TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

Violet ISBI 1.3

Last round started with a pop, and some hooking up with Orion Goal (Lesyasun). Right after her hook up, she gave birth to a baby boy, named Randall. She managed to actually get turned into a witch, unlike her brother of 3 rotations. She asked her man candy Javier Valenzuela to move in, and he agreed to help raise their baby. Randall grew into a toddler, and showed that he had elf ears. She got engaged to Javier over grilled cheese sandwiches, and that was the end of the round.

Starting off, why is there a solar panel on her roof? I definitely don't remember putting one there.

I'm sorry, what is with everyone wanting to get married this week. *locks want* Who am I to argue.

And this week's ROS...SWEET! 250000 bucks. And Violet has to spend the week outside. Or as much as I can possibly get her to stay outside.

Because, first she's gotta try for another baby. Randall needs an adorable sibling.

And attempts to teach Randall to walk.

Javier, who's in the same sports field as everyone else it seems, brings home Gerald Banks, and they chat about Arlo Kahlenas.

So was Arlo your cousin? I mean if he is, tell him we said thank you.

And Violet has to go inside to chat with Gerald about Harry Potter, because he ran a book store before. (Go check deedee_sims's Griffinmere updates).

Hey, you're smart, have a TV.

Not that we needed the money, but thank you. Like Gerald, if this was sims 4, you'd have a key to the house.

Time for Randall to grow up.

Who are we kidding, he didn't learn anything.

But thanks for the first stat change, poor kid.

Woohoo!! Now go relax outside.

OK, relax outside after your bath.

Gerald, meanwhile, is keeping the 8 year old awake before his first day of school.

Next morning, Violet goes to work.

While Javier plays the piano. Kinda glad I can't control him.

Oh, just a so-so week. You just got promoted! And you brought home Iago!!

You also had a pop, and gonna have another baby.

Going to cook, we realize that there is no food. Gotta order groceries.

Having a good conversation with Iago over dinner.

And then has a miscarriage. *cries*

Here's Violet's little outdoor area. She has a tent and a garden to keep her outdoors.

Javier, meanwhile, lives it up in the lap of luxury. Doesn't even have to compete with his wife for their bed.

But comes home from work promoted, and with the damn plague!

Seriously?! Coughing all over the piano while your son plays it. For shame. Even though you guys became best friends.

We head out on the town...

to the park of course.

And we had a beautiful wedding, but that was it, because everyone's motives sucked.

Wedding Portrait. I figured they would have a unique picture.

Yes he is, hey if you wanna have an affair with the man, be my guest. You have been awesome!

And we had a couple dinner. No idea where the kid was.

It wasn't doing his own homework though, Violet had to help him with it. Look at that pile.

Just a cute picture of the house, while everyone is out. Her garden is coming out wonderfully. Maybe she should enter the garden club.

Sleeping while the bugs get the plants, we shall see about this.

Javier maxed his hobby enthusiasm in music. Someone wanted smoochy times.

And shares some stories with Randall over a meal while Javier was at work.

and coming home with Hope Masterson. I swear they are all employed in the damn Athletic career.

And during the week, someone got her gold gardening badge. Definitely proves she's been taking care of her garden.

Oh snap. We got a plantsim. I was not expecting this...

Because it also changes her back to her witchy self. Why you throwing up Violet >.<

And when its both plantsim and witch, you can't change their hair back.

Honey, I have to pee. Do you need me to call the doctor, you look a little green.

But the spores of happiness come out while she tidies up.

And well showers are awesome for plantsims. You do you Violet.

Uggh! I had such an awesome streak going!! 15000 isn't alot but UGH!

Someone maxed out with Nature, and had a pop. I'm proud of you Violet.

I guess you two can talk, but I'm watching you girl.

Randall, if you're tired, go to bed. I can't help you with that. Also they are both fat now.

OMG! It burns. I need to buy some exercise equipment for this house. Or drag him out to the gym.

But the picture came out so cute. I did put Randall on a table to take it, but it's adorable. Violet sent 50000 to Eggplant because his house is going to need an expansion next round. And that ends the round. I was thinking of a summary, but I don't really wanna copy everything from everyone.

Current Legacy Stats:
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 1
Perma-Plat Sims: 0
Shrink Visits: 0
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 0
Self-Wettings: 1
Pass-Outs: 0
Fights: 0
Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Alien Abductions: 0
Miscarriages : 1
Tags: hunter, violet

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