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Simpson Legacy 10.1

Last time, Iago graduated, got turned into a warlock, and got hitched to Astrid Bork. They also adopted the first pet I've had in my game in forever. And Astrid gave birth to twins, Josephine and Justin. I also deleted the horrible skin Justin was born with

We start right as we left off, Iago being a doting dad, and Astrid had just gotten her job.

And to add to Iago's awesomeness, he maxed his lifetime aspiration bar. Probably helped he got his LTW in Uni.

And now the most dreaded phone call to make in Sims 2.

We call the nanny service to track his schedule. Also called again to get a nanny for now. (I had played this once before, and had asked Igor to babysit, but a baby threw up on him and he went home, and the kids were taken away and that wasn't going to happen.)

Off to the pet store, Purple River Pet Store by Frottana.

OMG!! This kitty is too adorable, we must have her.

I named her Chloe after my mom's cat.

But why wasn't the cat in the case changed? She's so pretty.

A quick hug to our friend Ares Randolph rikkulidea, and home we go.

I'm sorry, I just love these portraits. Thank you so much deedee_sims for being an inspiration.

Iago has had a want to befriend Violet, which I locked. He has nothing to do right now so why not call her.

Wow, ok Randall, no need to be rude. I am employed you know.

Astrid is too, but will be taking some time off. She's pregnant. (Good, cuz she wants 6 kids and I really don't want a long ass generation again.)

Birthday time already, that went fast.

Could you ask again after he tops the career? That would be an awesome career for him.

OMG I'm glad I'm starting to branch out of my comforts. New things are getting me good.

NOOOOO! The cats are fighting. *cries*

Yes, promotion time. No idea what level he is, but it's not like he won't move up super fast with maxed skills and permaplat.

The babies grew up, and apparently my new hereditary supernatural hack is working wonderfully too (though I don't really want supernatural toddlers *shrug*). Justin is a warlock just like daddy, Josephine is not a witch though.

This would have been cuter, if Iago hadn't gotten a phone call.

But since I have some high aspiration sims, smart milk isn't an issue either. Yes all they eat in the damn house is grilled cheese to keep Astrid happy, and she usually is the one to cook them.

Bladder issues, however, are her own fault. (Forgive the hack hiding corner)

Justin has taken the cat bed I bought. Which reminds me I need to find some purple recolors of pet stuff.

Awww Daddy daughter time. I'm so glad I got back into playing the game.

Not gonna happen Astrid, sorry.

And Iago maxed music enthusiasm. Um go you.

And then the nanny started glitching. Don't start, I'll kill you now.

Ow, poor Josephine. How did you merge with the pet house?

More toddler teaching, this time to walk. Also note that the nanny is horrible and leaves the house a mess.

Another promotion, and Iago brought home a pregnant Jade Pimlico. It was also like 3PM, so I sent him right back to work.

And toddler walking is done, and my heart is so full. Like I could gush.

But that water breaking means that there are more mouths to feed.

Damn. She wants 6 kids. Couldn't you have given me quads so I could know what, never mind that. I'd have to redo the house at that point.

And here's baby Joshua. Yes the Simpsons are an alphabet legacy, so all the kids this generation will be J names.

Iago gets the days off, but honestly I really should start giving it to the spouses. Iago will start a new career soon and lose all the days.

Already obsessing over the baby. I need a baby sanity hack.

Chance card win, and wow $17000. I could totally use that.

And a lifetime want. and he brought home Violet too. Could this be any better.

A magician? Well I guess, hopefully it comes up.

So I forgot Iago is kind of a slob, so with that nice 17000, let's hire a maid.

I dunno, I mean you guys don't have that high of a relationship that she shouldn't feel comfortable using the bathroom in front of you.

No, no we didn't

Two pillows in the house, no let's sleep in the pet house.

Oh, I guess he wasn't done learning walking. Iago is finishing up his skills. after all, there's still another kid to teach.

Too adorable.

And some potty training, just look at that face.

Seriously Nanny?

He's such a good dad.

And Astrid got a promotion. Also more errors.

So...Iago is busy teaching some skills, but someone kicked the trash can and now we have roaches.

Such a damn waste of money, but I'm not welcoming the damn flu in the damn house.

Astrid, on her way to work, leaving the house a mess. LOL

Wait! When did the nanny start doing potty training?

Chaos has come to the Simpson house. Thank you Nanny.

Now it's Josephine's turn for toddler training. Astrid is being such an adorable mom. Also note, the training has kept them from woohooing to get her pregnant again.

Just look at the potty training face, the enthusiasm is off the charts.

More groceries. I feel like I order them all the time...need to think of some new things.

But the delivery girl is adorable.

Igor's here, so you know what that means.

Although, we do need to expand a bit. Too many people for that small house. I added a second floor. I also bought some monkey bars for the kids.

Iago is also so excited to become an uncle. So am I Iago. I wanna know which alien got him.

Bought the baby bouncer too, I don't think I have ever used this before.

But the birthdays have started. First up is Josephine.

The guest was Igor, White Chocolate came home with someone from work, and the maid is just hanging out I guess *shrugs*. Also note the kitchen expansion.

Cake time.

Here's Josephine. She's adorable. I love her already.

Next up, Justin.

OMG Look at the little tail.

He's adorable too. OMG I dunno who I like more.

Joshua also grew up, and he's a warlock too. Is it on the Y chromosome?

Walking by the lot, we see Philodendron Plant by Frottana. Of course we greet him.

So I love that he is all about his kids, and yes I do have that 10 makeout want locked. I'm just more disturbed by the fear of skunking, like I haven't seen the damn skunk in my game.

This is just so adorable. (I'm also laughing because I think Iago has been in his underwear almost the entire update.)

Oh, so you're the bitch who gave us roaches. You better watch out bitch. I have had a maid die before.

I was kind of hoping he would turn Iago into a plantsim. I have a hack where when they do the Pollen Cloud prank it changes people into plantsims, but nothing happened.

Adorability in pictures!!

Oh and at some point I guess Iago and Astrid woohooed, cuz it looks like she's pregnant again.

I am seeing a profile difference, they look like they got different noses. And of course, different skintones.

Back to the toddler training. I think Iago could have done without that part.

Yup there's a baby in there. I dunno if I want triplets though.

I am obsessed. I'm sorry.

But look at how cute the two of them are.

Thankfully, this is only their second fight. I did control them to get their relationship up, so I don't know why they are fighting.

What did she do? Last I saw she was just playing on the damn table.

Why?! What did Justin do? Are you mad he got the magical powers?

Justin ran out to greet Errol Sergeant deedee_sims as he jogged by.

And Iago is actually giving Joshua a bath. Awww.

And that's the week. Astrid is on pregnancy 3, hopefully a multiple so her LTW will be gotten faster. I did get the cats to be friends but they couldn't make kittens because Chloe is actually an elder cat. Next week I'll get a younger girl cat, and new clothes for the kids. And I'll have teens in this house.
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