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Simpson - Igor 1.2

Last time, Igor had a romp-a-thon to make his 10 makeout/woohoo/love wants. He found his LTW career after getting fired from his first job. He wound up getting abducted and is expecting.

ROS this week gives us problem kids. Well considering he is only expecting, I guess he gets a free week.

And we open to Igor wanting Bruce to be abducted. What is wrong with you? Why do you want her tortured?

A maid is very much needed, with Igor being a slob. With anti-redundancy in, the poor demon maid is cleaning everyone's house. I might have sympathy for her, if she wasn't a total cow.

o.0 Igor, is there something you need to tell me? Do you want to date some guys?

Grace Space (Frottana) comes walking by the house, looking perfectly adorable. So of course, Igor invites her in. After all, he still hasn't gotten married yet.

And he likes her too. Feel free Igor.

2 bolts, not too shabby if I don't say so myself.

Igor wound up getting his gold badge right before he was about to pass out. Not a moment too soon.

So...I have no idea how I missed the shot of him going into labor, but the next generation is here. Twins.

/birth spam, Two girls, Jessica and Jennifer. The PT parent is a version of simrenity's Issey Emery.

And someone has come to steal the paper I think, and I had Igor greet her. This is how she thanked me. WTF.

Well Igor doesn't take anything from anyone, and gave it right back. That's right, be scared.

Igor still has a 20 want, and hasn't rolled any wants for any of the ladies he's been with, so we head out on the town, but the nanny has to come by first. Poor babies.

Purple Sound sounds like a good place to start.

And it's deader than dead here. Hopefully they just open late and Igor got there early.

Errol Sergeant deedee_sims happened to be there, so why not greet him. Don't go invading every update Errol.

And this Freetime townie happens to be there, and wants to admire. Meh if I decide to attempt the 20 wants, she could be of use.

Annie Rees raemia strolls in and well why not?! She's so adorable.

And well they both know what they want, cuz they both went for the hot tub.

For some makeouts.

Had to get out of course, for some networking...why I dunno.

And Lana Lauren slyndsey got pickpocketed. Poor girl didn't know what hit her.

So adorable these two.

Nanny is still there when we get home, which is great. Igor really needs a home expansion, so I need to figure out how to expand it more than this. I took out the porch to expand his bedroom.

And she continues to question my sanity by putting the baby on the floor while Igor is at work.

But, LTW is done. That was seriously the fast track.

New LTW, OMG maybe he will bring home Eggplant.

Paddington strolls by the lot, so why not greet our old friend.

And he must have brought some good luck, cuz look what popped up on our computer search. Woohoo!!

Let's see if we get any wants for marriage with a date with Annie.

Aren't they just too adorable together? Awww.

The date ended, and so did every want Igor had for Annie. Sorry hunny.

She is just a cute mommy though. She cuddles up to the babies. Igor happened to run to work during this though.

LTW #2 is done. And got a nice penny for one day of work.

*rolls eyes* What the hell is with this damn career? Whatever if it comes up.

OMG! What are the odds. I seriously can't believe his luck.

Nuria Nova (Frottana) walks by the lot, as Igor comes home with a promotion.

Annie called and invited Igor on a date downtown. Let's try Galaxy Bar Lesyasun.

But, the game had other plans apparently. Ugggh!

Let's try that again.

Wekesa Emen lilnettleheart showing me that he needs a makeover to get his hair back.

One bad thing about being a player, when your girls show up everywhere, not that Annie minded anyway.

On a date with a pretty girl, and you roll a want to befriend a guy? I'll grant it, but seriously?! are you trying to tell me something? (I swear he's straight)

Blackberry Pie simsforaranya happens to like what she sees, and she's a grilled cheese sim.

However, spongebathing in the sink of the club is not cool, look the cab is outside...go home and take a shower.

Awww he likes her. I'm sad he doesn't roll a want to do anything with anyone though. You can break out that sub Knowledge you know.

OK Nanny, What the hell? This is just gross. And even sadder since there are two of you.

The girls are in good company with Annie though. Why is the damn nanny still there?

Almost birthday time, they grow up so fast, from birth to kids in one update.

And LTW #3 is done. He's topped more careers than anyone.

Oh, this could be interesting. Maybe it will help him find the one.

Let's try to romance fellow romance sim, Brodie. I could be happy with this pairing.

They are having a great date,

and even some woohoo was had.

And it was a dream date of course.

But toddler training does need to be done, after all they will grow up tomorrow.

Look at that potty training face. You and your brother.

Speaking of which, it is birthday time. Here's the party.

Grow up time for Jessica.

She's adorable, just a bad picture.

And now Jennifer, who apparently needs a diaper change.

Oh my, what is that nightgown? Did you turn 80?

WHY?! You don't need any more kids?!

Are they coming back for me?

Yes you moron. And I didn't plan for you to be abducted. Great, the kids are gonna be taken away.

Luckily, Iago actually hung out around the house. Not asked or anything either. (Like this was a shock and a half for me)

The things they did to me!!

You've had happen before?!

Thank you so much for hanging out with the kids while I was gone.

Anytime bro. Gotta head home to my own. Talk to you later.

And well, that ends the round. 3 LTWs completed and knocked up again. Hopefully next round he'll decide to settle down and get married. (LOL we know that won't happen).
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