we are, Oren Manning is walking around.

ANd the girls are swooning, while Tristan Almassy and Shane West are getting drunk.

/engagement pictures. I'm actually super happy about this.

No I'm still happier than Bruce who got aspiration points for the engagement.

Well we came here for a reason. To the arch!


Nope, I'm still happier than that.

Mr. and Mrs. Hunter. So adorable!!

The entire audience was there and was happy for them.

They had some cake,

made a toast,

and danced a little bit. Great wedding if I say so myself.

This wolf can't do something because of the sunflowers, or at least that's what I think. More interested that Bruce almost had a miscarriage again.

Scratch that, she had a miscarriage. *shrugs* I'll be honest, not really all that broken up about it.

And Maleficent crawled into her parents bed to sleep. Awww.

New day, Bruce is all alone again. Too bad, because Max Worthington is out front.

Yet another promotion. I wish they would have the levels so I know how much farther they need to go.

So he needed a logic point for his next promotion, and John Tucker decided to keep him company. I think it's so cute except its like midnight.

See, Eggplant fell asleep in his dinner/breakfast because it was so late.

Hey Bruce, whatcha doin?

Oh, well that's new. Honeymoon baby I take it.

Becoming best friends with your daughter is great too. It's almost like she's got a brain.

John Tucker, why are you awake? Get your ass to bed.

o.0 Really Eggplant? Didn't you learn from your first time with the telescope? I actually did not direct him to do this. I was kinda pissed honestly.

And he's back, and just to annoy me, he's pregnant.

Why Watcher, Why can't they leave me alone.

You do remember I was abducted before too. Do you hear me complaining?

To end the week, Eggplant decides he needs to pass out. Thanks for this!

And this ends the week, I really love this picture! I think it's just so adorable (although I just noticed John Tucker's hand is on his dad's butt). And he still hasn't become a warlock yet. Hopefully next rotation.

Current Legacy Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 2
Perma-Plat Sims: 1
Shrink Visits: 7
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 5
Self-Wettings: 21
Pass-Outs: 36
Fights: 8
Deaths: 1
Social Worker Visits: 0
Alien Abductions: 8
Miscarriages : 2

Awesimsauce stats:
Plaques: 3
Vacation memories: 0
Tags: eggplant, hunter

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